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December 28, 2021

While Elon Musk is typing in "Mars" on Zillow, Mark "Aloha" Zuckerberg is scooping up more and more land in Hawaii. Zuck seems to have moved on from the metaverse and is now eyeing.... the Mauiverse (his 1,400 acres are actually on Kauai, but... pun). Already psyched for his next 4th of July vid!

We're back with 2 more of our favorite pics you sent in, starring a very happy dog named Pancho. Let's ride.

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Key Stories


The JPEG Politician

  • Republican Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters is selling NFTs to fundraise for his campaign 
  • Masters is closely linked to Peter Thiel, the venture capitalist who co-founded Paypal and was Facebook's first major investor. Masters co-authored Thiel's famed start-up guide, "Zero to One"
  • The first 99 donors who contribute the maximum $5,800 to his campaign will receive an NFT allowing access to a private chat server and live events 
  • Masters says NFTs "create or support certain communities where people share an excitement about something in particular" – the "something" here is his candidacy

Masters is competing in the Republican Senate primary in August. If he wins that, he'll take on the former astronaut Democratic Senator Mark Kelly. 

India vs. Mother Teresa

  • The Indian government is refusing to allow Mother Teresa's charity, the Missionaries of Charity, to receive foreign funding, marking a crackdown on the group
  • Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries in India in 1950. Some have accused the group, one of the world's most well-known Catholic charities, of using charity to convert Hindus to Christianity
  • The charity can work in India, however it can't access the foreign funds that pay for its work
  • This month, Indian police received a complaint that the organization was trying to convert Hindu girls. The group denied that

Critics accuse the Indian government of cracking down on NGOs and charities, particularly those that are foreign-funded. Many groups operating in India have faced similar difficulties in recent years.

CDC Cuts Isolation Period


  • The CDC cut its recommended isolation period from 10 to 5 days for many people who have tested positive but are asymptomatic
  • The CDC advises mask-wearing for the following 5 days
  • The CDC said the change reflects data showing that most transmission occurs early on in the infection period, between 2 days before symptom onset and 3 days after
  • Many businesses have called for the change as omicron's spread has forced millions of people into isolation, exacerbating labor shortages

“When you have a rapidly spreading infection that’s going to have tens of millions of Americans infected in the next couple of months, 10 days is enormously disruptive,”  Brown university epidemiologist Ashish Jha explained. "We don't think most people are contagious after 5 days." 

Prostate Cancer Screening Progress

  • A leading cancer researcher predicted that new technology will make prostate cancer screenings possible within 5 years
  • Prostate cancer is notoriously difficult to accurately detect, and 1 in 8 men are diagnosed in their lifetimes
  • Rosalind Eeles, an expert at the UK's Institute of Cancer Research, said that "advances in genetics and also imaging, particularly MRI," should make early screening possible in the next 3 to 5 years
  • Difficulties in detection mean there is no standard screening process for the disease, like there is for breast or other cancers. New tech could change that

Current screening can predict who gets the disease, but it can't distinguish between harmless and dangerous cancers. Better technology will lead to more accurate predictions and diagnoses.

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Culture & Sports 
  • BTSick: 3 of the 7 members of K-pop superstar group BTS have tested positive for Covid since returning from abroad
  • "The View" is struggling to find a permanent conservative voice to replace Meghan McCain in the wake of her August departure
  • Spidey couldn't do it all... 2021 box office revenue is expected to surpass $4.4B, a 91% increase from 2020 but a 61% drop from 2019
  • Big Tech's top dog: Alphabet (Google) proved the best-performing Big Tech stock of 2021, rising 71% and nearing a market cap of $2T
  • Thai tech company Jasmine Technology saw its stock skyrocket by 6,700% this year due to sky-high demand for bitcoin mining
  • Cancel culture: US airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights on Sunday, continuing a stretch of mass flight cancellations

  • Airbnb is "cracking down" on NYE partying in light of omicron, preventing guests without a positive review history from making 1-night bookings
  • A Virginia family now lives in Habitat for Humanity's first US 3D-printed home. The home was built in merely 12 hours
  • A large Roman fort that Emperor Caligula used to help conquer Britain in 43 AD was discovered near Amsterdam
  • A San Francisco man paid $400k to move his $2.7M house 7 blocks. The home moved at an average speed of 1 mph

Roca Wrap

Roca Pics of 2021

Day 2 of highlights from our favorite pictures you submitted for 2021. Lots of National Geographic talent in the mix here.
Marianne took this gem on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park (Montana)!
Tiffany sent us a pic of her dog Pancho looking paw-fectly happy in Colorado.

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Word scramble time again! This time... ice cream flavor edition.
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Sports: 34.3%
Movies: 65.7%

Yesterday's Question:

When, in your lifetime, has your country seemed most unified?

Overwhelmingly, you answered that the period after 9/11 was the most unified time for the US. We also received responses from non-US readers...

Anna from Seattle: "After 9/11 - I remember my parents and relatives talking about it, and we would sing songs like “God Bless the USA”"

Ian from South Africa: "Wining the 1995 rugby world cup. Nelson Mandela and François Pienaar lifting the cup."

Kai from Germany: "Winning the FIFA World Cup in 2014"

General Feedback:

Diane from Florida: " LOVE your newsletter :) keep up the great work!"

Cornelia wrote: "Love it keep up the good work!"

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Final Thoughts 

As many of you pointed out, yesterday we wrote that there were 4 newsletters remaining in 2022. That was a typo: We are not a quarterly newsletter, and there were 4 newsletters remaining in 2021. Now there are 3, and today's Roca highlight of the year comes from 1 of 3 Roca co-founders, Billy Carney.

Billy's top moment came in January, when we had our first viral Roca wrap. It was about the GameStop/Reddit trading fiasco.

"The first GameStop wrap – that was the inflection point at which we saw the potential of our voice on instagram." 

What a revelation!
Team Roca

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Written by Max Frost and Max Towey | Graphics by Billy Carney

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