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Kotlin Weekly #384

ISSUE #384 10th of December 2023 Announcements Kotlin for WebAssembly Goes Alpha Kotlin/Wasm, the newest Kotlin Multiplatform target platform, has reached Alpha status! Here's what you need to know
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Kotlin Weekly #383

ISSUE #383 2nd of November 2023 Announcements Tackle Advent of Code 2023 With Kotlin and Win Prizes The Kotlin Advent of Code has started. If you would like to participate in an advent event, this is
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Kotlin Weekly #382

ISSUE #382 26th of November 2023 Announcements Kotlin Developer Survey #2 Our colleagues at JetBrains asked us to let you know that the Kotlin Developer Survey is still open. Please, consider
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Kotlin Weekly #381

ISSUE #381 19th of November 2023 Announcements Kotlin Multiplatform Development Roadmap for 2024 With the recently achieved stability of Kotlin Multiplatform, there is now a clear Roadmap for KMP in
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Kotlin Weekly #379

ISSUE #379 5th of November 2023 Hi Kotliners! This week is a big one. Kotlin Multiplatform is now stable, and the Kotlin version 1.9.20 has been released. Check out our summary of articles to learn
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Kotlin Weekly #378

ISSUE #378 29th of October 2023 Articles Creating a Swift command line app that consumes Kotlin Multiplatform code John O'Reilly wrote a very short article about creating a Swift command line app
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Kotlin Weekly #377

ISSUE #377 22nd of October 2023 Articles How to Deal With Transaction Handling in SpringBoot Applications When Using Either Matthias Schenk comes back to error handling, this time using Either. He
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Kotlin Weekly #376

ISSUE #376 15th of October 2023 Announcements Kotlin Support in Fleet: Explore a New IDE from JetBrains JetBrains Fleet is a lightweight code editor and IDE that uses the IntelliJ code-processing
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Kotlin Weekly #375

ISSUE #375 8th of October 2023 Announcements Call for Speakers is now open for KotlinConf'24! If you are a Kotlin expert or have a fascinating Kotlin story to tell, we want you as a speaker at
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Kotlin Weekly #374

ISSUE #374 1st of October 2023 Announcements Touchlab Open Source Updates - Sep 2023 Touchlab has pushed some major open-source updates over the past few weeks that will have an impact on how teams use
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Kotlin Weekly #373

ISSUE #373 24th of September 2023 Articles Using Kover for Effective Code Coverage in Kotlin Projects Om Parashar wrote in this article about how we can use Kover to provide Code Coverage in our Kotlin
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Kotlin Weekly #372

ISSUE #372 17th of September 2023 Announcements Join Us for a Live Introduction to Algorithmic Challenges in Kotlin! Are you preparing for technical interviews, or do you simply want to master
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Kotlin Weekly #371

ISSUE #371 10th of September 2023 Announcements SKIE is Open Source SKIE, Touchlab's tool to bridge Kotlin and Swift APIs for Kotlin Multiplatform, has been released as open source. This is a
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Kotlin Weekly #370

ISSUE #370 3rd of September 2023 Announcements Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0 Release As of today, Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0 is available for you to use. Take a look at this page to check the entire
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Kotlin Weekly #369

ISSUE #369 27th of August 2023 Announcements Win a Trip to KotlinConf'24 in the Kotlin Multiplatform Contest! Are you a student or a recent graduate? Have you already tried building projects with
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Kotlin Weekly #368

ISSUE #368 20th of August 2023 Articles Kotlin and Java interoperability: Useful annotations In this new article of the interoperability series at Kotlin Academy, check out useful annotations. kt.
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Kotlin Weekly #367

ISSUE #367 13th of August 2023 Articles Consuming a Private KMP dependency from GitHub This post showcases how to implement the configuration needed to consume a private KMP dependency from GitHub.
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Kotlin Weekly #366

ISSUE #366 6th of August 2023 Hi folks! There is a super important announcement this week, and it is that we have an official statement from JetBrains on how should we name KMM. We are hoping that our
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Kotlin Weekly #365

ISSUE #365 30th of July 2023 Announcements KotlinConf 2024 Tickets Are Now Available! The tickets for the KotlinConf 2024 are now available. Remember how quick they are generally sold, in case you
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Kotlin Weekly #364

ISSUE #364 23rd of July 2023 Articles Designing a Functional Library Uberto Barbini, author of From Object to Functions, wrote a new article on how we can design a Functional Library. medium.com