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Bond bumps up its ambitions, Opendoor flips its model, and the Louvre leaps into retail

The news you need to know March 3, 2021 Hello! Top News The Arizona House of Representatives today passed landmark app store legislation in a 31-29 vote that could have far-reaching consequences for
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Square's shares jump, Ma's status slumps, and Amazon updates its app icon based on some user feedback

The news you need to know March 2, 2021 Top News Shares of Square jumped as much as 7% today after the company officially launched its banking operations. Square Financial Services will offer FDIC-
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Goldman restarts its crypto trading desk, Grimes gets in on the NFT action, and what's old is new again in car-hailing

The news you need to know March 1, 2021 Hello! Welcome back.:) No column today (we were on the phone a lot). Top News The US government is unprepared to defend the nation against new threats posed by
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That one-dose vaccine is coming, the stats on SPACs, and retail investors to the rescue

The news you need to know February 26, 2021 Friday! Hope you have a terrific weekend, dear readers. Before you go, if you're trying to figure out why the crypto collectibles market just went
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Sequoia's seed fund, Bessemer's big haul, and Satoshi Nakamoto gets listed as a risk factor

The news you need to know February 25, 2021 Thursday! Top News Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase filed to become a public company today through a direct listing. Is it worth $100 billion? Maybe, but
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The record day for the Dow, the SPAC boom spreads, and goodbye, Fry's

The news you need to know February 24, 2021 Hello! It is Wednesday; we hope yours went well.:) Top News The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new record today after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome
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The Fed dangles a digital USD, the return of net neutrality, and why mathematicians hoard chalk

The news you need to know February 23, 2021 Top News Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress today that the central bank is looking carefully at issuing a digital US dollar. Powell called
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Yellen sounds bitcoin warning, China formalizes new lending rules, and pandemic games with kids

The news you need to know February 22, 2021 Hi, welcome back.:) Top News Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen today warned that bitcoin is an “extremely inefficient” way to conduct monetary transactions She
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Bitcoin goes bananas, Coinbase's soaring expectations, and SPAC frenzy: friend or foe?

The news you need to know February 19, 2021 Welcome to the weekend. ❤️ Before we part ways, dear readers, we've got this week's StrictlyVC Download for you, with featured guest Ed Sim of
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Texas's troubles boil over, Vlad Tenev apologizes to Congress, and remastering the internet's favorite song

The news you need to know February 18, 2021 Thursday! Twitter captures the zeitgeist. See more in "Detours." Top News Power was restored to nearly 2 million homes in Texas over the past day,
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Facebook pulls the plug in Australia, MBS gets iced out, and a new social network seizes the moment

The news you need to know February 17, 2021 Wednesday! (Hello.) Top News People and publishers in Australia are newly navigating a Facebook without news. Facebook's decision to pull the plug ties
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Bitcoin pops, Amazon faces a new lawsuit, and a poser on Clubhouse raises questions

The news you need to know February 16, 2021 You leave California's power outages, then this terribleness happens. We're thinking very much of friends, loved ones, and recent transplants tonight
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Essential is now Nothing, Bernard Arnault launches a SPAC, and Vladimir Putin on Clubhouse? Vozmozhno

The news you need to know February 15, 2021 Hello! We hope you're staying warm wherever you are. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ Top News State lawmakers around the country are exploring a range of new taxes targeting
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Khosla Ventures's SPAC attack, Coupang's IPO plans, and oh it is so on between Facebook and Apple

The news you need to know February 12, 2021 Friday! Hope you are in for a relaxing long weekend and definitely not heading into traffic, trying to get away for ski week. Before you make any moves(!),
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Twitter caves in India, Match Group hearts Hyperconnect, and Rivian may be prepping a 2021 IPO after all

The news you need to know February 9, 2021 Hey there! (We're tired. We've been staying up too late to watch this.) Top News Twitter said it has suspended 500 accounts and reduced visibility of
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Facebook pumps up the volume, Jack Ma seen on the links, and an office panic room for your house

The news you need to know February 10, 2021 Wednesday! (Still.) Top News According to the New York Times, Facebook is building an audio chat product that is similar to the popular audio app Clubhouse.
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WeChat wins a reprieve, Rover looks for a landing, and investors fall for Bumble

The news you need to know February 11, 2021 Thursday! Top News The Biden administration today asked a federal appeals court to place a hold on proceedings surrounding the Trump administration's
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Clubhouse is bounced from China, Robinhood gets sued for wrongful death, and Elon Musk sends ripples through Bitcoin pricing again

The news you need to know February 8, 2021 Hi, welcome back.:) Top News Thousands of Chinese users suddenly found themselves unable to access Clubhouse today as the country prepared to start the week-
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Dems take on Section 230, the IPO market has its busiest week of 2021, and Tom Brady takes it on the chin

The news you need to know February 5, 2021 Friday! Another week in the books! Before we go, we leave you with newest StrictlyVC Download, featuring founder-VC Alexa von Tobel, who sold her fintech
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Kuaishou soars, KKR preps a giant SPAC, and Reddit's WallStreetBets founder sells his life story

The news you need to know February 4, 2021 Thursday! No column today -- we were too distracted by a debilitating hamstring strain following a midday basketball game with the interns. (They're not