The Modern PC Archetype: Use a 1970s Xerox Alto in Your Browser

Did You Know?:

Norway has won more gold medals at the Winter Olympic Games than any other country.

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October 12, 2021

Did You Know?

Norway has won more gold medals at the Winter Olympic Games than any other country.

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The Modern PC Archetype: Use a 1970s Xerox Alto in Your Browser

In 1973, Xerox introduced the Alto, a pioneering research computer that set the stage for the modern PC with use of a bitmapped graphical interface, a mouse, and local networking. Thanks to an emulator, you can simulate an Alto in your browser. But first, let’s look at why the Alto was special. Read More »

Learn Tons of Time-Saving Android Shortcuts

Ready to fly around your phone like a pro? Check out the all-new Android Shortcut Supercourse. It's a free e-course that'll teach you all sorts of efficiency-enhancing Android magic. No cost, no catch — just pure Android awesomeness.
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Canva Now Offers Free Video Creation and Editing Tools

For making great-looking images, Canva is one of the best tools on the web. Its offering is expanding, as Canva is now offering video editing tools with many robust features as its image editing tools. Read More »

How to Send Disappearing Messages in Facebook Messenger

Privacy is an important thing to consider when putting all of your conversations into a messaging app. With Facebook Messenger’s “Vanish Mode,” you can make sensitive messages disappear after the recipient has read them. It’s a nice privacy trick. Read More »

The Tile Ultra Tracker Finds Your Stuff in Augmented Reality

When it comes to Bluetooth trackers, Tile is one of the first brands most people recognize. Now, the company has announced a new tracker called the Tile Ultra that features ultra-wideband and augmented reality. Read More »

How to Add Snapchat Video Filters to Microsoft Teams

Snapchat video filters offer a fun and creative way to present yourself by using your webcam to superimpose lenses on your face. You can integrate these filters with Microsoft Teams in your next meeting. Here’s how. Read More »

Windows 11’s Windows Subsystem for Linux Gets Faster Updates

Windows 11 includes the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), just like Windows 10 did before it. But that’s the problem—whenever Microsoft adds new features to WSL, they have to wait for a big Windows operating system update to reach users. Microsoft has a preview feature to speed this up. Read More »

How-To Geek’s Best Smart Home Gifts for Holiday 2021

If someone you know is looking to upgrade their life in a tech-forward way, then now may be the best time to get them one of the best smart home gifts around and simplify their life. Read More »

Best Buy Puts PS5 Purchases Behind a Paywall

If you’ve tried to purchase a PlayStation 5, you know that it’s a struggle. Best Buy is trying to make getting a PS5 with its new yearly Totaltech membership a little easier, but it’ll cost you. Read More »

What Is Judder, and Why Do TVs Have This Problem?

Have you noticed that motion isn’t always smooth on your TV when watching movies? This phenomenon is known as judder, and it happens when the frame rate of the content you are watching doesn’t divide evenly into the refresh rate of your television. Read More »

Build Your Own PC With These Epic Amazon Deals

Need to build a new desktop PC? Amazon is slashing prices on PC components during today’s Epic Daily Deals sale. Now’s your chance to save big on 10th gen Intel Core processors, gaming motherboards, Cooler Master cases, ARGB CPU coolers, and every other component you need to build a killer computer. Read More »

Why the Google-Backed Secure Open Source Program is So Important

Supply chain attacks are skyrocketing, and open-source projects are the most common point of infiltration. The Linux Foundation, sponsored by Google, helps open-source projects protect themselves—and everyone else. Read More »

Why You Should Use Tab Groups in Your Web Browser

Tabs are a huge part of the web browsing experience. Recently, a new feature called “Tab Groups” has been adopted by nearly every major browser. If you’re not using Tab Groups, you should be. Read More »


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How to Customize Notifications for Android Apps

Unlike iPhones, Android allows apps to send notifications to your device without permission. It’s up to you to opt out or customize which notifications you get. We’ll show you how to do that. Read More »




In Which Game Did The Famed "Konami Code" Cheat First Appear?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles »
Contra »
Gradius »
Metal Gear »
How to Find a Lost iPhone

If you’ve lost or misplaced your iPhone, you’re likely full of worry, especially if it’s turned off or has a low battery. But with iOS 15, the Find My app was enhanced to locate a device even if it’s powered off. Read More »


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How to Change Your Time Zone on Windows 11

Typically, Windows 11 will automatically set your PC’s time zone based on your location information, but if you have location services turn off (or Windows is confused), you can manually set your time zone as well. Here’s how. Read More »

How to Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Safari

Starting with Safari 15, Apple’s browser now has a hidden feature that lets you copy all the web addresses (URLs) from dozens of open tabs. Here’s how you can copy links from multiple tabs at once on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Read More »

Is your Small Business Equipped to Work from Home?

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How to Change Your Amazon Account Password

Amazon makes it extremely easy to change your account password. You can do that from both the Amazon site and the mobile app. We’ll show you the steps for both these devices. Read More »


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