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Google's AR glasses 👓, Amazon's high tech clothing store 👗, Neuralink clinical trials 🧠

Google is developing a new augmented reality headset that it plans to ship sometime in 2024. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-21 More Cloud for Less Money (Sponsor) Now with 22 global locations and better
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$3B anti-aging startup 🧑‍⚕️, kids DDOS schools 💻, dealing with burnout 😫

Altos Labs is a biotech company that is developing technology that could revitalize cells and reverse disease, ultimately prolonging human life. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-20 Compliance Doesn't Have
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Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard 🎮, Samsung's mobile chip 📱, why consulting is great 🥳

Microsoft is acquiring Activision Blizzard in a deal valued at $68.7 billion. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-19 Loom Is Async Video For Work (Sponsor) Instead of spending your day in back-to-back meetings,
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Linux smartphone 📱, quantum batteries 🔋, downsides of FAANG jobs 👨‍💻

Pine64 is now taking preorders for the PinePhone Pro, the fastest mainline Linux smartphone on the market. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-18 How Verizon connects the world with full observability from Pixie
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Walmart's cryptocurrency 🪙, volcano visible from space 🌋, Figma for developers 🎨

Walmart plans to create its own cryptocurrency and NFTs as it enters the metaverse. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-17 Infrastructure as Code: Free Video Series (Sponsor) Learn the fundamentals of leading
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Android 13 leaks 📱, flying car footage 🚗, Second Life founder returns 👋

Android 13's first developer previews won't be out until at least March, but several sources have already begun leaking its new features. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-14 Teleport's 2022
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Locket tops app store 📈, Apple patents smart prescriptions  👓, making better CSS gradients 🌈

Locket is an app that turns Apple's widget system into a private social networking platform. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-12 Compliance Doesn't Have to be Complicated (Sponsor) “But are you SOC 2
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Microsoft Walkie Talkie 📻, China's artificial moon 🌙, tips for launching apps 🚀

Walkie-Talkie, a feature that lets Microsoft Teams users turn their mobile and tablet devices into a walkie-talkie, is now available for all users. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-13 If you would like to
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Signal CEO resigns 👋, Tesla's "Assertive Mode" 🚗, the Great Resignation for developers 💻

Moxie Marlinspike is stepping down as CEO of Signal, leaving executive chairman Brian Acton to serve as acting CEO until a replacement is found. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-11 Overpaying for Big Tech
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Google radar 📡, humanoid robots 🤖,  Asian unicorns 🦄

Google has launched an open-source API standard called Ripple. Ripple brings Google's Project Soli radar technology to devices outside of Google. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-10 Find security problems
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Samsung's Metaverse popup  🏪, ants heal trees 🐜, how JPEGs work 🖼️

Samsung 837X is an immersive metaverse experience that will be open in Decentraland for a limited time. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-07 [Webinar] Dissecting the Log4j Vulnerability: Future-Proof Your
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Google's integrated ecosystem 📱, hydrogen airships ✈️, quitting Amazon 👋

Google has announced plans to rival Apple's ecosystem integration at CES 2022. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-06 De-identifying Analytics Data with Skyflow (Sponsor) Sensitive data often finds its way
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Apple-Windows integration 📱, liquid robots 🤖, how to mentor developers 👨‍💻

Intel's next-generation Evo PCs may have iPhone and Apple Watch integration with iMessage support. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-05 What's your favorite programming language? (Sponsor) Take the
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Apple worth $3 trillion 📈, China's artificial sun ☀️, Theranos CEO found guilty ‍⚖️

Apple hit a market cap of $3 trillion during intraday trading on Monday. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-04 Does managing engineering feel like flying blind? (Sponsor) Leading a growing engineering
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Apple's new monitor 🖥️, developer salaries 📈, how to get a web3 job ⚡

Apple may be preparing to launch a new external display this year. TLDR Daily Update 2022-01-03 Eager to leave Big Tech behind? Try Vultr for Free! (Sponsor) With 19 global locations and better price-
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Samsung Galaxy S22 leaks 📱, developing a cryptocurrency 🪙 , lifetime COVID vaccine 💉

A newly leaked official render of Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra shows a device that is pretty much a Note in every way except for its name. TLDR Daily Update 2021-12-31 Free Log4j Cloud Threat Hunting
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Waymo's autonomous EV design 🚗, Rivian's pickup truck 🛻, 77 species found in Antarctica 🇦🇶

Waymo is collaborating with Geely, a Chinese automotive company, to create an EV for its US ride-hailing service. TLDR Daily Update 2021-12-30 Log4j still keeping you up at night? (Sponsor) If you are
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Apple's bonuses 💰, Oculus tops app store 📈, finding non-remote jobs 🏡💻

The employee poaching war between Apple and Meta is heating up, with Apple now offering top engineering talents stock bonuses worth up to $180000 TLDR Daily Update 2021-12-29 Know for certain if your
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TLDR's crypto newsletter 🪙, LG transparent displays 🖥️, China's metaverse 🌎

LG Display has unveiled several new concepts that will be on display at CES 2022. TLDR Daily Update 2021-12-28 Looking to get a handle on Log4j ASAP? (Sponsor) We're here to help with our free 14-
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Android 13 leaks 📱, AWS Q&A community 💻, financial independence for developers 💰

A source with access to a very early Android 13 build has shared screenshots showing several upcoming features and changes. TLDR Daily Update 2021-12-27 Free Cloud Threat Hunting Assessment (Sponsor)