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As human beings, we’re taught from a very early age to suck it up and deal with some of life’s inconveniences. 

Jimmy won’t share his toys? Tough luck. Someone stole your school lunch? Worse things can happen. Your bus never showed up? You can still walk to work. 

But what if we said no? What if we refused to settle for subpar talent development programs and made ours actually work? And what if we committed to finding a Learning Management System that suited our teams in the long run, rather than just putting up with the one we have?

Once we make a stand, it’s amazing what we can achieve. Like making real steps towards more inclusive workplaces, solving the things that make traditional classroom training such a drag for our learners, or finally putting L&D goals at the heart of our talent management strategy.

And heck, if we can manage all that, we might as well complete our victory lap with a couple of extra wins, like finally cracking the code to better one-on-one meetings, and avoiding three of the most common mistakes in Collaborative Learning.

This week, we’re here to help you stop settling for second-best. Here’s to shooting for the moon! 

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Why Most Talent Development Programs Suck (And Why Yours Doesn’t Have To)

Most companies offer training programs and certifications to help foster talent development–but only 12% of employees actually apply the resulting skills in their jobs. So, why do most talent development programs suck so much? We’re here to offer some solutions.

You’re so talented!


How Constellation Brands Flipped Classroom Training and Freed Their Subject-Matter Experts

We all want to unleash our subject-matter experts and help them share all that wonderful knowledge. But what if helping learners is actually getting in the way of our experts’ day jobs? Maggie Romanovich of Constellation Brands had this exact problem–and now, she’s here to tell us how she solved it by flipping everything we know about traditional classroom training.

Put your thing down flip it and reverse it


Webinar: From ERG to DEI: A Panel Discussion on Building Inclusive Workplaces from the Bottom Up


Right now, more workplaces are focusing on building inclusive environments that give everyone the opportunities they deserve. In this webinar from 360Learning and Lever, we’ll explore what it truly means to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Come and join us! 

Here’s an open invitation


4 Reasons Why L&D Is Crucial for Your Talent Management Strategy

Here’s some worrying news: only 40% of organizations report having L&D goals that are aligned with their broader business objectives–including talent management. So, why all the confusion? In this article, we’re here with four great reasons why L&D is critical to your talent management strategy. 

Take care of your teams and they’ll take care of you


6 Long-Term Benefits of LMS Software

Investing in the right LMS for your teams is one of the best long-term decisions you can make for your business. On top of leading to greater employee satisfaction and engagement, a good LMS can also help boost your training ROI. We’re here to explore these long-term benefits and more–not to mention offer you a free RFP template to find the best LMS for you! 

It all works out in the long run


Potential Pitfalls: 3 Common Collaborative Learning Mistakes (And Top Tips To Avoid Them)

Collaborative Learning is a great way to foster an environment of peer feedback and get everyone on page with your training strategy–providing you get the basics right. From failing to trust your teams to define their priorities to being unclear in your internal communications, here are three of the most common Collaborative Learning mistakes–and some tips to avoid them.

Here’s what not to do


9 One-on-one Meeting Templates

For a lot of us, the one-on-one meeting conjures its own special kind of dread. They’re too long and too unfocused, and worst of all, there’s nowhere to run. But fear not! Our friends at Hypercontext are here to solve your meeting woes forever with these 9 handy templates.

Ace your next 1:1

And that’s it from me this week! 

Take care and you'll hear from me soon 💛,


Joei from 360Learning

P.S. If you have any questions or feedback, hit reply – I read every email and will get back to you personally. 

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