Backstory: Real estate is booming and people are migrating to new, unfamiliar cities. 169 people per day are moving to Austin, TX. With bars and social sports closed/limited, it's becoming more difficult to meet people and explore the city. Running is a great way to meet people, explore a city and get some outdoor exercise. Having a curated tour and a guide will take the experience to the next level.

The Idea: Running tours and running events.

Deep Dive: Outside of just having a running event, you can create multiple revenue streams:
1. Recurring running events - With a solid customer base, you can offer additional running events like "Friday Fun Runs," people can pay a per run fee for you to organize it or a monthly fee to attend all events.
2. Partnerships with outdoor venues - Running through urban areas affords access to restaurants and bars with outdoor spaces for people to hang out afterwards.
3. Sponsors from local running shoe shops - You can entice local shops to sponsor your events and you can offer discounts for runners to shop at their stores.

As you prove this out in one city, you can franchise it out to others. Additionally, you could create other running hubs in different sections of your city.

Validation: Have you ever done a segway tour? Imagine not driving into parked cars or buildings while exploring a city.

Monetization: You can charge a per tour fee and upsell additional events.

Steps to Launch: Start with a city you know and post on facebook groups and meetup pages offering your running tour. You'd probably get the most interaction from "New to <city>" facebook groups. Keep it simple and get paid via venmo. Don't get concerned about everyone paying or how great the event is, just have fun, show up and see if there's demand.