Create and manage your affiliate network with Sir Filiate


The Affiliate Management platform

Want to start or grow your affiliate marketing activities but don't want the extra administrative workload to track and pay your affiliates? 

Want an overview of your monthly or annual revenue generated by affiliates or just focus on the performance of individual affiliates?

Sir Filiate is the Affiliate Management tool to create, track and reward your affiliates. This leaves you time to focus on wat's most important; increasing revenue!

Key features of the Sir Filiate platform

  • Quick sign-up link for easy onboarding of new affiliates
  • Checkout independent, integrate the platform with your webshop or website
  • Automatic bulk payment files to pay all your affiliates in one go
  • Automatically generate and send credit invoices
Want to explore more about the platform features and functionalities? Book a live demo and we will show you how it works!
Book Live Demo!
Affiliate Marketing is an increasingly popular method to increase revenue and expand brand awareness without risks. The affiliate receives commission per generated order and thereby boosts their intention to stimulate as much orders as possible.
Sir Filiate offers integration options to connect your webshop with the platform, this ensures that order data is correctly transferred. Want to setup your own connection? API documentation is available to setup the connection yourselve!
How much does it cost? You can either select a fixed plan for €199 per month or select the variable plan. The variable plan charges 8% of the generated revenue by affiliates and thereby is a no cure no pay solution. Check out the plans in more detail HERE

Not satisfied? Ask for a refund within our 30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee Policy, no questions asked.
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