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I’ve noticed cancel culture has become slightly more intense during lockdown. As writer Ryan O’Connell said: “X was cancelled and then someone got cancelled for trying to cancel her a second time which, by the law of cancellation physics, means she is no longer cancelled.” To be clear, I am absolutely here for holding people accountable for things that are out of order. But there’s no need to #CANCELFOREVER someone who is trying to learn, or messed up once, or doesn’t make a cup of tea exactly the same way you do. Cancel-culture doesn’t move things on. It also doesn’t actually work — it often results in making people even more well-known via a trending hashtag, or they eventually make a ‘come back’ like nothing ever happened.

However — call-out culture is different, and necessary for progress. We’ve witnessed a whole lot of it this week. We must call things out when we see it. Calling something out means there’s a chance someone might learn something — that something might change, that we’re pushing for progress. And this doesn’t just mean calling out a stranger or a public figure on Twitter. Call out your boss, friend, family member, partner. Call yourself out. We all grow from painful conversations. I certainly have, and continue to.

Online outrage directed at public figures is symbolic for demanding change and accountability. Millions of hearts sank all around the world when JK Rowling decided to tweet her feelings about trans people this week. It really felt like a final twist of the knife. The icing on the incredibly depressing cake. I will never understand why anyone would feel so threatened by a group of people who are at most risk of harm in society. I don’t understand why anyone would feel such an ongoing motivation to dismiss another human’s existence. I don’t understand why one of the most influential and wealthy white women in the world would go on a Twitter spree knowing the damage it would do during a time where we are supposed to be lifting others up. It was good to see Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson speaking out and saying something. If you feel like donating, Mermaids UK is a good place. You can even do a monthly or annual donation so that it is recurring. Trans women are women.

Someone asked on Twitter this week: Does JK Rowling deserve to be so intensely piled on? I thought Juno Dawson said it well: “The difference is, all she [JK Rowling] has to do is log off. Trans people can’t log off. Ever. And the hate she continues to promote to her 14M followers affects our lives on the street, online and in our families too.”

At time of writing, The Sun has published a vile misogynistic cover giving voice to JK Rowling’s ex-partner who admits to slapping her. An anonymous domestic abuse survivor published a piece in Grazia explaining why this sends a dangerous message: “Whatever your thoughts on Rowling - and boy, do I have thoughts on Rowling - dredging up such things so publicly, so explicitly and so callously, shows nothing but contempt for the countless unnamed women and men who have done something miraculous: they have survived.”

Cancelling JK Rowling won’t make transphobia go away. Cancelling politicians won’t fix society. Cancelling a CEO doesn’t mean the toxicity of a company will suddenly evaporate. Instead of #cancelling, let’s continue to call things out, privately and publicly.

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What’s New on Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast?

This week's podcast episode is with the brilliant Candice Brathwaite, author of I Am Not Your Baby Mother.

Candice’s book has just been announced as a Sunday Times Bestseller, so firstly, huge congrats Candice! I loved recording this episode — all about her insightful, inspiring, powerful book navigating Black British motherhood. We covered a lot of ground from micro-aggressions, the power of fashion, taking up space, money and building an online business.

Listen here (or via any pod apps!)


You are invited…!

As I am no longer having a launch party to launch my debut novel OLIVE (boo hoo etc), we’ve decided instead to do a special live event via Zoom with none other than novelist Dawn O’Porter on Weds 22nd July! I wanted to tell you guys about it first. You can now sign up (and even order a copy of the book which I will customise/sign for you with a message!) Click on the button below to save your place. It’ll be really fun! See you there xo

Things I've consumed this week...


It’s the third anniversary of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire today. And three years on, 23,000 homes remain covered in flammable cladding despite the government’s June 2020 deadline for its removal. It’s a disgrace. Please help by adding your name here: In remembrance of the 72 lives lost, visit ❤️


Here are 5 petitions worth signing. Suspend these UK exports to the US. Justice for Belly Mujinga. Petition to remove all slave trader statues in UK. Justice for Shukri Abdi. Stop use of horses during BLM protests. These petitions were highlighted by Fuse Manchester — an inclusive platform elevating the voices and work from creatives of colour.

I highly recommend diving into the archives of Otegha Uwagba’s podcast In Good Company. Enjoyed re-listening to these interviews talking about experiences of being a black woman in the workplace — with brilliant interviewees such as Reni Eddo-Lodge, Elaine Welteroth, Funmi Fetto, Gynelle Leon, Sharmadean Reid, Sharmaine Lovegrove and Liv Little. You can listen here.

Penny Wincer’s book came out this week called Tender: The Imperfect Art Of Caring. It is estimated that there are 7 million people in the UK caring for loved ones. And yet these are the unpaid, unsung heroes whose number is rising all the time. Penny Wincer combines her own experiences as a carer with the experiences of others to offer real and transformative tools and insights.

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— Why not pick up a copy of ELLE UK this month, I wrote a piece on why I’m not sure about having kids, out now in print.

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Jess Phillips will be in conversation with journalist Hannah McInnes on Friday 26th June. All proceeds are going to the domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid. Tickets available here.


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