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September 30th, 2021
Get the results from the DZone's 2021 CI/CD survey sponsored by Sauce Labs to learn what DevOps practices are improving the application of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and release automation. Click here to learn more.

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馃棧 Today at 10am PST we'll be hosting an Ask Me Anything session featuring StackShare's Founder & CEO, Yonas Beshawred, on IndieHackers! Hop in starting at 10am and ask Yonas anything :)
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馃摚 The StackShare community is now ONE MILLION developers strong! 馃嵕  Head over to your user profile, log in, and you'll see a cool new banner that tells you what number developer you are!
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New Tools

Function Store
Serverless / Task Processing
Marketplace for Google Cloud functions to boost your web app
Web and Video Conferencing
A fast, privacy focused and open source communication app
Compute Manager
AWS Tools
Native macOS app for your AWS console
Kafka Tools
A monitoring and visualization tool for Apache Kafka
OpenVSCode Server
Cloud IDE
VS Code in the browser for everyone
Git Glance
Tools for GitHub
Quickly get an overview of your GitHub pull requests
File Storage
Secure, private, decentralized & open source cloud storage
Lightstep Incident Response helps you save time and reduce toil by automating your key process. Get complete service context and insights across the org and ensure 24/7 on-call coverage for every incident. Get 6 months free by signing up for early access.

Trending Tools

In-Browser Testing
Open-source screenshot testing framework
Tailwind Mobile
Mobile UI Components
Mobile UI components built with Tailwind CSS
Static Site Generators
Next-Gen Framework for Static Blogs, Apps
Self-Hosted Blogging / CMS
Headless CMS for Firebase
Deislabs Hippo
Platform as a Service
The WebAssembly PaaS
馃挕 Did you know that StackShare also helps dev teams save time and collaborate more efficiently by automatically mapping out your internal tech stacks (via Git integration), surfacing insights about tools/versions/vulnerabilities, and keeping everyone up to date about real-time tech stack changes occurring across the company? Learn more about our new private offering at 馃攼

Now Hiring! 

Machine Learning Engineer, Home Team
Recommender Systems 路 User Modeling 路 Image Recognition 路 San Francisco, CA
Lead Software Engineer, UX & Design System
React 路 Jest 路 Puppeteer 路 Cypress 路 UI & UX Engineering

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Tools for Firebase, AWS, Tailwind CSS, and WebAssembly

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1M Developers 🥳

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Check your profile to see what # you are! Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. StackShare 🙏 Thank You 🎊 Today we're proud to announce that you are now one of over ONE MILLION

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Contribute to the internet's 'most democra-tech awards system': Invent hilarious award titles! Hacker Noon: How Hackers Start Their Afternoons Hacker Noon: How Hackers Start Their

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An announcement from the Alpine Components Team We've decided to rename Alpine Component Patterns to just Alpine Components and integrate it with the Alpine documentation for a more seamless

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