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Newsletters are more popular than ever. It's likely you've subscribed to newsletters, or maybe even started your own on the popular platform, Substack. So, why should you create your own platform for a paid newsletter? Profit is one major benefit: by building your own platform, leveraging a tool like MemberSpace, you'll pay a flat-rate anywhere from 0.5% to 4%, while other done-for-you platforms take a 10% cut.

In this tool-path, you will learn how to set up a monthly and yearly newsletter plan, and connect your subscribers to Mailchimp so you can send your newsletter by email. This tool-path was built by our Creator in Residence, Sara Saunders.

βœ‰οΈ How to start a paid newsletter with Memberspace and Mailchimp.


πŸ—οΈ How to build website pages in Webflow for a paid newsletter (Tutorial)
πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ How to setup member pages in Webflow with MemberSpace (Tutorial)
⚑ How to connect MemberSpace to Mailchimp with Zapier (Tutorial)

✍️ Blogs

⚑ From no-code side project to Zapier acquisition

Makerpad’s founder Ben Tossell recently talked with the Zapier team about his journey from Product Hunt to acquisition. He worked on Makerpad as a side project, until 2019 when he went all in. Inspired by makers, Ben started building with no-code. A realization led to approaching his side project differently. What he tapped into led to an acquisition of his company, Makerpad.

πŸ“± Progressive Web Apps: The nifty not-so-new no-code trend for 2021

The no-code revolution is here to stay. No-code is built on the credence that technology should enable creation, and not in itself, be a barrier to entry. There are many outstanding ways to use no-code to start a business. Here we explore the wonderful world of progressive web apps β€” PWAs. These web apps function as websites but provide an almost 100% native mobile app experience. No-code tools have made PWA development easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before.

πŸ“₯ The No-Code Stack: GMass

We are always interested to learn about the different ways people are building sustainable, profitable businesses using no-code tools. This week we are chatting to Ajay Goel from GMass, an e-mail marketing tool for Gmail users. See how GMass is supported by a range of no-code tools and how it has evolved over the last few years from a different product.

πŸ”¦ Member Spotlight: Connor Finlayson

Connor is the Founder of Unicorn Factory, a marketplace for freelancers. When he stumbled into the world of Webflow he decided to build a platform for freelancer referrals. Unicorn Factory now has hundreds of members in New Zealand and Canada. Learn how Connor is using his skills in building marketplaces to help teach others to build their own Webflow platforms.


Memberspace Application Portal Builder - Impact - Remote

Impact runs multiple accelerator programs a year, which provides access to the entertainment industry to upcoming writers. We now need to rebuild our application process. The current app is a combination of Node, Forrestry, Zapier and Airtable. We want to pull out the code pieces and re-architect the whole thing so that its no code and can be maintained by a team of non-developers.

Contract Retool Developer - Pathpoint - Remote

Pathpoint is looking for a Retool Developer to maintain and improve internal operations tools. As an insurtech company, we run an operationally intensive business and we want to invest in tools that make our operators' lives easier, so this role is perfect for someone who loves improving outdated processes using modern tools.

No-Code Engineer - Advisable - Remote

We're looking for a no-code engineer for our team. In short, you'll be building scalable solutions on top of no-code/low-code tools. This is the perfect role for someone who wants to have a high-impact role in an early-stage company while also being at the cutting edge of tools that are revolutionising how things get built.

View all jobs at jobs.makerpad.co/

πŸš€ Community Projects

App tracking prompts gallery created by Sylvain Gauchet. "You've probably seen Apple's new App Tracking Transparency policies. Users now have to opt-in explicitly to being tracked and developers have to display an ATT prompt. This is a major shift for the industry and one that creates a lot of challenges. I decided to create ATTPrompts as a gallery. I used the quite incredible Softr.io tool that plugs in with an Airtable base. In literally 30 minutes, I had the website ready."

Automated Social Media created by Jamie Kane. "I made a tutorial around streamlining content production & social media content publishing process using Airtable as the control centre and integrating an image creation API called Placid."

Community Platform Rebuild created by Mike Williams. "I made a brief video that covers how I rebuilt the Everything Marketplaces community platform using Webflow, Memberstack, Jetboost, & Airtable."

Investment Property Analyzer created by James Erving. "When you're looking to purchase a rental property, it comes down to looking at deals, and crunching the numbers. This can makes it incredibly time consuming to find the right deal. Realflow takes friction out of analyzing a property. It's a quick way to get an indication of whether the deal is good. It gives you the tools for analyzing the deal in more detail, and a dashboard for comparing all your deals in one place."

Build Club

Build Club is a weekly meet-up where members can share what they are building, get feedback, ask questions, and get help from each other. Join Build Club!


Ben ✌️ & the Makerpad team 😍

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