Lore's Aaron Mahnke launches new show: Bridgewater

Spotify sees podcast ad revenue jump by more than 6 times year-on-year; Jam Street Media is acquired
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  • The creator of Lore, Aaron Manke returns with Bridgewater, with a promo set to launch later today. It’s the supernatural story of folklore professor Jeremy Bradshaw, who is pulled into the mysterious 1980 disappearance of his police officer father. The screenplay is written by Lauren Shippen; it’s on iHeartRadio.

  • Spotify’s podcast ad revenue has jumped 627% year-on-year, according to their revenue announcement today: Joe Rogan and Megaphone helping the increase. We learnt that Podz cost the company $53.4m; and Greenroom $67.7m. The company appears to have stopped reporting the number of monthly users who listen to podcasts. They have 365m monthly users; last we heard, 25% of them (91m) listen to podcasts.

    • Spotify stocks did drop, though: they had slower user growth, partly caused by an issue with email verification which perhaps cost the company two million users. (We feel better at our bugs now).
  • First look: Podcast producer Jam Street Media has been acquired by Amaze Media Labs, in a deal announced today. No terms were given. Amaze Media Labs owns a number of podcast networks; Jam Street Media is run by Matty Staudt, a member of the start-up team at Stitcher and iHeartRadio’s first VP of Podcast Programming.

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Axios Re:CapAxios Re:Cap had a special guest, focusing on Spotify’s continued growth: none other than Daniel Ek himself. He’ll be on the On The Record podcast on Spotify this week, too.

Puffin Podcast: Mission ImaginationA new series of the Puffin Podcast: Mission Imagination, has launched. Hosted by multi award winning comedian Babatunde Aléshé, it’s made for the British summer holidays: each weekly episode will whoosh children away to a different magical world created by a fantastic Puffin author. It’s made by Mags Creative.

The ElementsThe audio producer of international hit Teacher’s Pet has released The Elements, a new podcast that journeys into the heart of surviving a disaster. Slade Gibson, the audio producer and composer, won a Walkley Award alongside Hedley Thomas for his work on Teacher’s Pet.

Malpraktis UniversitiMalpraktis Universiti launched yesterday: the first fiction thriller podcast in the Malay language. A remotely produced podcast, it highlights mental health issues faced by the local student population and subtly calls out government ineptitude in managing the COVID crisis. It was produced by ZAG Podcasts in Kuala Lumpur.

Long ShotLong Shot is new from iHeartRadio and School of Humans, examining the history and 250-year journey to the COVID-19 vaccines. It’s hosted by journalist Shaun Raviv.


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