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ISSUE 107  January 22nd 2022




Welcome to the 107th issue!

This week, I want to share with you two amazing community-driven projects that I've recently discovered:

  1. A community-driven testing course led by Diogo Nunes.
  2. Proper Android UI Testing Cookbook led by Alexey Bykov and his colleagues.

It's great to see such initiatives and I truly hope they'll help you out.

Happy testing!

Dawid Dylowicz  Permalink




2022 QA Salary Survey

How much software testers get paid all around the world? Someone started an informal survey on Reddit and there are over 100 responses already.  Permalink


Advice for the New Tester

Getting started with software testing? Maaret Pyhäjärvi shares her impressions and gives a few solid pieces of advice to new testers.

Similarly, Lisi Hocke wrote about Onboarding Struggles and Strategies including a lot of great tips about joining a new team.  Permalink


Balancing the Test Automation Pyramid

Matt Bailey describes the test pyramid concept and rightly points out why it's not a silver bullet and why it requires thoughtful cooperation within the team.

Related to that, Paul Seaman warns about The Illusion of Prevention in Testing.  Permalink


Machine Learning Testing for Beginners — All in One Guide

If you don't know anything about testing in machine learning, this guide by Grace Lau is a great starting point.  Permalink


Software Quality & Craftsmanship at ManoMano

In this interesting read, Olivier Dennemont reflects on a two-year journey of improving quality practices at his workplace. He also explains the practices they follow and demonstrates the results they brought so far.  Permalink


Testing Deep and Shallow: Coverage

Wondering what deep and shallow testing are? Michael Bolton first brilliantly defines the different kinds of coverage and then explains the difference between deep and shallow testing in the second part of the series.  Permalink




From zero (tests) to hero

Ricardo Lopes shares how he and his colleagues identified the need for automated UI tests, why they implemented a shared testing library, and how that allowed them to improve the process.  Permalink


Codeless Test Automation is Irrational

Codeless test automation solutions have their pros and cons. In this thought-provoking article, Zhimin Zhan points out some of the disadvantages.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink


Data Management in Automation Testing

Subhash Kotra gives a few valuable pieces of advice on the type of data you can use for test automation and explains how you can manage it.  Permalink


Learning JavaScript is helping me to test

JavaScript is getting more and more popular in test automation. Mike Harris shared his impressions about learning the language and points out several resources to learn from.

And once you learn it, you may want to take Matti Bar-Zeev's advice on Why practising DRY in tests is bad for you.  Permalink


Should devs write automation tests?

It's one of these questions that regularly show up. Dvir Segal presents his point of view on this matter. The answer? It depends!

On a similar note, Guillaume Camus wrote an interesting article explaining why you don’t need testers.  Permalink




Choosing the right Tools and Frameworks for Test Automation

When you choose a tool for testing, you want to do it right because any further replacement can be costly. Luckily, Julia Pottinger wrote a great guide that can help you make a decision.

Additionally, you might be interested in reading about Selecting Automation Tool with 5Ws & 1H.  Permalink


Exploring Non Functional Requirements by Finding Low Hanging Fruit

What tools would you use for testing non-functional requirements, such as performance, accessibility, usability and security? Callum Akehurst-Ryan listed out his favourite picks.  Permalink


Website to practise all complex automation scenarios like shadow DOM, iframe, etc.

I respect Sanjay Kumar for all the great things he does for the software testing community. And here's yet another example of his efforts: a website to practice automation scenarios.  Permalink




API Testing Tips

Want to learn something new about API testing? Have a look at Gil Zilberfeld's hour-long presentation that includes some great tips.  Permalink


The Future of Software Test Engineers and Codeless Tools

This is an insightful 35-minute talk by Chris Kenst being interviewed by Evgeny Kim about codeless testing tools, traits of a good test engineer, and much more.  Permalink




Senior QA... 😂



Thanks for reading!

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