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How I made my first $1 million

Funny that it didn't happen overnight and it can be surprisingly boring. But the best part is… ANYONE can do the same. 🎥 How I Made My First Million Dollars image Learn from my journey so you get
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How my rich friends made their first $1 million

I thought it'd be fun to see how my rich friends made money. So I FaceTimed them and asked... 🎥 Asking My Richest Friends How They Made Their First Million image You'll be surprised at some of
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My favorite marketing strategies to grow in 2021

After helping Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo reach MILLIONS of people a month… I've learned a few things about marketing. Here's what I'm MOST excited about in 2021. 🎥 Top 2021 Marketing
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Everything I learned spending $222k on YouTube

We did a LOT of growth experiments last year on YouTube. Many did not work… But a few did. And we hit our subscriber goal. So I'm sharing everything we learned (so you can apply to your own
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Inside my $2M crypto portfolio

This crypto era reminds me of the dotcom bubble. Many will get wiped out. And only a few will be big winners. I'm not a great investor — so instead I listen to smart people (aka my friend made $100
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How I retired at 30

You may think it's cause I got all that Facebook stock I retired at 30. I wish! It turns out by creating AppSumo, living in my aunt's basement, and a few other key things — I was able to retire
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WHY spend $125,000 on virtual cats?

This is probably a bad idea… But I've been going WILD with NFTs — specifically MoonCats. 🎥 Why we spent $125000 on virtual cats image Learn WHAT these are and HOW to consider them for yourself. Be
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Do you smell what Noah is cooking?

Being bald and jacked...I often get mistaken for The Rock. Okay maybe not, but we do share a love for business AND great tequila. 🎥 The Billion Dollar Business of Celebrity Alcohol (Let's Get Drunk
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Why everyone hates Tai Lopez

I used to think Tai Lopez was a joke and scammer. Maybe I still do. But I saw him buying iconic companies and transforming them into e-commerce sites… And I had to investigate further. 🎥 Is Tai Lopez a
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How we launched a product in 20 days (and did $30k)

We JUST launched our new product TidyCal. It's a scheduling app for entrepreneurs. In 20 days it did $30k in revenue. See exactly how we did it. 🎥 How We Launched A $30000 Product in 20 Days image
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I’m giving away a COMPANY to a subscriber

Howdy, I LOVE hooking y'all up with goodies… So I decided to buy a company and GIVE IT AWAY to one of you gorgeous subscribers. 🎥 I Bought a $15000 Company and Gave It Away (here's what
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Are NFTs the future or a scam?

Howdy, There's a LOT of talk about NFTs right now. Some people are becoming millionaires and others don't know what they are. So I'm covering everything you need to know. 🎥 Are NFTs the
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Behind the scenes of Twitch (billion-dollar story)

Howdy, You probably know Twitch sold to Amazon for a billion dollars. (cha-ching) But most interesting is...HOW they actually started. 🎥 How Twitch Sold for $1 Billion (the real story) image Learn how
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Is Grant Cardone a Scam?

Howdy, We investigated Grant Cardone (the 10x guy) to find out… Is this guy a scam or legit billionaire? The results were fascinating. 🎥 Is Grant Cardone A Scam Or A Billionaire? image Learn the
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A different birthday this year

Howdy, Today is my birthday. I originally was going to be in sunny Puerto Rico... sippin' margs and eating tacos. 🍹🌮 But all flights were canceled from Austin because of a winter storm (seriously).
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5 profitable businesses to start in 2021

From organ supplements to accessory dwelling units (ADUs)... There are MANY ways to make money in 2021. 🎥 The 5 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2021 (backed by data) image Find your next million
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Sharing an apartment with 5 dudes

Howdy, After college Mark Cuban drove to Dallas in a beat-up Fiat and $60 bucks. He moved into a 3-bedroom apartment with 5 other dudes… to START learning the game of business. 🎥 The Rise of Mark Cuban
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NBA owner turned $285M into $4.2B

Howdy, You might know Mark Cuban from Shark Tank or as the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavs... But did you know he bought $1 billion worth in Amazon stock? 🎥 How Mark Cuban Makes $1 Billion Dollars a
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Wanna talk with me?

Howdy, Navigating tax burdens is a HUGE part of wealth accumulation. So I'm diving into Biden's plan to learn what it means for entrepreneurs… 🎥 Is Biden Good For Business? image From first
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How Joe Rogan Made $110M in 2020 (only 27% Spotify)

December 2009, Joe Rogan uploaded his first-ever episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. Just him and a few friends livestreaming on a webcam to 100 people. 11 years later...he signed a $100M deal with