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Testing in production? It's scary until it's not. Take control of software releases. Ship fast. Rest easy. And LaunchDarkly.
//launchdarkly sponsored

What it's like to spend 40-50 hours in VR every week
//immersed comments

Lithuania says throw away Chinese phones due to censorship concerns
//reuters comments

If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs
//tttthis comments

Nginx Playground
//jvns comments

How big tech runs tech projects and the curious absence of Scrum
//pragmaticengineer comments

Cloudflare's Disruption
//stratechery comments

Designing Low Upkeep Software
//jefftk comments

Dude, where’s my stuff
//jpmorgan comments

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination
//substack comments

Facebook Is Other People
//substack comments

#Ask HN

Where are all the old Show HNs?

How do you do estimates in 2021?

#Show HN

Simula One: an office-focused, standalone VR headset built on top of Linux //simulavr comments

Hacker News client with a twist //pabue comments

Masked email from Fastmail and 1Password //fastmail comments

IMGZ – Paid image sharing //imgz comments

I wrote a local-first notes app for Mac, with data longevity in mind //noteship comments

Data-minimal Mailchimp alternative built on top of your SQL DB //getvero comments


Making bracket pair colorization faster //visualstudio comments

Understanding Awk //earthly comments

Reactive Clojure: A web language //notion comments

Offline First //rxdb comments

Seed – A Rust front-end framework for creating fast and reliable web apps //github comments

Btop++ is a power resource monitor for Linux //github comments

Code Review from the Command Line //jez comments

Go playground powered by WASM that runs in the browser //vercel comments


PostgreSQL 14 //postgresql comments

A single person answered 76k questions about SQL on StackOverflow //stackoverflow comments

Tidy Viewer – a cross-platform CSV pretty printer for viewer enjoyment //github comments

Partitioning GitHub's databases to handle scale //github comments

Extract Table from Image //extract-table comments

SQLite Playground //sqlime comments

Xata – Database service for serverless apps //xata comments

Pgloader: A High-Speed PostgreSQL Swiss Army Knife, Written in Lisp //pgloader comments


Moiré No More //getrevue comments

Congratulations, Mini, you made the stupidest turn signals ever //jalopnik comments

Art or heist? A Danish artist took $84k and sent a museum 2 blank canvases //npr comments


A Tunguska size burst destroyed Tall el-Hammam, Bronze Age city in Jordan Valley //nature comments

The Art of Linear Algebra [pdf] //githubusercontent comments

Telling the Bees //wikipedia comments

Thermal Grill Illusion //wikipedia comments


The Mom Test – How to talk to customers //volpee comments

The Truth, by Stanisław Lem //mit comments

Book review: The Checklist Manifesto //lesswrong comments

Summarizing Books with Human Feedback //openai comments

Fake it till you make it: Review of “Index, A History of the” //lrb comments

Book Review: The Scout Mindset //substack comments


Building apps in minutes, not months //alexanderobenauer comments

Atari ST in daily use since 1985 //youtube comments

Building a Balloon Launcher for the “I Spy” Books //walterwick comments


I just don’t want to be busy anymore //medium comments

Understanding Startup Offers //withcompound comments

What does my engineering manager do all day? //medium comments

Doing a Job – The Management Philosophy of Adm. Hyman G. Rickover //govleaders comments

#Startup News

Imgur Acquired by Medialab //imgur comments

DMV approves Cruise and Waymo for commercial service in parts of Bay Area //ca comments

RescueTime – Redesigned for wellness, balance, remote work //ycombinator


Submarine cable map rendered onto a globe //globe comments

Old video game advertisements //retrocgads comments

Bomberland – An AI competition to build the best Bomberman bot //gocoder comments

/dev/esc is an online escape room for dev teams //dev-esc comments

Volkswagen Currywurst //wikipedia comments

#Cutting Room Floor

You either die an MVP or live long enough to build content moderation //mux comments

Something weird is happening on Facebook //politicalorphans comments

That time I told my wife I wanted to quit my job //keygen comments

The Open Book Project: open-hardware e-ink eBook reader //github comments

The GIL and its effects on Python multithreading //tenthousandmeters comments

Ampie – See HN or Twitter discussions mentioning the page you are on //ampie comments

Boring SEO guide for the non-lazy //boringseo comments

7GUIs in Vanilla HTML, CSS, JavaScript //bradwoods comments

How I built forlater.email, my first big side project //icyphox comments

China power crunch spreads, shutting factories and dimming growth outlook //reuters comments

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Issue #1147 — Top 20 stories of May 30, 2023 Issue #1147 — May 30, 2023 You receive this email because you are subscribed to Hacker News Digest. You can open it in the browser if you prefer. 1 Let us

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How Long Do SD Cards Last?

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Did You Know?: In 1997, Crayola released a line of crayons that cashed in on the whole Internet craze with color names like “on-line orange,” “web surfin' blue,” and “circuit board green.” Read in