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✏ Art Direction With CSS Container Queries, Exciting New Tools, CSS Hell, and more…

Case Study: How Headspace Designs for Mindfulness RAW.STUDIO COMMENTS Component-level Art Direction with CSS Container Queries SARASOUEIDAN.COM COMMENTS CSS Hell - To Hell with Bad CSS! CSSHELL.DEV
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✏ Build A Whac-A-Mole Game, React useRef Hook, Debugging Vertical Layouts, and more...

Debugging Vertical Layouts in 2021 CHENHUIJING.COM COMMENTS 10 Common Graphic Design Interview Questions (& How to Answer Them) DRIBBBLE.COM COMMENTS Reacts UseRef Hook: What it is and How to Use
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✏ A to Z of Figma, Crossbar Platform, 3D Prototyping Tools for 2D Designers, and more...

3D Prototyping Tools for 2D Designers UXDESIGN.CC COMMENTS A to Z of Figma: Tips & Tricks! WEBDESIGN.TUTSPLUS.COM COMMENTS How to Organize Product-Related Assets and Collaborate Better
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✏ Is CSS a Programming Language? YouTube By The Numbers, Programmer Humor, and more...

ProgrammerHumor - Humor Only Programmers Can Understand PROGRAMMERHUMOR.IO COMMENTS Infographic: YouTube by the Numbers WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Is CSS a Programming Language? CSS-TRICKS.COM
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✏ Microsoft’s New Font, Measuring Web Performance, Startup Deck Resources, and more...

Customizing Tailwind CSS ALLROUND.IO COMMENTS Create Beautiful WordPress Pages with Optimized Images Using Elementor and ImageEngine WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Startup Deck - 290+ Curated Tools
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✏ Bootstrap 5 Released, Is Vendor Prefixing Dead? React vs React Native, and more...

How to Power Through Designer Apathy WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Is Vendor Prefixing Dead? CSS-TRICKS.COM COMMENTS Bootstrap 5 Released BLOG.GETBOOTSTRAP.COM COMMENTS React Vs React Native:
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✏ Web Components at GitHub, Tridimensionality, How Pixar Uses Hyper-Colors, and more…

We Use Web Components at GitHub GITHUB.BLOG COMMENTS Back Git up - Disaster Recovery for your Code on Github and Bitbucket BACKGITUP.COM COMMENTS Tridimensionality: Skeuomorphism, Flat Design, and
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✏ Star Wars and Web Design, 3 Essential Design Trends, Design Systems, and more…

Star Wars, Storytelling, and Website Design MEDIATEMPLE.NET COMMENTS 3 Essential Design Trends, May 2021 WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Why I Build Design Systems with Stitches and Radix PED.RO COMMENTS
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✏ Dark Mode with Style Dictionary, The Jamstack Evolution, Sprint UI, and more...

8 Stunning Examples of CSS & JavaScript 3D Text Effects SPECKYBOY.COM COMMENTS The Evolution of Jamstack SMASHINGMAGAZINE.COM COMMENTS Sprint UI - First-ever Design System Generator SPRINTUI.COM
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✏ Build a WP Site in 24 Hours, Cumulative Layout Shift, October CMS is Dead, and more...

10 Interesting Facts to Know About any Website HONGKIAT.COM COMMENTS Website Optimization Best Practices for 2021 BUSINESS2COMMUNITY.COM COMMENTS How to Build a WordPress Site in 24 Hours
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✏ May Is In The Air, Who Designed That Font? How to Hire a Website Designer, and more...

Quiz: Who Designed that Font? WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS You Can Label a JavaScript `if` Statement CSS-TRICKS.COM COMMENTS How to Hire a Website Designer QUICKSPROUT.COM COMMENTS May is in the Air (
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✏ The Humble img Element, Sustainable Web Design, Upnread React CMS, and more...

Poll: Is Basecamp Right to Shutdown Politics at Work? WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Upnread - CMS to Build Custom Blogs and Integrate it on your React App UPNREAD.COM COMMENTS Sustainable Web Design: 4
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✏ 10 Landing Pages Elements, Design is Free, How To Start On Design Systems, and more...

10 Elements of Landing Pages that Convert WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Design is Free UXDESIGN.CC COMMENTS Glitch Instant Sites - Make a Live, Full-stack or Static Website in Under a Minute GLITCH.COM
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✏ MS Changing The Default Office Font, Custom CSS Properties, Design A Human Face, and more…

Microsoft is Changing the Default Office Font and Wants your Help to Pick a New One THEVERGE.COM COMMENTS A Complete Guide to Custom Properties CSS-TRICKS.COM COMMENTS Reasons not to Become a Product
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✏ Designing Product Search, Testing Fonts For Accessibility, This Is Tech, and more…

CSS Tips MARKODENIC.COM COMMENTS Testing Fonts for Accessibility UXDESIGN.CC COMMENTS Dive into the Scroll Hole with April's Double Click! ITSNICETHAT.COM COMMENTS This is Tech (30 Illustrations)
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✏ 20 Best New Websites, CSS Custom Properties, Glassmorphism Effects Examples, and more...

20 Best New Websites, April 2021 WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS How to Bake Layers of Accessibility Testing into your Process SMASHINGMAGAZINE.COM COMMENTS 8 Stunning Examples of CSS Glassmorphism
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✏ Is Programming Hard? Best Sans Serif Fonts, Stratum Wireframe Kit for FigJam, and more...

Using New Gatsby Source WordPress Plugin CSS-TRICKS.COM COMMENTS QuickSnippets - Discover Programming Tips from Twitter QUICKSNIPPETS.DEV COMMENTS Is Programming Hard? It Depends OKOSSA.COM COMMENTS
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✏ Which CSS Snippet Is The Fastest? Create a Press Kit, Color Palette Tools, and more...

Noise in Creative Coding VARUN.CA COMMENTS Quiz: Which CSS Snippet is the Fastest? WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS The Ultimate List of Color Palette Tools for Web and UI Designers DESIGNXPLORER.CO
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✏ User Experience Testing, Earth Day Illustrations, Web Design Done Well, and more...

3 Effective Ways to Improve your Site's Carbon Footprint WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Web Design Done Well: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary SMASHINGMAGAZINE.COM COMMENTS Beginners Guide to User
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✏ Designing Indeed's Custom Typeface, 22 Free Strong Fonts, Introducing FigJam, and more...

Introducing FigJam FIGMA.COM COMMENTS Designing a Custom Typeface that Works for Indeed MEDIUM.COM COMMENTS How to Build a Website Using WordPress and Gatsby (In 4 Steps) TORQUEMAG.IO COMMENTS 22 Free