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As we wind down to the end of the year, many of us are grappling with some tricky questions. And no, I’m not talking about whether Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie. (It totally does).  

We’re looking ahead to 2022 and wondering: how are we going to keep putting our learner needs at the center of our onboarding experience, even when we’re working remotely? How can we build better learning experiences through storytelling, and make sure our learning processes are truly serving our teams? And are we really on top of all those core HR compliance tasks?

And at a more fundamental level, how can we become the leaders we’ve always dreamed of being?

This week, we’re turning to the crowd to find answers to these questions and many others. And speaking of power in numbers, don’t miss out on the chance to join the L&D Collective and make some new connections of your own. 

One last thing: we need your help! We’re conducting a survey into the state of L&D salaries in the United States, United Kingdom, and France, and we’d love to hear from you–anonymously, of course. Just click on the country you’re based in if you’d like to fill in the 2-minute survey.

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These 6 Companies Came Together to Create People-First Onboarding—Here’s How to Get in on The Conversation

With the Great Resignation still blazing, getting your onboarding program right is no joke. After all, one company’s offboarder is another’s onboarder. That’s why we brought our L&D Collective community together to talk about creating an onboarding experience that’s truly people-centric. From Qonto to Partoo and beyond, come and find out how the experts are doing it! 

Count me in!


Apex’s 3-Step Playbook for Creating Story-Driven Learning Content

The Frog and the Scorpion. The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The Tortoise and the Hare. These classic fables are all examples of the power of stories in learning, and this week on CLO Connect, we’re speaking with Kassie Jobgen of Apex about her 3-step playbook for using storytelling to drive better training outcomes and connect learners. 

Tell me a story


Expert Insights Volume 3: How To Become the L&D Leader You've Always Wanted to Be


If you’ve made it through 2021, you’re already doing great! But maybe there’s something you’d like to get better at, like helping your learners plan their career progression, or supporting innovation with L&D culture. In our third volume of CLO Connect expert insights, we’ve got tips from Gong, Cisco, AstraZeneca, and more on becoming the leader you’ve always wanted to be. 

What would you change?


UK L&D: Is Your Learning Process up to Scratch?

61% of UK working-age adults don’t think they have the skills they need to thrive in the next five years. That’s what makes it so critical for L&D leaders to embed learning processes that help their learners achieve greater outcomes and contribute to organizational success. Here’s everything you need to know to bring your learning process up to scratch for good.

Scratch this one off your list


3 Tips To Adjust Your Onboarding Process To Reflect A Remote Work Environment

If you’re still struggling to come to grips with remote onboarding, don’t worry–you’re not alone. A lot of companies went remote in 2021, but that doesn’t make the idea of Zoom welcome lunches any less weird. In this article, we’ve got three key tips to adjust your onboarding to reflect a remote work environment, from great pre-boarding to cross-team collaboration. 

Everyone deserves a great start


From GoCo: Your 2022 HR Compliance Calendar

In HR, you’re not just juggling questions around employee retention and engagement–you also have a long list of compliance tasks to stay on top of. If the mere mention of W-2 forms is making your head hurt, don’t worry: our friends at GoCo have got you covered with their handy 2022 compliance calendar. 

Best advent calendar ever

And that’s it from me this week! 

Take care and you'll hear from me soon 💛,


Joei from 360Learning

P.S. If you have any questions or feedback, hit reply – I read every email and will get back to you personally. 

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