Google Cloud Weekly - GCP Newsletter #261

Welcome to issue #261 September 27th, 2021


Cloud Deploy Official Blog

Introducing Google Cloud Deploy: Managed continuous delivery to GKE - The new Google Cloud Deploy managed services makes it easier to do continuous delivery to Google Kubernetes Engine, and soon, Anthos.

API Apigee Official Blog

Announcing Apigee’s native support for managing lifecycle of GraphQL APIs - Apigee API management platform natively supports GraphQL APIs, allowing developers to productize and manage their lifecycle in Apigee.

AWS Cloud Spanner Official Blog

DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner via HarbourBridge - This post announces the support for DynamoDB in Harbourbridge in addition to existing support for PostgreSQL and MySQL. This allows DynamoDB users to try out Cloud Spanner with zero-configuration. It helps users to quickly resolve issues during schema and data migration and lets them try out Cloud Spanner as soon as possible.

Cloud Storage Eventarc Official Blog

Introducing the new Cloud Storage trigger in Eventarc - Learn how to use the new Cloud Storage trigger of Eventarc.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

New SystemsResearch@Google team—shaping the future of hyperscaler systems - The new SystemsResearch@Google (SRG) is focused on the future of hyperscaler systems design for the Google ecosystem.

Official Blog

Google Cloud research credits expand to nonprofit researchers - To fuel the breakthroughs of the future, today’s researchers need easy access to the most innovative cloud technologies. See the latest expansion of Google Cloud research credits beyond its previous scope of government and academic research institutions to researchers at nonprofit institutions.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

DevOps Official Blog

2021 Accelerate State of DevOps report addresses burnout, team performance - The SODR is continually one of the most downloaded assets on the GCP website. The updated version of the report with new metrics and findings on how to make organizations Elite performers is released.

Official Blog SRE

What’s your org’s reliability mindset? Insights from Google SREs - An organization’s approach to product reliability is a function of its mindset.


New Paper: “Autonomic Security Operations — 10X Transformation of the Security Operations Center” - From the Office of the CISO at Google Cloud.

Cloud DNS Official Blog

Cloud DNS explained! - DNS is one of the necessary services for your application to function but you can rely on a managed service to take care of DNS requirements. Cloud DNS is a managed, low latency DNS service running on the same infrastructure as Google which allows you to easily publish and manage millions of DNS zones and records.

IAM Terraform

Managing GCP service usage through delegated role grants - Enterprise customers frequently require fine-grained control over which GCP can be used. See how to achieve this with delegated role grants.

GCP Experience Security

Compliance As Code How We Automate CIS Compliance For GCP - How Gojek’s ProdSec (Product Security) team automates CIS compliance.

IAM Security

IAM for GCP — Resource-based Conditional access - An example of granular permissions.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Compute Engine Official Blog

What are the components of a Cloud VM? - Join Brian and Carter as they explore why VMs are some of Google’s most trusted and reliable offerings, and how VMs benefit companies operating at scale in the cloud.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

Behind the scenes: WebGL-powered Maps demos for Google I/O - In preparation for the announcement of the beta release of WebGL-powered Maps features at Google I/O 2021, the Google Maps Platform team worked with Ubilabs, a Google Cloud partner since 2012, to show developers what’s possible when 3D rendering comes to the map.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Deploying the Cloud Spanner Emulator locally - Learn about running the Cloud Spanner emulator locally and containerizing + deploying the backend of our sample application on the local emulator.

Cloud Run Cloud Spanner Official Blog Terraform

Deploying the Cloud Spanner Emulator remotely - Learn how to deploy the Cloud Spanner emulator remotely to GCE and Cloud Run, both manually and via Terraform.

Cloud SQL Official Blog

Understanding Cloud SQL maintenance: how do you manage it? - How to plan ahead and tune your settings to most effectively minimize the impact of Cloud SQL maintenance on your applications.

C++ Cloud Firestore Firebase Official Blog

Converting between Firestore FieldValue and Variant - C++ code examples for Cloud Firestore.

Cloud Functions Firebase

A Firebase Cloud Functions Cold Start Solution - Cold starts slow down your entire site, but there finally is a fix.

CI Cloud Build Cloud Run Gitlab

Using GitLab and Cloud Build to achieve CI/CD for Cloud Run - Building a docker image for Cloud Run using Cloud Build triggered from GitLab all on GCP.

