Popular US rom-com podcast's first international production

A new automatic audio check; Hindenburg discounts on the way; The Economist focuses on the climate emergency; new player from Captivate
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ChartableDid you miss the IAB Fall Upfronts? Watch the video everyone's talking about as "hilarious" and "by far, the funniest presentation" at chartable․com/iab
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Mastercard CMO on the future of marketing — Raja Rajamannar discusses why marketing needs to be re-imagined and how to break your brand down into the five senses.

Listen to Make Her Laugh — Imagine a late night monologue, but instead of an audience, the host reads jokes to his wife. That's Make Her Laugh: the comedy podcast with extremely honest reactions.

First 25 early adopters get 75% off first year — Episode Check (beta release) is the easiest way to share mixes, collect feedback from your team or clients and track approval. No clukey email chains, word docs and cloud links - just a single URL.

Your Evergreen Podcast Growth Strategy — This free, no-fluff 4-day workshop will give you the roadmap to consistently grow your audience & increase your show's ROI. Complete with templates, group exercises & in-depth lectures.

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Podcast News

Being Home With HunkerHunker, a home design website, has released its first podcast. Being Home with Hunker features 'honest conversations about design and decor, exploring what it means to be home’.

To a Lesser Degree from The EconomistTo a lesser degree is a new podcast from The Economist, focusing on climate change ahead of the United Nations COP26 climate conference.

Over My Dead BodyOver My Dead Body has returned for a third series, focusing on a small-town cop who’s death uncovered unsettling secrets about the village of Fox Lake IL. The show is available now on Wondery+, and shortly on RSS feeds everywhere.

Sport’s Strangest CrimesTrue crime doesn’t escape even the BBC: Sport’s Strangest Crimes returns for a new series, focusing on Allen Stanford, the man who bought cricket. It’s produced by South Shore.

544 DaysExclusive to Spotify, Gimlet, Crooked Media and A24 tells the story of Jason Rezaian, a high-profile foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, who spent 544 Days imprisoned by Iranian authorities. The podcast launched today.


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​ ​ ​ Hey Cashflow Crew! We're heads down working on making Contrarian Uncon the best live event of 2021. If you haven't heard of it yet...what rock are you living under?! ​ ​Check it out. ​ ​

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Now I Know: A Great Example of Quiche Thinking

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Now I Know: The Accidental Pet Feeding Hero of 2016

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The wrong place and the wrong time View this email in your browser · Missed one? Visit the Archives "Hero" really isn't the right word here -- while this guy likely saved a lot of pets,

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Question: Who loves deeply revealing, soul-searching, uncomfortable personal explorations of weaknesses and flaws? Answer: Except for Dr. Phil, no one. Unfortunately, if you're gonna succeed, you