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Fabric release is SOON ⏰ How one company sped up their test suite by 500%

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ISSUE 97  March 1st 2022




React Native 0.68 pre-release is out!

This version is the first to support the new Fabric architecture!  Permalink


Introducing Fabric to react-native-screens

"Today, we are publishing the first version of react-native-screens library that is compatible with Fabric. It is not only the first Fabric-compatible version of this very popular project (installed 70% as often as react-native from NPM), but the first native component library compatible with the new React Native architecture overall"  Permalink

Libraries & Tools

  Libraries & Tools  


What makes Hermes engine (React Native) fast?

If you have already heard about Hermes — it speeds up app launch, reduces app size, and many more. In this blog, we will see how Hermes achieves all of the above and some of the other interesting features it provides.  Permalink




How we made our React Native tests run 5x faster

As the team at Chime began to grow, as did their codebase. As their codebase grew, as did their CI suite. After reaching ~2 hours to run, they knew a solution was needed.  Permalink


Building animations in React Native with accessibility in mind

Something that often gets overlooked when developing animations in apps is accessibility. I get it. You start by going down the rabbit hole of building complex animations (fun!), combining those animations with gestures (less fun), then trying to link that to react-navigation (“when will this end?”) and you’ve got yourself a pretty terrifying looking PR...  Permalink


How to Create Universal Link in Expo Using Firebase Dynamic Link

A guide on creating Universal Link in Expo using Firebase Dynamic Link.  Permalink

Open Source

  Open Source  


MuhammedKpln/react-native-chatty: 💬 Full-featured high performance chat UI for React Native

intergalacticspacehighway/react-native-reanimated-zoom: Component for zooming react native views. 🔎

tomekzaw/react-native-turbo-battery: React Native TurboModule for reading battery level.

arshigtx/react-native-custom-switch: A fully customizable switch component for react native.


Latest Jobs

  Latest Jobs  


React / React Native Developer @ Lumin

Come and write code that makes a meaningful impact on people's lives

Role Type: Full time or contract

Capability: Highly proficient and experienced

Duration: Permanent (or min 3 months for contractors)

Location: We’re Melbourne, AU based, but operate a fully remote team.  Permalink




Glassmorphism in React Native

Glassmorphism is done using a a backdrop blur and can be used to create beautiful interfaces. Let William show you how its done in React Native.  Permalink


React Native highlights: Hermes and Re.Pack

Bringing Hermes to iOS was a game changer for React Native apps. And so was releasing Re.Pack! Watch the video to check what Aleksandra and Łukasz have to say about these two highlights of 2021.  Permalink

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