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Shorter Laravel Code, Octane, Git and Many Tips

Hey, A usual Thursday newsletter about Laravel. This week is pretty important to me personally. In addition to celebrating 2 months of DAILY videos on Youtube (yup, including weekends), I also fully
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Deployment, Services/Repositories and Eloquent Tips

Hello guys, Usual Thursday, with many Laravel tips from myself and the community. Also, a "teaser" of the topic of my new upcoming course. Enjoy this week's content! From my Youtube
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Eloquent Speed, Repository Pattern and Multi-Lang Series

Hey, As every Thursday, a newsletter about Laravel world. And this time it's massive! 35+ links to NEW videos, tutorials, and tools. So schedule the weekend to go through them :) Meanwhile, I'
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3 Code Reviews, Auth and Livewire Tips

Hey, It's Thursday and my usual newsletter about Laravel. With another three junior code reviews, I see I started repeating myself, so will switch to topic-based reviews from now. But in general,
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New Course, Top Packages and Shorter Laravel Code

Hey hey, Today I want to thank those of you who purchased a Yearly membership for my courses ($99 for 16 courses and all the upcoming ones for a year). It was my best decision in 2021: I can now stress
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Validation, Breeze, Livewire, and more Code Reviews

Hello hello, Usual Thursday Laravel newsletter, this time without any longer intro, let's dive into the content! From my Youtube Channel Laravel Validation: 12 Less-Known Tips in 13 Minutes www.
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Laravel Optimizations, File Uploads and Livewire

Hey, Usual Thursday newsletter. I'm still going daily on Youtube (thank you for buying my products, to support me in this!), and a lot of stuff from the community this week. Enjoy! From my Youtube
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Code Reviews, Migration Tips, Tailwind Course and New Spark

Hey hey, This week, I realized you like two things: code reviews, and my tweets in meme/images format. Will continue to do both :) Now, let's get to this week's content. From my Youtube Channel
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Junior Code Review, Two Laravel Tools and 20+ Tips

Hello hello, A usual Thursday newsletter. Busy week for me! In addition to publishing daily Youtube videos and shooting my new online course, I also added a few new components to Livewire Kit, and,
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My Jetstream Course, 100+ Laravel/Livewire Tips and More

Hey hey, This week is full of new content - from myself and from the community. With my new course officially launched (see below), I remind you about 20% discount for all my courses, including a
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Laravel 9 Change, Jetstream, Sanctum and Livewire Tips

Hey hey, First, a quick reminder: did you know that, as newsletter subscribers, you have 20% for any of my courses? Yes, including the new yearly membership. Just use code LARAVELDAILY20. Also, I'm
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Livewire Kit Launch and 20+ Laravel Tips

Hey guys, January is a Livewire month for me, and finally, it materialized into the launch of Livewire Kit, see video below. Also, a lot of new content from myself and the community, enjoy! From my
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Migrations, Routes, Jetstream, Livewire and More

Hey hey, So good to be back publishing a lot of content daily, a lot of that below. Already started shooting a new course, and finishing up my Livewire Kit. Stay tuned for the end of January! From my
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My New Live-Coding Course, Livewire Tips and Jetstream 2.0

Hey, Happy New Year! Let's continue this weekly tradition, and today I'm presenting you my new online course, also sharing some Livewire tips, and more tutorials from the community. Speaking of
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Livewire/Tailwind CRUD, Vue/Cashier E-Commerce and More

Hey hey, The last day of 2020, huh? And you wouldn't think I would leave you without something to read, would you? :) I didn't publish anything myself, but, surprisingly, there was still some
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Short Edition: Foreign Key Migrations and Small Tips

Hey hey, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This week only two videos from me, as I'm on a short "publishing break", celebrating 500 videos on my channel. From my Youtube Channel Laravel
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Alpine.js, Livewire, Vue Router and Some Laravel :)

Hey, This week I realized how many new frameworks and mini-languages are around Laravel. I guess at some point I would need to rename "Laravel Daily" and "Laravel Business" to
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New Laravel Docs, Sail and Jetstream

Hey hey, This week's newsletter is packed with new releases - software, docs, demos. And also, of course, useful tutorials from myself and the community. Let's go! From my Youtube Channel Thank
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Laravel Deals, Vue QuickAdminPanel + A LOT of Tutorials

Hello hello, It's so good to be energetic and produce so much content for you, still going daily (including weekends), I hope it's not overwhelming! This week, of course, is Black Friday week,
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Livewire Components, PHP 8 and Flutter Video

Hey hey, As usual, 20+ articles from Laravel community and myself (still going with DAILY videos, 17 days in a row!), but one of them is really important: a video about my new "secret project