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Services, v8.80, PEST and Free Resources

Hey hey, As every Thursday, I have a bunch of resources for you to read, 30+ links are waiting for you. Happy reading! From my Youtube Channel New in Laravel 8.80: Route::controller() with Groups www.
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Laravel Tips, Vue, Inertia and 40+ Links

Hey hey, Wow, what a start to 2022, the Laravel community is SO active with new tutorials, tips, tools, and releases! Enjoy this week's newsletter issue. From my Youtube Channel 45 New Laravel Tips
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LaraQuiz, Livewire, PEST and Best of 2021

Hey hey, The first newsletter of 2022, Happy New Year! Right before New Year, I've made an experiment to sell my script LaraQuiz via Gumroad. And the experience of selling on that platform was a
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Code Generators, TDD, Seeds, Livewire, and More

Hey hey, The last newsletter issue of 2021, not sure if you have time to read it, but I have time to send it, so... :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From my Youtube Channel Laravel Orion: Build
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New Accessors/Mutators and 13 Livewire Components

Hey hey, Pre-Christmas newsletter issue, not sure if you find time to read it, but I'm still gonna send it :) Enjoy! From my Youtube Channel New in Laravel 8.77: One Method for Accessors and
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My new Laravel Refactoring course is out!

Hey hey, I've reached my goal of 12 courses in 12 months of 2021 with the new release: 10+ Laravel Refactoring Examples. I also have a deal for you, watch the video below! Also, as usual, the
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Eloquent Upsert, Livewire and Many Tutorials

Hey hey, As every Thursday, Laravel newsletter is in your inbox. On Twitter, I announced my new upcoming December course, and while I'm working on it, you enjoy these links to read/watch! From my
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Eloquent Practice, PHP 8.1 and Livewire Calendar

Hey hey, As on every Thursday, you have a new issue of this weekly Laravel newsletter. Enjoy! From my Youtube Channel GraphQL with Laravel Lighthouse: First Example This is another free
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GraphQL Course and Black Friday Deals

Hey hey, This week I launched another new course: GraphQL in Laravel, watch the first free video below. Also, you can use my Black Friday deal to get all the courses with 30% OFF. Now, enjoy this
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7 Starter Kits, Filament Admin and Eloquent Quiz

Hey hey, Another usual Thursday newsletter in your inbox, enjoy reading and watching! From my Youtube Channel Larastarters v1.0: Choose From 7 Design Themes Following up on the v0.1
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My First Ever Laravel PR Merged! (and 30+ Laravel Tips)

Hey hey, Thursday is a Laravel newsletter day, and this week is important for me because I became an official Laravel contributor, see video below. And, as usual, there's a lot of tips and
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Livewire Datatable, Auth Test and Eloquent Relations

Hey hey, Another week, and another Laravel newsletter, with a lot of tips and tricks. Enjoy! From my Youtube Channel Livewire PowerGrid: Quick Datatable Package [REVIEW] This package
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NEW Eloquent Performance Course and LaraStarters Package

Hey hey, This week is a "launch week" for me: two new products - a course, and a package, see all details below. Also, a ton of useful info from the community, so enjoy! From my Youtube
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37 Laravel Tips, Github Actions and New Challenge

Hey hey, A usual Thursday and Laravel Daily newsletter is here for you. I apologize for last week's incident where the links were not working for a while, it was an issue with Mailchimp, I couldn
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Soft Deletes, API Docs and MANY Quick Tips

Hey hey, Recently I became much more active on Twitter, specifically retweeting tips from other community members. So, in this newsletter, I decided to include those, as a separate section. Please
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Vue 3 CRUD, Many Packages and Code Reviews

Hello hello, As every Thursday, another newsletter from me. For more tips, I want to remind you to follow me on Twitter, as recently I started retweeting more of the other active developers with their
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New Flutter + Laravel Course, Large Projects and 30+ Laravel Tips

Hey hey, Very exciting issue of the newsletter this week. I've finally launched my new Flutter course, and I'm also back to blogging with a huge 3000+ words article! All of that, and more - see
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Faster Eloquent, API Resources and 30+ Tips

Hey hey, It's Thursday again, a LaravelDaily newsletter day, enjoy the watching and reading! From my Youtube Channel Laravel Junior Code Review: 12 Tips on Everything After quite a
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Laravel News, Breeze+Jetstream and Many Articles

Hey hey, While I'm busy with the upcoming Flutter + Laravel API course, I still find time to prepare a weekly newsletter for you. Enjoy! From my Youtube Channel Shorter WhereHas: From PHP 7.4 or
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Form Requests, Routes Cleanup and PHP OOP

Hey hey, As usual, it's Thursday, and time for some reading/watching about Laravel and related topics. A lot of links in this newsletter, so let's dive in! Also, one more FREE lesson from my