AWS Cloud Storage

A Study on using Google Cloud Storage with the S3 Compatibility API - Google Cloud Storage’s XML API interoperability with S3 API, similarities and differences.

Cloud Bigtable GCP Experience NoSQL

Zero Downtime Migration from HBase to Bigtable - Box's experience of migrating 200 billion keys / 80TB data from HBase to Bigtable.

Python Translation API

Updating glossaries in Google Cloud Translation - How to progressively improve your translations without training any model.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

Building the data engineering driven organization from the first principles - Learn about the basics and best practices on how to build a data engineering driven culture depending on what type of organization you are.

BigQuery Monitoring Official Blog

Introducing Quota Monitoring Solution: Single Dashboard with Alerting capabilities - Google Cloud’s Quota Monitoring solutions makes it significantly easier to manage quotas at scale.

Cloud Composer Official Blog

What is Cloud Composer? - What is Cloud Composer? A fully managed workflow orchestration service built on Apache Airflow that helps author, schedule, and monitor pipelines spanning across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Airflow Data Analytics Workflows

Why you should try something else than Airflow for data pipeline orchestration - A comparison of a few data orchestrator pipelines.

Cloud Dataprep Data Science

Dataprep is all you need for a data preparation job on GCP - An example of using Dataprep for data cleaning.


BigQuery: Tell me your region, I will tell you your speed! - Google Cloud opens constantly new region, with new hardware, but are the older regions still up-to-date? Let’s check that with BigQuery.

Big Data BigQuery Cloud Dataproc GCP Experience

Comparing BigQuery Processing and Spark Dataproc - Paypal's approaches for evaluation for migrating processes from on-prem to GCP.

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep Data Analytics Official Blog

Data Driven Price Optimization - Learn how to transform and centralize disparate data sources into BigQuery with Dataprep by Trifacta for pricing optimization analysis and machine learning.

BigQuery Python Terraform

Importing existing BigQuery Resources to Terraform Automatically - Importing datasets and tables from BigQuery into Terraform.


BigQuery: 3 simple ways to Audit and Monitor your Dabatase. - How to audit and monitor your BigQuery Database, to keep it clean and efficient.

BigQuery IoT Looker Visualization

GCP IIoT: Visualization and Analytics in Looker for Oil & Gas Systems - An end-to-end demo to build a dashboarding system for visualizing and analyzing Industrial IoT data with Looker.

Data Loss Prevention API Security

De-Risk Your Data to Accelerate Your Cloud Journey: Part 3 — Turning Design into Reality - Examples of how to create de-risk data pipelines on GCP.

Beginner Data Loss Prevention API

DLP — Data Loss Prevention simplified - An intro to start using Data Loss Prevention.

Beginner Cloud Dataflow

How To Get Started With GCP Dataflow - A beginner’s guide with an example projects.

Official Blog Recommendations AI Tutorial

Recommendations AI modeling - A walk through the model creation process and how you can get the best of Google’s AI and ML techniques to solve your business problems without deep ML expertise.

Kubeflow Official Blog TensorFlow Vertex AI

Dual deployments on Vertex AI - How to implement an end-to-end workflow enabling dual model deployment scenarios using Kubeflow, TensorFlow Extended (TFX), and Vertex AI.



Google is slashing the amount it keeps from sales on its cloud marketplace as pressure mounts on app stores - The Google Cloud Platform is cutting its percentage revenue share to 3% from 20% (the amount of revenue it keeps when customers buy software from other vendors on its cloud marketplace).

Data Analytics GCP Certification Official Blog

Build your data analytics skills with the latest no cost BigQuery trainings - A no-cost, on-demand training opportunities to make the most of BigQuery.

GCP Certification

Learn to Earn: Roadmap - QWik's (free) challenges to improve your GCP skills.

GCP Certification Machine Learning

Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification Preparation Guide - Machine Learning Engineer Certification Preparation Guide.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #277 Storage Launches with Brian Schwarz and Sean Derrington.

Kubernetes Podcast - #164 Podman, with Daniel Walsh and Brent Baude.

Security Podcast - #32 Can You Ever Know Thyself: Cloud Attack Surface Management.

Get started with Dialogflow & Contact Center AI on Google Cloud

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