Initiator Creator - Issue 60

Initiator Creator - Issue #60

By Saurabh Y. // 22 May 2021


Google I/O 2021: Everything developers need to know - TechRepublic

A number of announcements were made at I/O's developer keynote, including new software betas, updates to Google's web page ranking methodology, and a new managed machine learning platform.

Tools and tech I use to run a one-woman hardware company - Stargirl Flowers

A one-woman company requires a far different approach than any sort of company with more than one engineer. As I go through this tech stack, remember that these choices and decisions are made with that context in mind- they probably won't hold up as well when taken out of that context!

What is legacy code and how to avoid it? - Andre Schweighofer

Understanding legacy code is crucial because it occurs in every project sooner or later. We use the term loosely to describe old code that we don’t like

Optimizing Bugs Fix Policy - Medium

These steps results in reducing the number of open bugs in the system from high 100’s into low 10’s.

Sharing learnings about our image cropping algorithm - Twitter Blog

Twitter shared the outcomes of their assessment and a link for those interested in reading and reproducing the analysis in more technical detail.


Material You - The next stage for Material Design - Material Design

Material You explores a more humanistic approach to design. One that celebrates the tension between design sensibility and personal preference, and does not shy away from emotion.

Design for reading: tips for optimizing content for Reader modes and reading apps - Sara Soueidan

Our content will not always look the way we expect it or want it to. Many apps, tools, and environments that people use to browse the Web strip our content of our CSS and apply their own styles to it. And unless we always keep that in mind, we risk creating incomplete or even broken experiences for users of those technologies or tools.

Building software for artists - UX Collective

How can we build software tools that empower artists to use computation in their own work?

Optical corrections every logo designer should know about - LogoGeek

Guides, rules and grids are great, but the reality is that you need to make optical corrections that ‘break the rules’. Yep… sometimes you need to ignore that grid, and correct by eye so the design ‘looks’ like it’s applied to a grid.

Set Your Figma Up for Easy Collaboration with Nondesigners - Medium

Think of Figma as your home. Here’s how to show your developer, product management, and marketing guests around.


Lessons from the man who invented Amazon Prime - Twitter

He started a business worth $40 billion today and served on Amazon's board for 15 yrs.

The danger of building a business around a "feature" - IndieHackers

It's the sort of warning that makes sense but doesn't seem serious until you're on the receiving end of it.

Entrepreneurial lifecycle and what I learned from nearly Bankrupting my first company - Scalable

Introducing the 5 Phases of Business Growth, and Why It Took a Massive, Humiliating Failure To Discover Them.

Basecamp and the Social Forces Behind So Many Public Implosions - Nobl academy

The nature of work is dramatically changing due to forces like technology and inclusion. Workplaces ignore these forces at their own, and often public, peril.

Problem-focused Product Roadmaps to focus on Product Innovation - Product Coalition

A classic product roadmap usually does not separate problems from solutions. Instead it assumes that the next feature on the list will fix whatever problem it is meant to address. A Problem-Focused Product Roadmap separates problems from potential solutions.


How We Acquired 100k Users on Search by Updating Old Content - Kapwing

In this article, Peter Davis shared the plan that Kapwing team came up with at the beginning of the year, the content updates they performed, the results of the update experiments, and the impact this project had on Kapwing's future content strategy.

How to Turn Wild Opinions into Traffic, Backlinks, and Social Proof - Wynter

To generate revenue and turn anonymous visitors into happy customers, you need to demonstrate expertise. You need to build your credibility and your authority in the subject matter. Most SEO content is bad at building trust—but there’s a better way, and it involves sharing your opinions.

The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2021 - SproutSocial

We’ve highlighted the best times to post on each social platform, as well as the overall best and worst days to post. Use this data to help inform scheduling for your publishing calendar.

10 Media Pitch Examples Proven To Get You Press Coverage - JustReachOut

It’s an in-depth guide on best practices to give you the greatest chance for success when you do pitch.

Interesting Read

The joys of being an absolute beginner – for life - The Guardian

The phrase ‘adult beginner’ can sound patronising. It implies you are learning something you should have mastered as a child. But learning is not just for the young

Decision fatigue: how a burden of choices leads to irrational trade-offs - Ness Labs

In the words of John Tierney: “Decision fatigue helps explain why ordinarily sensible people get angry at colleagues and families, splurge on clothes, buy junk food at the supermarket and can’t resist the dealer’s offer to rustproof their new car. No matter how rational and high-minded you try to be, you can’t make decision after decision without paying a biological price.”

The Truth About Mental Models with Shane Parrish - Every

Farnam Street’s founder talks about learning loops, how to read, and how to avoid bullshit

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Iconoir - Open Source Icons Library

Iconoir is one of the biggest open source libraries with currently 914 SVG Icons.


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