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6 Ways to Tell You’re About to Move Into a Bad Neighborhood

Why the Fed's Rate Pause Is Good News for Savers. Buying or renting a home isn't just about the property—it's moving your life into a specific place. Not displaying correctly? View this
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Update Google Chrome ASAP ⚠️

Did Disney 'Cancel' Tinker Bell? Google has released a few updates to Chrome that patch three zero-day vulnerabilities. It's important to update as soon as possible. Not displaying
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'Spaving' Is Not a Smart Financial Hack

Slack Is Using Your Private Conversations to Train Its AI. Don't be fooled by the "spaving" trend — it's an overspending trap. Not displaying correctly? View this newsletter online.
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The Best and Worst Times to Drive Memorial Day Weekend, According to AAA

The Easiest Way to Liven Up Your Cold Brew. Experts predict the number of holiday travelers in 2024 will near a 20-year record. Not displaying correctly? View this newsletter online. TODAY'S
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How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

These Jobs Still Offer a Pension. What is the benchmark for a human being just trying to squeeze enough healthy exercise into their life? Let's break it down. Not displaying correctly? View this
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11 of the Best Methods for Decluttering Your Home

30 of the Horniest Erotic Thrillers Ever Made. There are many effective methods you can use to declutter—you should choose the right one for you and your home. Not displaying correctly? View this
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The Difference Between a Credit Freeze and Credit Lock

How to Remove AI From Google Search. Here's what to know about the step-by-step process, costs, and key considerations to help you make an informed decision and keep your credit secure. Not
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8 Subtle Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen

All the New Gemini Features Announced at Google I/O. Identity theft is a costly nightmare—and it may have already happened to you, because the signs are frequently subtle. Not displaying correctly?
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Our Favorite Meals for When You Need to Save Money

How to Get 60 Free Kids' Books From Dolly Parton. It's getting harder to deal with the grocery prices. If you're wondering how to keep meals interesting without breaking the bank, try these
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8 Obscure Home Upgrades You Didn't Know You Needed

What's 'BBL Drizzy'? The benefits of most home upgrades are obvious and widely known, but these eight small but mighty changes are usually overlooked. Not displaying correctly? View this
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How to Create a Portable PC on a USB Drive

TikTok's 'Seed Snailing' Trend Isn't a Gardening Hack. Yes, you can run your very own computer system on a USB drive. Not displaying correctly? View this newsletter online. TODAY'S
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Use the ‘Organizational Triangle’ to Keep Your House Neater

No, We Aren't All Eating “Too Much” Protein. Decluttering and organizing isn't a one-time thing. Follow these three rules to declutter your space — and keep it decluttered. Not displaying
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Everything We Know About Prime Day 2024 (So Far)

Best TV Channels You Can Stream for Free. When Prime Day 2024 will take place, and what deals you can expect. Not displaying correctly? View this newsletter online. TODAY'S FEATURED STORY
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How to Block Companies From Tracking You Online

The Best (and Safest) Way to Slice a Bagel. Services like TikTok and Facebook can track you even if you don't have an account with them. Here's how to see what they're up to. Not displaying
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How to Tell If Someone Is Stealing Your Utilities

Don't Fall for This Stolen iPhone Scam. Power, water, and internet are valuable—that's why we pay for them. And that's why someone might try to steal yours. Here's how to spot utilities
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The Only Two Times You Can Effectively Multitask

Are Trump Fans Really Wearing Diapers? Multitasking decreases the quality of your output. However, if you feel you have no choice, these are the best times to try to make it work. Not displaying
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This Android Malware Can Take Over Legitimate Apps 🚨

Use the 'Five-second Rule' to Declutter Faster. Microsoft has discovered a major Android vulnerability that allows bad actors to take over legitimate apps with malware. Not displaying correctly
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6 Ways to Give Away Less of Your Personal Data

Use This App to Block Ads on Windows 11. Data mining is how companies know things about you so they can serve you targeted ads and otherwise infiltrate your life. You can't stop them, but you Not
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You Should Grow a Pizza Garden This Summer 🍕🪴

23 of the Best Non-Porn Movies Rated NC-17. Few things in life are as satisfying as eating a meal full of vegetables you grew yourself. Not displaying correctly? View this newsletter online.
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How to Trace Your Ancestry Without Paying Too Much

When You Should Get Pre-Approved for a Loan. You can learn plenty about your family tree, if you're willing to do the work. Not displaying correctly? View this newsletter online. TODAY'S