Podnews - Sweden is #1 for podcasting

Ireland and Brazil also top the list. Plus, a new tool to help you organise your show; and all the swear words ever spoken in the UK
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ChartableDid you miss the IAB Fall Upfronts? Watch the video everyone's talking about as "hilarious" and "by far, the funniest presentation" at chartable․com/iab
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Listen to Make Her Laugh — It's jokes versus wife! A topical monologue for a one-person audience. The good jokes get laughs. What happens to the bad ones? Tune in to find out.

Follow the Super Awesome Mix Podcast — "I made you a mix tape": some of the best words to hear from someone you care about. Weekly episodes feature a new mix, guests, and the stories behind each track. Rediscover the art of the mix tape.

The Power of Audio with Audioburst founder — Audioburst founder and CEO, Amir Hirsh, discusses how 2020 acted as gasoline on the audio fire and how “audio connects people much stronger and creates brand affinity.”

“Our only boss is our audience” — Enjoy a sustainable income stream from fans while keeping full control of your show & listener data. Supercast makes it easy.

Hindenburg 40% Discount! #InternationalPodcastDay — Hindenburg Journalist PRO: All the tools you need to easily record, edit and publish a podcast without the technical hassle. Spend more time doing what you love FOR 40% LESS September 30, 2021!!

The Tech Stuff - with RSS․com

%adtitle%Because every podcast needs an RSS feed, RSS․com helps thousands of new podcasters know how to start a podcast every month.
  • Twitter has launched crypto tipping using the lightning network: the same tool used by Podcasting 2.0 value4value apps. The tool uses the Strike API. It’s “rolling out” on iOS, but Strike itself - marketed as “money without borders” - is only available in the US and El Salvador.

  • Samsung has updated their RSS specifications. The specification, now at v2.0, includes a small list of supported categories: subcategories will not be used.

  • Podcast hosting company RSS․com is now supporting the podcast:funding tag. This tag lets podcasters add a link to support the show financially, which appears in apps like Podcast Addict, Podverse, PodcastGuru, PodLP and many more (and our podcast directory too).

  • Benjamin Bellamy spoke about the podcast:location tag at the Netherlands Podcast Festival 2021. Here are his slides, containing at least one Photoshop of Podnews’s Editor.

Tips and tricks

  • Here, from the UK broadcast regulator Ofcom, is research into swearwords - sorted into “mild”, “moderate”, and “strong” - and whether everyone knows what they mean. Caution: this list contains almost every swearword available. (This might be helpful, at the very least, to work out whether that podcast is deserving of the 'explicit’ tag - though if you’re reading this list to find out, the answer’s probably “yes”.)

Podcast News

Shine It Up with Jackie GilliesJackie Gillies, a businesswoman and cast member of Real Housewifes of Melbourne launches Shine It Up today - offering inspiration and motivation to live your best life.

As She RisesNew from the Wonder Media Network, As She Rises brings together poems from artists throughout the US and territories that depict the effects of climate change on their home and their people.

Foundation: The Official PodcastFoundation: The Official Podcast is an accompaniment podcast for AppleTV+'s Foundation original show. It was launched on Friday, and is produced by Audacy’s Pineapple Street Studios.

Who, When, Wow!Who, When, Wow! launches today - the first Tinkercast show to launch with Wondery since their partnership was announced last month. Hosted by Rebecca Shier, the show is initially released within the Wondery+ app, and is a peek into the lives of unsung humans.

The Pod Broads: A Podcast About Women in PodcastingThe Pod Broads, a podcast about women in podcasting, launched its second series last week. Nichole Perkins was the first guest; the season will also include Misha Euceph, Noor Tagouri, and Avery Trufelman. It’s hosted by Alexandra Cohl.


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