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“When everything hurries everywhere, nothing goes anywhere.” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sign and Its Children​

Elisa’s Thought for the Week

I saw a comment a few weeks ago, and it has gnawed at the grey cells in my brain since.

I don’t want to give the person more airtime than they deserve by sharing it directly.

The comment essentially said you can become successful at something without knowing anything about it.

And I'm still pondering it over.

Mostly trying to decide if I wish I had the savvy and hustle to get away with this … or if I'm someone who loves knowledge and understanding so much that I can't really respect the notion.

Where do you fall? What do you think of becoming successful without knowing anything?"

This isn't about becoming successful by sharing while you are learning, I'm a big fan of this! 

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Weekly Writing Tip …

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“Always ask yourself: ‘What will happen if I say nothing?’” ― Kamand Kojouri

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