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Super-fast backend development is here

Two new product launches have arrived to speed up backend development.Yesterday, Sourcery debuted its tool that essentially works as a Grammarly for code tool. In other words, it analyzes your code,
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Two innovative alternatives to Duolingo

Learning a new language is difficult.To make it easier, the makers of Fluent launched a new iteration of their learn-a-language Chrome extension yesterday.“We want Fluent to be the best teacher, ever…
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Is this Zapier for people?

Who doesn't love the feeling of checking something off of their to-do list? Sadly, managing that list is just another thing to do.Routine is one of the latest launches to tackle list burden by
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RIP Craigslist

Millennials to boomers have something to bond over — a Craiglist memory? While Craiglist's retro simplicity may appeal to diehard fans, secondhand sellers have been flocking to newer tech.Yesterday
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A Clubhouse competitor you haven’t heard of

Clubhouse is trying to make a getaway from a growing list of big competitors.We recently talked about how Twitter, Slack, and LinkedIn are all working on audio features. Then yesterday, news broke that
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The VR company that’s back from bankruptcy

Sandbox VR has emerged from the rubble.The VR experience company first launched onto Product Hunt three years ago, and then in 2020 with Sandbox VR 2.0 featuring a new Star Trek experience and location
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Bots coming in hot

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is having a moment.RPA is a somewhat new term to describe using intelligent technology (ie bots) to emulate human interactions and automate business processes. RPA isn
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Zapier on steroids?

Last week the makers of Paragon, a low-code visual builder for API workflows which launched last year, introduced Paragon Connect. The new Connect SDK allows developers to embed user-facing business
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One of these chat apps is just the right fit

Dating and chat apps are always on-trend.Recently we've noticed makers are expanding our virtual options to meet the needs of different personalities, interests, and goals.Hyper Online hits the
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We didn't see this pivot coming.

Today's Daily Digest was crafted by us and sponsored by our friends at JotForm.JotForm has been in the form game for fifteen years now. What started as a WYSIWYG form builder, turned into a
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7 consumer products backed by a16z’s TxO

Last June, Andreessen Horowitz introduced an accelerator program called the Talent x Opportunity Initiative (TxO) to serve consumer startups built on top of cultural tailwinds.We caught up with Nait
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This month we found out that Robinhood and eToro are on paths to IPO. Both trading platforms have been helping to lead the democratization of stock and cryptocurrency trading, thanks in part to
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Black hole or rocket ship?

Last week, a new launch was the talk of tech-Twitter: Bitclout.Bitclout is a decentralized social network built on blockchain. The concept seems noble: an open-sourced platform that rewards creators,
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Slack vs. themselves vs. Clubhouse

It's been a buzzy week for Slack.On Wednesday, the company dropped Slack Connect Direct Messages, giving anyone the ability to DM anybody else on Slack, outside of company borders.Engineer Manager
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Keep this private

Your personal data, that is. It's precious.Despite the implementation of GDPR in 2018 and new US privacy regulations since, Pew Research from 2019 shows 81% of Americans feel they have very little/
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From SaaS startup to Unicorn

It's that time of the year again for many. No, not tax season, the other one: performance reviews.Five years ago, maker Jack Altman introduced Lattice to our community after a few months of beta
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Banking for Gen Z

Need a breather from NFTs? Let's talk about the newest capital of FinTech — Latin America.The financial landscape has been heating up in Latin America over the last several years with 1166 fintech
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10 design tools to make life easy

Some people have such a great blend of right and left brain that they made themselves a career in graphic design. The rest of us have Canva.Even so, our mockups and landing pages often need a touch
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Google vs. TikTok

Everyone wants to get their hands on the magic behind TikTok. Even Google.Facebook, Instagram, and Snap have long been in this race, meanwhile YouTube has been playing catch-up. They launched their own
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Notion + Roam Research = ?

We've been known to do the loco-Notion.Today we're staying calm with Zenkit's launch of Hypernotes which hit #1 of Product of the Day last week.Zenkit first launched onto Product Hunt in