Supercast sees success in cross-platform paid podcast subscriptions

10,000 paying subscribers in just two days. RedCircle raises $6m. Callin raises $12m. Twitter to help podcasts earn money, maybe; and Spotify wants to label swears
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  • Paid podcast subscriptions seem to be having a moment: Breaking Points, a podcast and YouTube show, has seen 10,000 paying subscribers in just two days using Supercast. The company tells Podnews that their top ten podcasters are earning more than $9 million in annual recurring revenue from paid subscribers on the platform; and that their growth rate is outperforming Substack’s early published milestones.

  • RedCircle has landed $6m in funding. The company monetises podcasts, selling host-read ads or programmatic advertising, as well as a method of selling podcast subscriptions. The company says many of their podcasters are earning six figures annually.

  • Callin, a social podcast app, has raised $12m in funding. It appears to be a Clubhouse-like service; Axios says it’s “a single software stack for recording, editing, transcription and distribution, plus an added twist of live audience participation”.

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I Hear ThingsI Hear Things, the weekly podcast from Tom Webster, focuses on iHeartRadio’s Sunday Night Podcasts, and whether podcasts on the radio is something that works.

Podland NewsPodland this week looks at how Google Podcasts is going, and includes a 'boostagram corner’. It’s hosted by Sam Sethi and James Cridland.

How Cool Is This?How Cool Is This?, a 5 minute podcast that talks about how cool your ideas are, just published its 100th episode. The hosts got a taste of their own medicine, inviting their girlfriends onto the show to discuss how cool “How Cool Is This?” is.

How To!How To! has a new host: Amanda Ripley, an investigative journalist and a New York Times bestselling author. Amanda has spent years studying human behavior, writing three investigative nonfiction books on the subject.

Technik aufs Ohr - Der Podcast für Ingenieur*innen und TechnikfansThe mediaV Awards were presented in Köln in Germany. The winner of the “Best Podcast” award went to Technik aufs Ohr - Der Podcast für Ingenieur/innen und Technikfans, a podcast for audio engineers. (Thanks, Steffen!)

What Could Go Right?What if instead of being on the brink of disaster, we’re on the cusp of a better world? What Could Go Right? features Progress Network Founder Zachary Karabell and Executive Director Emma Varvaloucas and a diverse panel of experts to discuss the central issues of our era, including sustainability, polarization, work, and the economy, and make the case for a brighter future.

The Best Podcast EverThe Best Podcast Ever has launched in Australia, with journalists Kumi Taguchi and Michelle Stephenson, who - due to a lockdown in the country - have yet to actually meet each other. They’ll chat politics, social media, books and music.


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