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3 smart VCs

Top beauty investors. Digging into the AI 100. Telehealth business relationships. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 14, 2021 Bringing out the big guns Hi there, So today, I brought reinforcements. Let
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cloning startups

NFT weirdness. Insurance from space. India funding boom. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 13, 2021 Great artists steal Hi there, Groupon clone ✓ Pinterest clone ✓ Airbnb clone ✓ Back in the day,
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AI + clinical trials = magic

Top VC in each US state. Auto tech MVPs. Vendor assessment matrix x2. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 10, 2021 Hi there, We're thrilled to announce our newest keynote speaker for CB Insights Tech
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it's here: the AI 100

US of VC. 13M entrepreneurs. Digital asset custodians. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 8, 2021 Seeing double Hola, It's increasingly well known that Moore's Law — which says microprocessors
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fake VC funding

AI 100. Gesture recognition tech. Lego thieves. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 7, 2021 Series BS Hi there, Alright, so last week, kind of late on the evening of April 1st, I announced CB Insights
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The AI opportunities you can't miss in 2021

Get our latest AI research to uncover the AI opportunities you need to watch. CBI_Logo_Color-16 Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Find Out What AI Trends You Need To Watch In 2021 Navigating_Change-341-1
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results: worst CEO gig

Most valuable auto tech cos. Unlocking health data. Travel tech funding slump. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 6, 2021 An easy pill to swallow Hi there, Last week, I asked you which big tech co (FAMGA
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game-changing tech 2021

Femtech focus. 50 future unicorns. Tech-enabled offices. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 3, 2021 Hi there, What does telematics have to do with stuck ships? Find out in our webinar on April 8, when we
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banks <3 fintech

Femtech outlook. Event giveaway. 42% unicorn hit rate. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS April 1, 2021 Hot off the press Hola, I'm on vacation this week and we've got lots of great research for today,
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the companies you can't miss in autonomous vehicle r&d

Find out who's winning in the race to develop the self-driving car. CB Insights What's Trending... The 40+ corporations investing in autonomous car r&d The Companies You Can't Miss In
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terrible WFH predictions

Teletubbies in Bitcoin. DM marketing for retailers. Blockchain solutions. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 31, 2021 Zooming to the office Hi there, Why is nobody talking about how Clubhouse
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Tesla — wow

US banks in fintech. Telehealth goes big. Behavioral underwriting webinar. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 30, 2021 Praying for my inbox Hi there, Let me start by saying I think Elon Musk is a legend.
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how to compete against Amazon

AI for self-triage. Simulating empathy. Spotlight on food waste. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 27, 2021 Hi there, Here are this week's top research briefs. ICYMI 6 Trends Rising E-Commerce
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$8B in European fintech funding

+20% unicorns. Emotion AI. Flying rhinos. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 25, 2021 Across the pond Hola, Europe may have fewer unicorns than the US or China, but it is in no way a VC backwater —
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600+ unicorns

Robinhood news. Another funding record. RPA for P&C insurance. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 24, 2021 Off to the races Hi there, There are now 600+ unicorns valued at a collective $2+ trillion.
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Amazon slips

Top-funded Europe startups. More chatbots. Health IT innovations. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 23, 2021 Taking on the giant Hi there, Here are 5 stats that have recently caught my eye:
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New: The 2020 Global CVC Report

Find out who won and lost in the corporate venture capital space in 2020. CB Insights Recently Published! Recap CVC Trends from 2020 Get Your Primer on CVC Trends for 2020 DOWNLOAD REPORT
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63-pg report: enterprise AI trends

CVC funding record. Stripe's business model. Blockchain explained. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 20, 2021 Hi there, We've just added Ran Harpaz, the chief technology officer of Hippo, to the
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omg API

Enterprise AI trends. 600+ unicorns. Seeing the future. VIEW IN BROWSER CBINSIGHTS March 18, 2021 The machines are taking over Hi there, Alright, we've got 3 new startup ideas for you today since
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Where the top banks are investing in fintech

Find out where the top banks are placing their bets in the fintech space CB Insights Recently Updated! Banks In Fintech: Follow The Money Banks In Fintech: Follow The Money DOWNLOAD REPORT