We’d like to retract the title “Which tokens should you buy if you can’t afford Bitcoin?” to the FCAS 25 list that went out yesterday, January 5th, in the Flipside Newsletter. 

The title was meant to be a catchy headline given the recent climb in the price of Bitcoin. A better title may have been "Bitcoin’s Rise Lifts All Tokens - But Especially These". :) 

We’d like to clarify however that the material contained in the email was not to be construed as investment advice, and is only a list of the assets that ranked highest in terms of FCAS.

We also recognize that the title was misleading as it suggests that BTC is indivisible, when in fact anyone can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. 

We sincerely apologize for our misstep, and appreciate the feedback. 

~The Flipside Team 

PS: If you need any proof about how much we love Bitcoin, here’s an article from TheStreet about our POV.