Automate The Planet- Compelling Tuesday

Compelling Tuesday

UI Performance Analysis via Selenium WebDriver

One of my most detailed articles recently. It is something entirely new and advanced. 😵🛰️🎇
The article reviews different approaches to check the UI performance of web apps reusing your existing functional Selenium WebDriver tests. We will investigate the native ChromeDriver GetLog feature, the new Selenium 4 DevTools protocol integration. The central part of the publication is dedicated to the integration of Google Lighthouse and Selenium. We will create a full-fledged testing library out of this integration. Moreover, in the end, you will be able to run the Lighthouse analysis against pages behind login after executing any required steps.

xUnit Tutorial | Part 7 | Geolocation Testing Using xUnit

The last module of my XUnit course. There I discuss what Geolocation testing is and how to write such automated tests. Check it out! 🪐📡

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