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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe! kale


Pinpoint problems in your production code without affecting your app performance with Datadog's Continuous Profiler. Start locating which functions (or lines of code) consume CPU or memory with a free trial today.
//datadog sponsored

YouTube-dl's repository has been restored
//github comments

TailwindCSS v2.0
//tailwindcss comments

Six Months of Tiny Projects
//tinyprojects comments

I should have loved biology
//jsomers comments

The True Size Of Countries: Mercator projection
//thetruesize comments

On Learning Chess as an Adult – From 650 to 1750 in Two Years
//jacobbrazeal comments

Personal Data Warehouses: Reclaiming Your Data
//simonwillison comments

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive
//archive comments

A ‘Jobs to be Done’ Framework for Startups
//firstround comments

The Lost Ways of Programming: Commodore 64 Basic
//tomasp comments

Xkcd: Ten Years
//xkcd comments

Playing on Hard Mode
//stratechery comments

#Ask HN

What is the best money you have spent on professional development?

Are you depressed?

#Show HN

Brow.sh: a modern text-based browser //brow comments

Hemingway Editor //hemingwayapp comments

Zfs.rent //zfs comments

Full text search on 400M US court cases //judyrecords comments

gping: Ping, but with a graph //github comments

Scratch.js – Interactive JavaScript Scratchpad //hole comments


ReMarkable tablet open source tools and hacks //github comments

Git is too hard //changelog comments

Eleven Years of Go //golang comments

Moving my serverless project to Ruby on Rails //frantic comments

Linux Command One-Liners //commandlinefu comments


Introduction to Linear Algebra for Applied Machine Learning with Python //github comments

Google Takeout: Export a copy of your data in Google services //google comments

Psql command line tutorial and cheat sheet //github comments

PostgreSQL Configuration for Humans //postgresqlco comments


UI design for software developers. Part 1, Colors //amortizedcost comments

Ori Pocket Office //oriliving comments

How to Survive a Critique: A Guide to Giving and Receiving Feedback //aiga comments

Winners of Close-Up Photographer of the Year //theatlantic comments


Beirut Port Explosion //forensic-architecture comments

Could a Peasant Defeat a Knight in Battle? //medievalists comments

Dan's online motorcycle repair course (1999-2020) //dansmc comments

British Airways Flight 5390 //wikipedia comments

Notes for courses taken at Harvard (2015-2019) //github comments

The Basque-Icelandic Pidgin //wikipedia comments


Free and liberated e-books, carefully produced for the true book lover //standardebooks comments

Writing a technical book: from idea to print //sararobinson comments

Stolen irreplaceable books found under floor of Romanian house //bbc comments

The Rust Performance Book //github comments

Digital sound processing tutorial //yehar comments


Electrified wingsuit from BMW reaches 186MPH on first flight //robbreport comments

SpaceX Crew-1 //youtube comments

The Exploding Whale remastered: 50th anniversary of legendary Oregon event //youtube comments

Billion Dollar Startup Ideas //youtube comments


To find great remote employees, prioritize candidates with strong writing skills //youteam comments

Gig economy companies spent more than $200M to bankroll Proposition 22 //theguardian comments

Signs you might be a micromanager //unito comments

Being Glue //noidea comments

#Startup News

Airbnb S-1 //sec comments

DoorDash S-1 //sec comments

Roblox S-1 //sec comments

Affirm S-1 //sec comments


Factorio 1.1 is getting close //factorio comments

Drumbit – Online Drum Machine //drumbit comments

Quine Relay //github comments

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