NEW! Graduating from Relational to NoSQL: Better, Faster Apps from Edge to Cloud

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Graduating from Relational to NoSQL: Better, Faster Apps from Edge to Cloud»

Date Wednesday, January 12th
Time 11AM PT / 2PM ET
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Hi Professional,

Modern databases need to support rapid change, agile development, microservices and cloud deployment while scaling to millions of users. 

Couchbase is the modern database for enterprise applications. Our distributed NoSQL cloud database helps customers gain development flexibility, achieve the highest performance and availability, and deliver incredible mobile experiences – all while driving down the total cost of ownership.

  • Develop faster with SQL for JSON queries, plus built in capabilities for caching, key-value, full text search, relational and real-time analytics 
  • Deploy everywhere from edge to cloud – your apps are always on 
  • Perform optimally at scale with our memory-first architecture for millisecond responses
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