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Happy Friday Sifted Reader!

Let's ride into the weekend with a round up of the hottest startup and VC news:
  • From cofounding Atomico to launching Moonfire
  • Einride's $110m raise
  • Sweden's hottest up-and-coming startups

\Venture Capital

Atomico cofounder Mattias Ljungman launches Moonfire Ventures

Mattias Ljungman is the other cofounder of Atomico, the $2.7bn VC firm that's backed the likes of Klarna and Lilium.

But after two years of prep, he's now primed to target the seed stage with a brand new firm — and thinks Europe needs a greater "depth and breadth" of such seed stage-focused VCs.

Moonfire Ventures will focus on digital health, the future of work, gaming and fintech — and it's already made 12 investments.

Chris O'Brien has the full story.

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Einride accelerates in the US with $110m funding round

The Swedish electric driverless truck company's Series B round has brought in new investors Temasek, Soros Fund Management, Northzone, Build Capital and Maersk Growth.

Now it's set to roll out its services faster in Europe and — crucially — the US. Ambitions are high; founder Robert Falck hinted to Sifted that an IPO could be on the cards.

Maija Palmer has the full story.

\For Members Investing 

Sweden's hottest up-and-coming startups, according to VCs

Sweden's startup ecosystem has cultivated the likes of Klarna, Northvolt, Kry and Voi, and last year raised a very respectable €3bn in funding. This year, Swedish startups are going to knock it out of the park: they've already raised €2.8bn.

But which companies are really worth paying attention to? Sifted spoke to investors from Northzone, EQT Ventures, Industrifonden and Creandum to find out startups they believe are undervalued.

Members can view the list here.

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Is your debt your boss's business?

In our next Sifted Talks, we're discussing the ultimate dirty subject: money. Join our expert panel for a discussion on employee financial transparency.

Join us online on May 13.

News that Matters

🚶VC firm Stride's raised its second VC fund. Founder Fred Destin shares the key stats in this Twitter thread. Other VCs Sifted's spoken to are jealous of his breakneck 10-week fundraising process.

🥝 Personalised nutrition startup Zoe has raised an additional $20m in its Series B round, bringing the total raise to $53m. A King's College London spinout, the company is backed by Accomplice and Daphni amongst others.

🦄 Another unicorn for your watchlist. Parisian SaaS provider Shift Technology has just raised $220m in its Series D round, led by Advent International and including General Catalyst and Accel.

🌍 The B Corp world is growing. Blisce, the first B Corp certified transatlantic growth VC fund has created a new fund, Blisce Fund II, targeting a final close of $350m.

😊 The skincare brand you need to watch. Nøie, based in Copenhagen, has secured $12m in a Series A round led by Talis Capital. Using skin condition tests and its database of 'skin profiles' (based on screening thousands of skincare products), it offers people with sensitive and specialist skin conditions customised products.

Sifted Suggests

🏢 So, hybrid work is coming. Don't fear, managers and chiefs of staff — we've asked founders and CEOs what issues we should be anticipating — and how to solve them.

🤔 Too much SaaS, too little sense. So many apps claim to be the silver bullet for startups — but how do you cut through the BS? Our last Sifted Talk consulted representatives from G2, Point Nine and Oracle NetSuite. Here are their six key lessons.

🤝 85% of consumers say they'll only consider a brand if they trust it. Yesterday we were joined by Typology, Microsoft Advertising and B Lab UK, who discussed how to actually build a trusted brand. This Twitter thread's got the key takeaways.

💼 Stop using these words in job applications. This piece by Rachel Grahame of Backed VC will be a fun read for hiring managers and HR folk — and a is must-read for anyone on the job hunt.

🤰 This Twitter thread. Featuring one 'value-add' VC, a pregnant founder, two Handmaid's Tale costumes and Cindy Gallop. 

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