Go programming language: Online training and tutorials

New COVID-19 screening and test app; Best eLearning platforms for online courses
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Learn Go with these online training courses and tutorials

These online Go courses can help both novice coders and expert developers learn the Go programming language.

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New COVID-19 screening and test app to help streamline safe return of workers

"Back to Work Accelerator" brings monitoring solutions to the office during pandemic

Apple reopening 25 more stores in the US

The best eLearning platforms for online courses

GitLab survey suggests DevOps is becoming real, while DevSecOps has work to do

Amazon, Apple, Netflix top brand intimacy study but tech ranked third

Machine learning tool trains on old code to spot bugs in new code

Struggling to write good documentation? Two open source developers weigh in

Cloud services provider takes on end-to-end encryption for files sent via collaboration platforms

How PowerDNS turned 'abysmal failure' into open source success

Why slowing new feature development can be the best way to maintain an open source project

Pizza and goodwill distributed through Verizon Connect Reveal

Boston Children's Hospital updates site search to make it easier to find a specialist

Leaders vs. fast followers: There are risks and rewards for both

How to turn on dark mode in Microsoft Teams

How to split or combine text cells with Google Sheets

How to make the Microsoft Word automatic table of contents do what you want

How to password protect your mobile Nextcloud app

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Leveraging automation to help manage supplier risk

In this webinar, we highlight lessons learned and how our clients have integrated supplier risk management into their source-to-pay process to better identify, assess, and manage supplier risk while also improving efficiency, governance, and cost savings.

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Microsoft Surface Book 3: A cheat sheet (free PDF)

The Surface Book 3 is the latest version of the flagship machine of Microsoft’s Surface line. It’s designed to look like a laptop, but with a keyboard that is both 360-degree hinged and removable.

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Job description: Big data modeler

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Wireless Networking Tool Kit - ISO

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A special feature from ZDNet and TechRepublic

The new SMB stack

Picking the right tech vendors for your small or medium business can be hard, especially with the cloud and everything-as-a-service providers giving you access to enterprise-level IT. ZDNet helps SMBs build a technology stack that promotes innovation and enables growth.

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