JSK Weekly - July 14, 2021

Did you know that we can incorporate augmented reality concepts into web applications to create video games? Well we can! Janaka talks us through "Augmented Reality for Web: Latest from BabylonJS" on Bits and Pieces.

In other news, Raymond Camden reveals more Jamstack hosting options in "Jamstack Hosting Solutions: Challengers to the Throne" on Snipcart.

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Augmented Reality for Web: Latest from BabylonJS

Did you know that we can incorporate augmented reality concepts into web applications to create video games? We can do this using Babylon...


How to Improve Your Website's Page Load Speed

If you have ever experienced a slow-loading website, you understand how page speed can impact user experience. No one wants to wait 10 se...


Jamstack Hosting Platforms: The Underdogs - Snipcart

New to the Jamstack? Read this first. When it comes to Jamstack hosting, two names typically come to mind - Netlify and Vercel. Both comp...


BFF Pattern - Dos and Don'ts

Your application may have two or more microservices (e.g., Customer, User, Order, etc.) and a few frontends serving different purposes. W...


Are You Going to be Replaced by Code-Generating AI?

Github has been shaping the way software developers work for a while already, focused mainly on the way they do version control of their ...


Middleware for the Async Flow in Redux

Proper state management is vital for any React application. And still, Redux is dominating this space. And that's where the Redux middlew...


Fix Seeing "0" in Your JSX Code

The early days of the web felt like the wild west when it came to coding practices -- just make it work. Then we became enlightened to be...

David Walsh

2021 is Still a Great Year to Start Programming

More than a half of this year has already passed, and you are still not sure if it is a good idea to start programming in 2021? I'll give...

Coding Flashlight

How to Secure JWT in a Single-Page Application

Before moving to JWT in cookie, let's see about what is a cookie and its major attributes. A cookie is another storage option available i...

Nilanth ⚡


JavaScript Operators - The Ternary Operator

The ternary operator, as the name implies, requires three operands. The ternary operator statement includes a condition, which is evaluat...

Robert Laws

What is a JavaScript Object? Key Value Pairs and Dot Notation Explained

Objects are one of the most valuable things you can learn in Javascript. You can use them to take your programs to the next level. An obj...


JavaScript Interview Prep Cheatsheet - Ace Your Coding Interviews with These Concepts

I've carefully gone through over 50 resources, I've been through 10 JavaScript interviews, and I've landed a job at a unicorn startup. An...

Rajat Gupta

The Importance of Integrity Checks in JavaScript

SRI is a security feature that allows browsers to check the resources they fetch. It will make sure that the code is never loaded if the ...


How to Format Dates in JavaScript with One Line of Code

For a long time, I've used libraries like Date-fns whenever I need to format dates in JavaScript. But it gets really weird whenever I do ...


JavaScript - How to Control the Program Flow

An important concept in JavaScript is the block statement, which is used extensively throughout programs. Block statements are used to gr...

Robert Laws


The Command Pattern in TypeScript — Encapsulating Logic to Increase Maintainability

Design patterns are there to keep us from reinventing the wheel, algorithmically speaking, that is. They provide us with a template of ho...



Angular Notification Service with Subject and Observable

Notification service is one of the most common services in every application.It allows the users to receive live information that is rele...

JavaScript In Plain English


4 Methods to Add Conditional Attributes to React Components

Today, conditional attributes are widely used with React to provide dynamic behaviors. But, most developers are not aware of all the meth...


5 JavaScript Tips to Improve Your React Code

Let's look at five JavaScript tips you can use today to instantly improve your React applications. Because React is a JavaScript library,...


How to: React Table with Search

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to use React Table Library with a feature. In the previous example, you have already installed R...

Robin Wieruch

15 Custom Hooks to Make your React Component Lightweight

Here are the 15 custom hooks to make your React component lightweight React hooks is the trending word in the React community. I hope eve...

Nilanth ⚡

Freelance React Developer Checklist

As a freelance React developer, I work with a lot of clients on their React projects these days. Every time I get a request in my inbox, ...

Robin Wieruch

Understanding Memoization & the useMemo React Hook

Within React's lifecycle of a component, the component is re-rendered when an update is made. This occurs if differences (aka difs) betwe...

Denali Balser

What's New in React 18? Concurrency, Batching, the Transition API and More

Hey everyone! In this article, I'm going to show you what's new in the latest of version of React - React 18 - in under 8 minutes....

Akash is 𝕓𝕦𝕚𝕝𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘

Advanced Dependency Injection in React

Dependency injection is a pattern that reduces hardcoded dependencies. It promotes composability by enabling one dependency to be replace...



Tools And Practices To Speed Up The Vue.js Development Process

Even though Vue.js claims to have an approachable minimalist framework that can be incrementally adaptable, it can be a little bit overwh...

Smashing Magazine


Skeleton for Node.js Apps Written in TypeScript

Boilerplate codes are repetitive codes required to be included in the application with little to no change by the program/framework and c...

Santosh Shinde

Building a Command Line Tool with Nodejs and Fauna

Command line tools are one of the most popular applications we have today. We use command line tools every day, and they range from git, ...


Libraries and Tools

Enable Tree Shaking to Optimize Your React Component Libraries with Webpack

An important part of building component libraries with React is making sure they are lightweight and optimized. For example, I use Lodash...

JavaScript In Plain English

5 React Libraries Every Project Should Use in 2021

There are literally 100s of great React libraries to choose from, but which libraries do you need most for your React projects? In this a...



Running Automated Tests for a Server-Based Application

As a web developer, you want to ensure that the application you are delivering is stable and that it will not behave unexpectedly when us...

Georgian Stan

Testing A Web App Using The Keyboard Only

How to test a TodoMVC using Cypress using only the keyboard to confirm the app is accessible. Let's take a good TodoMVC example made with...

Gleb Bahmutov

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