iPaaS on the SaaS

iPaaS on the SaaS

Cloud computing is no longer a joking matter.
This technology is redefining the way companies approach data integration and it is helping them ditch the age-old data silos.

However, the sass of
cloud integration still challenges today’s enterprises. And yet, there is the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s Time to Rea-SaaS

You must have heard of ‘Software as a Service’ or SaaS.

SaaS company delivers software to a user over the Internet. The provider also takes over the main responsibilities including technical support, runtime, security measures, and the application itself.

Although SaaS may seem like the only reasonable way for businesses to operate
virtually, it’s not. Companies rarely rely on just one type of method to integrate business processes.
In reality, it’s usually an assortment of plugins, widgets, and software scattered all over the digital space.However, the more tools you integrate, the deeper the hole in your pocket.
Further to that, certain systems that work on separate platforms tend to result in data loss, mixed up information, and discrepancy.

From Egg to Monarch Butterfly

Just like the metamorphosis of butterflies, enterprise architecture goes through the four stages of evolution:

  • First,  forming an enterprise architecture includes defining the systems and subsystems that support each business function (CRM,  HRM, and others);
  • Then, it's a matter of uniting the systems and subsystems into a whole;
  • The third stage leads to a cross-functional team that supports all business units (great, but not yet a butterfly);
  • Finally, the climax of enterprise architecture occurs in the form of autonomous business functions with teams taking over a full-cycle development.

But this evolution process wouldn’t be possible without the platforms that support integration and other development needs.

Therefore, when you approach the finish line, you will need something to connect disjointed units together to deliver a unified solution. You need an iPaaS.

Don’t PaaS on This

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) includes a suite of API management and integration capabilities that have shared metadata. This is done to support the connectivity of applications within or outside of organizations.

In layman's terms, it enables companies to expand their features without adding more complications. Instead, they can easily integrate with another software that already has the needed capacity.

iPaaS also includes the following benefits:

  • Drives down the costs - no need to generate code for customized integrations;
  • Facilitates cloud integration - with iPaaS, you’re already transitioning your business operations into the cloud ecosystem;
  • Inherits the cloud capabilities - scalability, ubiquitous access, automation, and security;
  • Leverages decentralized architecture - no single point of failure for enterprises;
  • Boosts team performance and accelerates agile - each team becomes autonomous with multi-tenancy or segmentation;
  • Supports the remote workforce - the shared system allows for secure 24/7 access from wherever you are.
Therefore, iPaaS is the new alternative for conventional integration methods. It’s a process that raises your business to new heights rather than forcing you to spend money on the unnecessary labor devoted to maintaining a plethora of applications.

If you decide to join team iPaaS on your road to agility, check out Choreo a next-generation iPaaS that offers low-code cloud-native engineering for professional developers. Designed in the cloud for the cloud, it comprises all the tools you need for cloud native engineering in one place. And cherry on top - this iPaaS allows you to seamlessly switch between low-code and source code as well as leverage AI-assisted development and performance debugging.

New Era of Cloud Integration

Spreading the wings of your business is no walk in the park.
Enterprises need a whole range of applications to streamline their processes and keep customer experience levels at an all-time high. Creating a seamless integration between the applications and the data is what does the trick.
iPaaS is the magic glue that keeps mission-critical elements together in one centralized location. 
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