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Right now, everything is changing. The world is slowly moving past life under lockdown, and we’re emerging into the sunlight of a new Spring. We have our new team getting up to speed, and our new advisor Guillaume Vives coming on board to help drive us in the right direction. We also have a lot of exciting new L&D analysis and commentary in the works.

In times of change, you need all the help you can get. You need to know all 7 types of employee training and when to use them, how to use active learning to drive better results, and how to curate expert content that helps you share internal expertise.

Change isn’t always easy, but there’s no way around it–especially when it’s long overdue. Like moving past outdated and clunky platforms like SCORM, and onto more modern and interactive Learning Management Systems. The transition might be tough at first, but we need to take a deep breath and start anyway. 

So, let’s dive in!


Onboarding Joei 2 | Episode 6, The Change

It’s springtime in this week’s episode of #OnboardingJoei. A time for change and regeneration, but also a time for many new challenges. As a new manager, this is an exciting time, but it’s also a scary one. If the &@ hits the fan, it’s all on me.

Never heard of Onboarding Joei? It's our original docu-series that documented the first 90 days of my onboarding. Catch up on Season 1 now!

Watch episode 6 now


7 Types Of Employee Training, and When to Implement Each

When it comes to L&D, we shouldn’t paint all employee training with the same brush. From compliance to leadership training, each has a time and a place. We run through seven common training types, and when to use each.

Change up my training


How Active Learning Can Help You Avoid the Biggest eLearning Pitfall

Remember your English teacher telling you to write with the active voice, not the passive voice? Well, the same goes for your eLearning programs. Science continues to demonstrate that, for lasting results, you should build active learning—not passive— into your courses.

Let's get active


LMS 101: When and Why You Need a Learning Management System

The right Learning Management System (LMS) can change your life as an L&D leader completely. But when should you consider investing in one? And more importantly, why do you need one? We’ve got answers to all the LMS questions you were too afraid to ask. 

Start the LMS tour


How the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Captures Internal Expertise Through Content Curation

For non-profit organizations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, an enthusiastic membership can present huge opportunities for learning–and huge challenges. How can L&D teams capture all that great knowledge and channel it to the right places? As Director of Learning Cassandra Lux explains, it’s all about curating expert content. 

Show me how she does it!


New Ebook: SCORM is Still Slowing Us Down–Here's How We Can Fix It

SCORM is like the imperial measurement system: none of us chose it, but we’re definitely stuck with it. Not only is SCORM clunky and unresponsive, it also makes it impossible to update courses. The solution? Switch over to a fast, interactive platform instead. Better yet, choose one that integrates with all your old SCORM content! 

Step into the eye of the SCORM


Guillaume Vives Created a New Market Category With Zuora’s Subscription Economy–Now, He’s Helping Us Do the Same

At 360Learning, we’re on a mission to help L&D teams change the way we learn. It’s a big job, and it takes bold thinkers. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Guillaume Vives, former Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Zuora, as an Advisor to the 360Learning team!

Vives la Guillaume!


Next Level One-on-Ones Cours [Uptick]

Most managers wish their teams were higher-performing and think that pressing with more metrics, bigger goals, and more pressure are the only ways that end up getting results… but they aren’t. If you’ve ever thought, “there’s got to be a better way to motivate my team…” you’re right, there is. It’s learning how to connect with each team member individually and helping them understand what’s expected and empowering them to succeed. The Next-Level One-on-Ones Course shows you how to do exactly that.


And that's it for this week! 

Take care and you'll hear from me soon 💛,


Joei from 360Learning

P.S. If you have any questions or feedback, hit reply – I read every email and will get back to you personally. 

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