3-2-1: On Working Hard, State Of Web Workers In 2021, Why Companies Don't Hire Junior Devs, New Rendering Engine in Chrome, Guide To Grid

Hello my friends!

Here are 3 hand-picked articles from the tech world, 2 web development guides, and 1 best Tweet of the week.

🔥 Picks from the tech world

1. On working too hard: finding balance, and lessons learned from others

A reflection of one engineer on what is working hard, what is working too hard, on Paul Graham post called “How to Work Hard” from our previous issue and this tweet:

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Jordan Kong
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June 12th 2021

I suggest reading it for everyone who has questions like:

  • Should I work hard?
  • Shouldn't I work hard?
  • Why should I work hard?
  • What is "working hard"?
  • How to work hard?

In the article you will find interesting answers and takeaways.

And if you want to go deeper than that, check out the comments section on Hacker News under this post. You can find such gems there:

"A friend of mine who fell for the "work hard forever" idea just wrote a lengthy post venting about what this did to her: when you spend all your free time working/studying, and constantly turn down invitations to go do stuff with friends, people stop inviting you to things. And you drift out of friend groups because of this. Your social skills atrophy, you have no idea how to try and make new friends on the rare occasions you pry yourself away from work. Work becomes your life. And even if your work is something you love to do, that never involves a toxic workplace or moral qualms or any other problems, there's still emotional needs work will never, ever fulfill."

2. The State Of Web Workers In 2021

The article explains what web workers are, what benefits your application can get from them and their state in 2021.

I suggest reading it for every frontend developer. Because workers are a key tool to keep the main thread responsive and smooth by preventing any accidentally long-running code from blocking the browser to render.

3. RenderingNG (ready for the next generation of web content)

An overview of the new Chromium rendering engine architecture, which has been under development for the last 8 years.

Interesting read about the future of Chrome and browsers.

⚡️ Web development guides

1. A Complete Guide to Grid

A comprehensive guide to CSS grid, focusing on all the settings both for the grid parent container and the grid child elements. This is probably my favorite guide to grid.

2. Python Best Practices for a New Project in 2021

An article describes Python development ecosystem and best practices. It can be helpful for someone coming to Python from another programming language.

Tweet of the week

The best tweet of the week goes to Gergely Orosz.

If you're new to the tech field and interested in why companies "don't hire juniors" or why there are few junior developer positions on job boards, this thread will answer those questions.

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Gergely Orosz
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July 10th 2021

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That's all for this week, take care and have a great one!

– Nick

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