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Laravel News, Breeze+Jetstream and Many Articles

Hey hey, While I'm busy with the upcoming Flutter + Laravel API course, I still find time to prepare a weekly newsletter for you. Enjoy! From my Youtube Channel Shorter WhereHas: From PHP 7.4 or
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Form Requests, Routes Cleanup and PHP OOP

Hey hey, As usual, it's Thursday, and time for some reading/watching about Laravel and related topics. A lot of links in this newsletter, so let's dive in! Also, one more FREE lesson from my
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SOLID and DRY Laravel with Examples

Hey hey, Finally, my new 20th course is officially launched, you will find the details in the video below. And, as usual, a lot from the Laravel community, enjoy! From my Youtube Channel SOLID
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DRY Code, API/Web Validation and Many-to-Many Challenge

Hey hey, As every Thursday, the Laravel newsletter is in your inbox, enjoy the videos, challenges and articles from this week! From my Youtube Channel Survey Results: State of Laravel 2021
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152 Laravel Tips and 20+ Tutorials

Hey, As every Thursday, here's the new issue of my newsletter. As I'm working on two new courses simultaneously (Flutter and SOLID Laravel), I don't have much time to write long intros, so
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Eloquent Performance, API Changes and Big Excel Files

Hey hey, As usual, a lot of Laravel tips in this newsletter, so let's just go with them :) From my Youtube Channel Two Things Laravel Services Should NOT Do Another video that
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API Challenge, Interfaces and Action/Service Classes

Hey, Usual Thursday with a lot of things to read/watch around Laravel, so without any intro, let's dive in! From my Youtube Channel Laravel Contracts and PHP Interfaces: Explained with Two Examples
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Mid-Level Laravel Roadmap, Challenge and 30+ Articles

Hey hey, Wow, this newsletter is so packed with stuff, I don't really know how you find the time to read/watch all the interesting things. So, without any intro, let's dive in! From my Youtube
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Discounts, Laravel Quiz and Learning Roadmap Path

Hello hello, Another Thursday, and along with a weekly newsletter, another new mini-project from me! Also, started preparing the material for a new course, and collected 400+ examples on my Laravel
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Eloquent Relations, Creating API and Livewire VS Vue

Hey, Thursday means a Laravel newsletter, right? This time, without any intros - let's just dive in. From my Youtube Channel Laravel Eloquent: Deeper Relationships with One Query If
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Laravel 9, Spatie Permission and API Errors

Hey, Usual Thursday newsletter about Laravel. Over the last week, I've been working hard on Laravel Examples project: - added 200+ code examples - added 20+ projects - new categories like
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Eloquent Speed, Helpers and Livewire Future

Hey, Usual Thursday newsletter, and it's so good to be back to publishing interesting daily videos instead of the Checklister series which I kinda regret doing, it just took painfully much time
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Free Laravel Code Examlpes + Many Tips

Hey hey, Usual Thursday newsletter. It's such a good feeling to over-deliver and to have released THREE new things this month: - Finished the Checklister series on Youtube - Released the new course
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Queues Explained, Livewire+Alpine and Many Tutorials

Hey hey, Laravel weekly newsletter is, as usual, filled with content! In other news: - My Checklister series on Youtube is almost at the end - My new course about Queues is going to be released quite
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Free e-book, Teamwork and Livewire

Hey, Usual Thursday newsletter, with 30+ links to tutorials, tools, and videos. Enjoy the reading, while I'm busy creating my new course on Laravel Queues. From my Youtube Channel Free E-Book: 17
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API Code Review, Try-Catch and "Undo" Button

Hey, it's Thursday, time for Laravel links! This week I've finally finished shooting my Laravel Checklister series, you can watch it on the Teachable platform as a course, or wait until all
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Livewire QuickAdminPanel, Roles/Permissions and "Hacking" Laravel

Hey, An important week for me - finally we officially release our Livewire+Tailwind version of the QuickAdminPanel generator. In addition to that, and to continuing to publish the "Laravel
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Password Rules, React CMS and One-of-Many Relationship

Hey hey, Usual Thursday newsletter about Laravel. Without any intros this week, let's dive into the content! From my Youtube Channel New in Laravel 8.39: Password Rules with Checking Data Leaks www
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Blade Tips, Complex Code Review and Tinkering

Hey, Usual Thursday newsletter about Laravel. I continue almost-live-coding my Checklister series and squeeze one different topic video every second day. Exciting times! Let's get to this
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Laravel TDD, Eloquent, Livewire and Many Tools

Hello, Usual Thursday, and I continue sharing useful Laravel links from myself and the community. Decided to split my Youtube channel 50-50% between Checklister live-coding series, and other topics,