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Welcome to a ton of new subscribers πŸ‘‹. Just a quick note - you can hit reply to leave feedback or to tell me what you're working on. An overflowing issue today since we were off last week - enjoy! –kale


Testing in production? It's scary until it's not. Take control of software releases. Ship fast. Rest easy. And LaunchDarkly.
//launchdarkly sponsored

GitHub Copilot: your AI pair programmer
//github comments→

A foreign seller has hijacked my Amazon Klein bottle listing
//kleinbottle comments→

How to Work Hard
//paulgraham comments→

The most precious resource is agency
//substack comments→

We replaced rental brokers with software and filled 200 vacant apartments
//caretaker comments→

No More Movies
//github comments→

Data Structure Visualizations
//usfca comments→

Software estimation is hard – do it anyway
//jacobian comments→

An Intern’s Guide to Trading
//nasdaq comments→

Building a data team at a mid-stage startup
//erikbern comments→

Mise-en-place for knowledge workers
//fortelabs comments→

How to build a small town in Texas
//substack comments→

#Show HN

Brickit – scans your Lego bricks and helps you build new creations //brickit commentsβ†’

RSS feeds for arbitrary websites using CSS selectors //vincenttunru comments→

Open Source Farming Robot //farm comments→

Modular Homes for Under $50k //boxabl comments→

Treesheets: cross-platform, free-form data organizer app //strlen comments→

Napkin – Build back-end functions in the browser //napkin commentsβ†’


I spent 5 years writing my own operating system //github comments→

Npm Audit: broken by design? //overreacted comments→

The Greatest Regex Trick Ever //rexegg comments→

Write a time-series database engine from scratch //nakabonne comments→

Learn by reading code: Python standard library design decisions explained //andgravity comments→


Reddit’s disrespectful design //ognjen commentsβ†’

How to get better at painting without painting anything //learning-to-see comments→

Alien Dreams: An Emerging Art Scene //berkeley comments→

Stolen Picasso and Mondrian paintings found stashed in a ravine in Greece //nytimes comments→


Poisson's Equation //mattferraro comments→

Information Theory: A Tutorial Introduction //arxiv comments→

The economics of dollar stores //thehustle comments→

List of Special Elevator Modes //fandom comments→

Bob's Game //wikipedia comments→


A curated list of books on Software Architecture //github comments→

Book Review: A Philosophy of Software Design //bearblog comments→

The Cookbook and Home Economics Collection //archive comments→

The Haskell Phrasebook //typeclasses comments→

Design Engineering Handbook [pdf] //invisionapp-cdn comments→

History Books: The 2021 Wolfson Prize Shortlist //fivebooks comments→


How many robots does it take to run a grocery store? //youtube comments→

Steve Wozniak speaks on Right to Repair //youtube comments→

Microsoft's Introduction to Rust Video Course //youtube comments→

A 1982 chess computer plays itself by mechanically moving the pieces //youtube comments→


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Side Quest – An aggregator for not full-time tech jobs //sidequestjobs commentsβ†’

Ask HN: Who is looking for a co-founder? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

#Startup News

New LinkedIn Data Leak Leaves 700M Users Exposed //restoreprivacy comments→

MIT and Harvard agree to transfer edX to ed-tech firm 2U //mit comments→

Robinhood S-1 IPO //sec comments→

Duolingo S-1 IPO //sec comments→


User Inyerface – A worst-practice UI experiment //userinyerface commentsβ†’

Soviet Venus Images //mentallandscape comments→

Music for Programming //musicforprogramming comments→

Centuries of Sound: 1936 //centuriesofsound comments→

#Cutting Room Floor

Media blackout after key witness against Assange admits lying //medialens comments→

GitHub confirmed using all public code for training copilot regardless license //twitter comments→

Sriracha hit revenue of $150M a year with no sales team or ad spend //twitter comments→

Console Do Not Track – Proposal for a standard environment variable //consoledonottrack commentsβ†’

Purelymail – cheap, no-nonsense email //purelymail commentsβ†’

Simple, solar-powered water desalination //mit comments→

The Untold Story of SQLite //corecursive comments→

Check If Email Exists //github comments→

Software Engineering principles to make teams better //principles comments→

Move fast, but understand the problem first //jacobobryant comments→

Using sqlite3 as a notekeeping document graph //github comments→

Things I wish Git had: Commit groups //danieljanus comments→

The Rise and Fall of the OLAP Cube //holistics comments→

Getting Unstuck //iamjonas comments→

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