Initiator Creator - Issue 75

Initiator Creator - Issue #75

By Saurabh Y. // 11 September 2021


The building blocks of scale - Increment

When it comes to scaling a mobile app, it’s tempting to focus solely on the technical challenges. But anticipating what a mobile team will require as it expands, and making strategic decisions to support sustainable growth, can be just as critical as adding features, expanding localization, and enabling more dynamic app delivery.

Don’t rewrite your project in Rust, or at all - ITnext

The decision to rewrite a project from scratch is exceptionally high-stakes and making the wrong choice can end your career and/or company.

Upptime - GitHub-powered open-source uptime monitor and status page - Upptime

Using GitHub Actions, monitor unlimited webpages every 5 minutes, and store version-controlled response time stats.

Fiddly - Create beautiful and simple HTML pages from your files - Fiddly

Fiddly also exports a command to let you deploy your new site to Github pages.

Gatsby Serverless Functions And The International Space Station - Smashing Magazine

Gatsby recently announced the launch of “functions”. In this article, Paul Scanlon explains how to get the current location of the International Space Station (ISS) as it orbits the Earth in realtime using Gatsby Functions and then display it on a 3D interactive globe using React Three Fibre.


7 Overused Logo Letterforms To Let Go Of - Dribbble

Designer Nick Levesque drops by to share some of the most overused custom letterform designs in wordmarks along with visual examples.

Vector? Raster? Why Not Both! - Zach Leatherman

By implementing 7 steps one by one, Zach downsized the hero image of 10 MB to 78KB.

Typography for Data - Medium

Between the many labels, values, and other helpful information crammed into charts, graphs, column lists, and the like, text serves many functions and takes many forms. So when we updated our spacing and layout system for internal products, we knew we would also have to tackle our typography.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding UX Roles and Which One You Should Go For - IxDF

6 common UX roles analyzed through how they contribute to the design process, and shine a light through the fog of UX roles.

Design Thinking: Study Guide - NN/g

A list of NN/g’s most useful introductory articles and videos about design thinking and related topics. Within each section, the resources are in recommended reading order.


Here are all the companies from Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day - TechCrunch

Y Combinator kicked off the Demo Day cycle for its Summer 2021 cohort. The collection of early-stage startups on day one-of-two alone numbered in the hundreds

7 Niche Market Examples You Can Learn From - Ahrefs

If you’re trying to think of a winning idea for a product, service, or website, it’s tempting to think big. But this isn’t always the best way forward because popular markets tend to have a high barrier to entry.

The Art of Harnessing Opportunities - Creative hackers

Why do some creators make more money and get offered more opportunities? They’re not better. They just know what others don’t. They know how to increase the surface area of luck — and possess the courage to go all in.

58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics - Plausible

Tech-heavy audiences use adblockers and privacy-friendly browsers much more than the average web user.

The Growing Specialization of Product Management - Reforge

Product Management has not yet defined specialties. This leads people to think a Product Manager (PM) is a PM — meaning we hastily assume all PM roles are created equal and the best PMs are those who know everything across different types of product work/stages. That's simply not the reality of the situation since Product specializations are emerging informally as a mess.


How Marketers Can Utilize Intent Data - G2

Intent data collects signals and data points from various sources to help you understand where a buyer is in the purchasing process, and whether they intend to buy from you. Better yet, the intent signals collected from this data can support marketing efforts from the top all the way to the bottom of the funnel.

Adsets - Active & high-performing ads of top companies - Adsets

A library of ads from the top companies in each domain for inspiration and to gain insights against your competitors.

Creating the Ideal Customer Profile as a Startup: A Step-by-step Guide - Baremetrics

In the early stages of founding a startup, finding clients can be a bit of a shot in the dark. If you’re not sure who could benefit from your services yet, casting a wide net and targeting a broad market is one path towards identifying them. This process is quite inefficient. Here's where the ICP comes in.

Perceptions: Our favorite marketing strategy exercise - Mkt1

When you write perceptions properly they guide your marketing efforts, so you stay focused and tell a repeatable story that is uniquely your own. Perceptions then trickle down and shape marketers’ goals, messaging, and content roadmap.

199 SaaS tools for growth - Product led

A list of 199 SaaS tools to aid in your product-led growth journey. While not every tool included on this list pertains exclusively to product-led growth, each one listed provides a solution to a problem you've likely stumbled across.

Interesting Read

The Anti-Fan Phenomenon - Every

Inside the online communities where people love to hate.

The psychology of regret: how inaction affects our sense of self - Ness Labs

The regrets that will trouble us the most are not the mistakes or errors we made, but rather the actions we failed to take.

How James Clear is Writing His Next Book - Every

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, is in the creative muck on his next book. It’s currently a 600 page Google Doc—and he’s trying to compress that down into chapters, sections, and sentences. It’s a big task, but he seems more or less undaunted.

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