RNN #133 - React 18, Expo, Flipper, Copilot, and Redux

Issue #133
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How to use TypeScript with React 18 alpha

Introducing Utopia

Expo SDK 42

ELI5: Flipper - Cross-Platform Debugger

React’s greatest power may lie in its open source ecosystem

Why React Hooks cannot be conditioned
iMessage clone using Stream Chat and React Native

Stream recently published an open source clone of iMessage application built using v3 of stream-chat-react-native library. This project demonstrates the implementation of message search, swipeable channel list, message list, reactions etc., similar to that of iMessage.
DataCamp is looking for React Native Developers!

DataCamp is building the best platform to learn data skills. We create technology for personalized learning experiences and bring the power of data fluency to millions of people. 

We are looking for a talented Senior Mobile Engineer (React Native) to help us build the best mobile experience to learn data science on the planet. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of DataCamp's mission to democratize data science education.

Excited about playing a critical role in contributing to the technical direction and expanding the mobile learning experience? Learn more using the link above and apply to join our team!

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codehouse - React-Native Cheatsheets


RNR 200 - Behind the Scenes at React Native Radio

For the 200th episode, Robin and Jamon are joined by the team behind React Native Radio, Todd, Missy, Justin, and Jed, and talk about how an episode makes it from their mouths to … your ears?

RNR 201 - We React to News

Robin, Jamon, and new show co-host Jon Major Condon do a brand-new show format called “We React to News”. We talk about five of the biggest stories from the React Native community, including a lot of Expo news.

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