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♻️ How a fashion enthusiast is enabling conscious shopping using a no-code directory


Daniel Akang is a freelance graphic designer from Lagos. He's also studying for a Master’s degree in architecture, as well as running a newsletter called Bare Maximum, where he interviews creatives like designers and musicians.

As a part of his degree, he did a course on Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA), and this led him to launch a no-code project that sits at the intersection of all his interests.

Landing on an idea

Daniel says he developed an interest in fashion during lockdown.

"There’s been a lot of talk recently about sustainability and greenwashing. Greenwashing basically means to conceal bad sustainability practices or to mislead the public into thinking your business is working for the good of the environment when it actually isn’t.

I’m super interested in trying out no-code tools. I wanted to figure out which tools would work for me, and settle on an idea to build.

I didn’t want this project to be a build-and-dump experiment. I wanted it to be an extension of myself.

Then the idea hit me!

All the time I spent talking about sustainability, I never thought to highlight brands that actually do have sustainable practices."

Introducing Eco-Catalogue: a project at the intersection of fashion, no-code and sustainability


"My goal with Eco-Catalogue was simple: to help people discover sustainable brands in the shortest amount of time.

I found out about Softr from a project I saw on Product Hunt, and began building there. Within two days, I had a working prototype. Apart from making the site on Softr, I used Airtable for the database, and Namecheap to purchase the domain name.

Because of how easy and intuitive Softr and Airtable are, I didn’t need to watch tutorials before getting started. It was such a fun experience building something and watching it come to life."

What's next?

"I do have plans to start a blog to talk about topics related to sustainability, but I'm taking my time with that. It’s important information, and I need to make sure I communicate it appropriately.

The fact that people don't talk about the environmental problems caused by the fashion industry is alarming!"

Read Daniel's full story


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​Head of Sales – WeWeb

Are you looking for an exceptional experience in creating the sales activity of a SaaS from scratch? Do you want to build the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to closing, and participate in scaling a sales team from day 1? WeWeb is a unique front-end development solution. It offers a powerful drag-and-drop editor to build web applications visually while giving developers full access to the code.

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Right now, we have ~2,000 customers paying for Memberstack. Our goal is to reach 7,000 paying side projects, SMBs, and startups by the beginning of 2024. We're looking for marketing/growth employee #1 to lead user acquisition at Memberstack β€” someone with a track record of successfully generating awareness for developer tools.

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We’re hiring our first Product Manager at Scribe! Our software is used by thousands of teams in 100+ countries to automatically capture and share how work gets done. As the first PM joining a sizeable and growing team, you will have the opportunity to own everything from mapping out use-cases and user journeys to translating user insights into our product roadmap.


πŸš€ Community Projects

πŸ“„ Building a Web App with Softr & Airtable, by Jamie Kane.

"Starting a new series showing step by step how to build a Web App using Softr & Airtable. Made a video showing how to build a user comments functionality to start off! Used native Softr forms (advantage over native Airtable forms is ability to prescribe values in hidden fields!) And also used a conditional filter to build this!"​
Wow - excited to be part of this!, by Natalie Furness.

"Hey everyone, so happy to be part of this great community. I am Natalie, Co-founder of ScopeDone. I am looking for those who would gain value from ScopeDone. We have one investment firm that has asked to purchase ScopeDone licenses in bulk to provide to their founders. They advised us that they want to support founders with our tool so that founders don't have to spend money on product consultants or time trying to figure it out themselves."

🐦 Possible to create a membership dashboard on Webflow?, by Tim Treagus.

"I have just launched a new product in South Africa. It is a market research tool using WhatsApp. The key question is whether the membership setup is possible - for each customer to set up their research campaign. I made a mockup on Figma right now to help show (attached). Any ideas about how to set the membership up and embed the form creator and results in webflow?"


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