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Introducing the JavaScript Signature Pad Control in Essential JS 2

The JavaScript Signature Pad control is a graphical interface. It allows users to draw smooth signatures as vector outline strokes using variable-width Bezier curve interpolation. You can save signatures as images and vice versa. You can use your finger, pen, or mouse on deskt...


API vs Microservices - Are you using 2 terms for the same concept?

Microservices and APIs are two terms that we hear quite a lot in our careers. Especially so if you're working on web development. Who hasn't interacted or even created a REST API on their project? I bet you can throw a rock into a room filled with developers, and you'd hit som...


Getting Started with React Recoil

Docs: Docs: What caught my eyes is how easy it is to get started with Recoil. No configuration, no complicated implementation, you just wrap your app with Roo...


Why is the MERN Stack Becoming Popular? Let's See in Detail

If you are a web developer, you should have heard about the MERN stack. It is built using JavaScript and is being used a lot recently. But why so? What are its features that are different from the traditional PHP or Django frameworks? Let's see in detail....


What is the Best Programming Language for Beginners in 2022?

A job in software engineering is something that a lot of people look forward to, nowadays. In fact, it is remunerative, it lets you travel a lot, and gives you a lot of different paths and stacks to choose from. But, if you want to become a programmer, you have to learn how to...

Matteo Possamai

Song of the Siren - How Frontend Frameworks Keep Luring You into Technical Debt

It is very common these days to see frontend developer vacancies that require React, Vue.js, or Angular experience and don't even mention JavaScript. So instead of asking for in-depth knowledge of......

Marc van Neerven

Guide to Getting Started with Next.js - Create a Next.js App

In this guide, learn everything you need to know about Next.js - an extension of React.js with Node.js. Experience Next.js pages, file-system-routing, SSR, SG, pre-rendering and more through a working application!...


Replacing jQuery (110kb) With Umbrella JS (8kb)

Ben Nadel replaces jQuery - 110kb - with Umbrella JS - 8kb - a tiny, jQuery alternative with a similar API and prototype-based plugin system....

Ben Nadel

React Hook Form 7 Required Checkbox Validation Tutorial

Creating checkboxes in React is not so difficult, especially when you are using React Hook Form library. Even the checkbox validation is also simplistic with a Yup JavaScript schema builder. This guide will ensure how to include required validation in React checkboxes components....

Digamber Singh

Working with Stack Navigation in React Native with Typescript

Let's see how to create a Stack Navigator in React Native or Expo in Typescript. For quick set up I am going to use Expo. This blog is based on how I worked with Stack Navigators using Types for the first time, there might be better ways of handling types with Stack Navigation....


JavaScript numeric separators are cross-browser supported

Numeric Separators in JavaScript are cross-browser-supported....

stefan judis

Get Started with Next.js - The React Library Your Project Needs

I've composed this guide to give you a practical overview of perhaps the most important React library you will use to build 90% of your projects: Next.js. The goal of this tutorial is to get you started using Next.js as easily as possible. This is not a complete...

Temporal is like React for the backend with Shawn "Swyx" Wang (JS Party #208)

Swyx is the known for learning in public, and he joins the party to teach Ali and Nick about what he's been working on with Temporal IO, what it is, and why he's excited about it. We also talk about his role as Director of Developer Experience, including what developer experie...

JS Party

Making Your First Custom Svelte Transition

The Svelte transition API provides a first-class way to animate your components when they enter or leave the document, including custom Svelte transitions. By default, the transition directive uses CSS animations, which generally offer better performance and allow the browser'...


5 Free JavaScript Chart Libraries to Make Your Data Pop

"A picture is worth a thousand words" Charts help you to visually compare sets of data. They help people better understand and remember information. Get the experience from Google to create similar charts that Google uses. Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers ...

Abhiraj Bhowmick

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