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✏ Text In A Circle With CSS & JS, Everybody Hates FLoC, WeTransfer’s Foundation, and more…

Take my Money: UX Practices on Product Page Design BLOG.TUBIKSTUDIO.COM COMMENTS Best Ways to Evaluate your Design for Color Contrast UXPIN.COM COMMENTS Everybody Hates “FLoC” ARSTECHNICA.COM COMMENTS
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✏ WordPress Proposes Blocking FLoC, Exciting New Tools, Designing a Personal Logo, and more…

WordPress Proposes Blocking FLoC by Default SEARCHENGINELAND.COM COMMENTS 5 Steps to Designing a Personal Logo (that You Don't Hate) DRIBBBLE.COM COMMENTS Uiwtf UIW.TF COMMENTS 25 Exciting New
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✏ Adobe XD Tips & Tricks, JavaScript Generator Functions, Cards for Humanity, and more...

JavaScript Generator Functions Made Simple BLOG.ALEXDEVERO.COM COMMENTS An In-Depth Guide to Measuring Core Web Vitals SMASHINGMAGAZINE.COM COMMENTS A to Z of Adobe XD: Tips & Tricks WEBDESIGN.
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✏ Landing Page Checklist, 30 Websites with 3D Graphics, Better Live Logo Design, and more...

Be: A massive library of 600+ pre-built websites [ad] THEMES.MUFFINGROUP.COM DevSkiller it Skills Report 2021: Demand and Hiring Trends DEVSKILLER.COM COMMENTS 5 Reasons You are Building Poor Quality
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✏ Nobody is joining Google's FLoC and more...

Nobody is Joining Google's FLoC THEVERGE.COM COMMENTS Wix Vs WordPress: 3rd Round Knockout WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS A Beginner's Guide to the Latest Bootstrap 5 Utilities DESIGNMODO.COM
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✏ 30 Experimental WebGL Sites, How to Install WP, Bootstrap Tables Guide, and more...

30 Experimental WebGL Websites AWWWARDS.COM COMMENTS How to Install WordPress STRICTTHEMES.COM COMMENTS Creating an Editable Textarea that Supports Syntax-Highlighted Code CSS-TRICKS.COM COMMENTS
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✏ The Healing Power of JS, Scaling WordPress, Next Month’s Google Shakeup, and more…

The Healing Power of JavaScript WIRED.COM COMMENTS Say Anything? Behind the Scenes of Suggested Responses MEDIUM.COM COMMENTS Creating a High-quality Travel Guide in Affinity Publisher
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✏ Building a Govt COVID-19 Site, Wave SaaS Starter Kit, Swipey Image Grids, and more...

Wave 2.0 - SaaS Starter Kit DEVDOJO.COM COMMENTS CSS Pie Timer Revisited KITTYGIRAUDEL.COM COMMENTS Critical Info: The Story Behind Building a Government COVID-19 Website SPECKYBOY.COM COMMENTS
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✏ Typography Tips and Best Practices, 6 Shopify WD Tips, Breaking Down Silos, and more...

Fire Hunt - Discover Product Launches from all Over the Web FIREHUNT.PAGES.DEV COMMENTS Design Trend: We're Still in Love with Gradients (And They Keep Evolving) DESIGNSHACK.NET COMMENTS 6 Shopify
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✏ Should You Fire Good Clients? Frontend Toolkit Dashboard, Font Psychology, and more...

Frontend Toolkit - Dashboard for your Recurring Frontend Tasks FETOOLKIT.IO COMMENTS Font Psychology: Here's Everything You Need to Know About Fonts DESIGNMODO.COM COMMENTS Poll: Should You Fire
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✏ Designing SaaS Products, 20 Common WD Mistakes, Current State of Mobile UX, and more...

15 Best CSS Auditing Tools for Developers LINE25.COM COMMENTS How to Set up a Business in 8 Simple Steps (2021 Update) BUSINESS.TUTSPLUS.COM COMMENTS The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls)
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✏ Wix and Their Dirty Tricks, UX Design Challenges, Retro-inspired Logo Designs, and more...

7 Skills You Need to Thrive as a Web Designer in 2021 WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Wix and their Dirty Tricks MA.TT COMMENTS Your Favorite Logo Designs Get a Retro-inspired Makeover DRIBBBLE.COM
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✏ Dark Patterns Explained, 10 Best Design Podcasts, Improving Sticky Headers, and more…

10 Best Design Podcasts in 2021 MARKETTAP.COM COMMENTS NFTs Weren't Supposed to End like this THEATLANTIC.COM COMMENTS Dark Patterns, the Tricks Websites Use to Make You Say Yes, Explained VOX.COM
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✏ Top Design Skills 2021, Stop Asking for Feedback, Building a Design System, and more…

Guide to Building a UI Design System UXPIN.COM COMMENTS Top 14 Skills Every Web Designer Needs to Be Successful in 2021 DRIBBBLE.COM COMMENTS Embrace Imperfection to Design with Character GREGJEANNEAU.
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✏ 3 Essential Design Trends, JS Constructor Functions, The Sans Selection, and more...

Chrome Theme Studio - Easily Create a Theme for Most Chromium-based Browsers CHROMETHEME.STUDIO COMMENTS 6 Most Common Web Security Vulnerabilities (And How to Tackle Them) SECUREBLITZ.COM COMMENTS The
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✏ Sensory Design Principles, ProApp Learn Design, Overlay Fact Sheet, and more...

The Era of Cookie-Cutter Web Design is Ending BUILTIN.COM COMMENTS ProApp Learn Design: Learn Over 50 Design Disciplines in a Bite-sized Way JOETECHREVIEWS.COM COMMENTS The Principles of Sensory Design
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✏ I Am Not A Robot, Guarding Against Disposable Design, Bloo Lofi Wireframe Kit, and more...

Guarding Against Disposable Design SMASHINGMAGAZINE.COM COMMENTS 14 Inspiring Examples of Interactive Maps in Web Design QODEINTERACTIVE.COM COMMENTS Bloo Lo-fi Wireframe Kit - Open Source Wireframe
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✏ Future Proofing CSS Styles, Design Trend Anatomy, Fixing a Slow Site, and more...

Developing for Imperfect: Future Proofing CSS Styles MODERNCSS.DEV COMMENTS The Anatomy of a Design Trend UXDESIGN.CC COMMENTS 3D Characters & Illustrations Set JOETECHREVIEWS.COM COMMENTS Fixing a
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✏ April's Small Joys, Key and Surface Tracking in Chrome, A Magical 3D Button, and more…

Key and Surface Tracking Comes to Chrome WEBDESIGNERDEPOT.COM COMMENTS Nailing that Cool Dissolve Transition CSS-TRICKS.COM COMMENTS The Small Joys of April (2021 Wallpapers Edition) SMASHINGMAGAZINE.
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✏ Font Size is Useless, Dark Mode in 5 Minutes, Overusing Accent Colors, and more…

Short on Time? Try a Self-Paced UX/UI Course for Free Now [ad] UXCEL.COM Overusing Accent Colors Lowers User Efficiency on Interfaces UXMOVEMENT.COM COMMENTS Font Size is Useless; Let's Fix it