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The Trump SPAC frenzy, Tesla rides to a new high, and how new surveillance technology is reshaping U.S. neighborhoods

View in browser October 22, 2021 Hello! As promised, we finally have an event site for our get-together next month with the full agenda and all the other deets you'll need. (Better late than never,
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Snap slips, Adam Neumann resurfaces. and how many users does Facebook have? The company isn't so sure

View in browser October 21, 2021 Hello! One quick mention before we finally put together an actual event website: We are *thrilled* about two more guests who are joining us Thursday evening, November
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PayPal pursues Pinterest, Tesla records record profits again, and what academic jobs and "Squid Game" have in common

View in browser October 20, 2021 (We ran out of time to write much today -- more tomorrow.) Top News * According to Bloomberg, PayPal is exploring a $45 billion acquisition of Pinterest, in what could
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Facebook is planning a rebrand, the NBA is partnering with Coinbase, and how a Beatles song came to be

View in browser October 19, 2021 Top News Facebook is planning to change its company name next week to reflect its focus on building the metaverse, according to The Verge. Of course, the Twittersphere
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A $900 million round, an Apple unveiling, and that SEC report on meme stock mania is finally out

View in browser October 18, 2021 Top News * Here's everything Apple announced at its "Unleashed" event this morning. * In a highly anticipated report about the GameStop mania earlier this
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Harvard makes a killing, tech founders also making a killing, and the rise of the sneaker bots: "We got destroyed""

View in browser October 15, 2021 Well, hello there! You may have caught our print interview yesterday with this week's StrictlyVC Download guest, Jacob Helberg, the author of The Wires of War, a
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LinkedIn backs out of China, Coinbase preps its pitch for new oversight, and Tesla dives into insurance sales

View in browser October 14, 2021 Top News * Microsoft's LinkedIn said today that it's shutting down the version of its professional-networking site that operates in China, marking the "end
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Apple's iPhone production, Coinbase new plans for an NFT marketplace, and an early look at "Narcos: Mexico"

View in browser October 12, 2021 Top News iPhone fanatics may be out of luck this holiday season. Apple is likely to slash its projected iPhone 13 production targets for 2021 by as many as 10 million
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The FTC cracks down on Facebook and Amazon, Jack Ma reappears, and all eyes are on GitLab

View in browser October 13, 2021 Long day, no column, more tomorrow.:) Top News Companies including Amazon and Facebook could face fines over fake reviews or other misleading endorsements online,
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Chinese President Xi Jinping zeroes in on financial institutions, Netflix stands by Dave Chappelle, and the price of weather disasters

View in browser October 11, 2021 Top News Chinese President Xi Jinping is zeroing in on the ties that China's state banks and other financial stalwarts have developed with big private-sector
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Facebook goes down again, Apple tries to buy time, and a new Danish law with immediate consequences

View in browser October 8, 2021 Friday! We hope as always that you have an amazing weekend. Before we go, we leave you with a piping-hot episode of StrictlyVC Download, featuring the political
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Tesla is moving its HQ, WeWork preps for the NYSE, and talk about getting your ducks in a row 🦆🦆

View in browser October 7, 2021 (Hello!) Top News * Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will be moving its headquarters from Palo Alto, Ca. to Austin, Texas. He announced the news today at Tesla's
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Calamity at Twitch, Bitcoin's bounce back, and Forbes now counts half a dozen crypto billionaires in its rankings

View in browser October 6, 2021 Top News Oof. The entire code base of Twitch was leaked online. To begin to understand how such a massive hack was possible, the Platformer talked with two former Twitch
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Facebook's worst nightmare (is named Frances), the SEC is investigating Circle Financial, and contemplating Party Shirt

View in browser October 5, 2021 Top News Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before a Senate panel today telling lawmakers they must intervene to solve the “crisis” created by her former
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Facebook goes missing, Summit Partners has a fat new fund, and Jony Ive remembers Steve Jobs a decade later

View in browser October 4, 2021 Monday! Hello.:) Quick mention: We'll be interviewing Vinod Khosla this Wednesday if you're curious to learn where he's putting all that 'climate capital
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Rivian's S-1 is out, Peloton obsession turns to fatigue, and that feeling when you overpay $90 million to users

View in browser October 1, 2021 Friday! We are getting excited about this. (Thanks again to Eclipse Ventures for its generous help with the evening.) In the meantime, we have a new StrictlyVC Download
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Zoom's scotched deal, the allegations about Blue Origin, and the bulky bears of Fat Bear Week

View in browser September 30, 2021 Top News So that's that. Cloud contact center software company Five9 and video calling software maker Zoom said today they're putting the kibosh on Zoom's
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College endowments are minting money, Warby Parker's stock popped, and a royals drama to rival Harry and Meghan

View in browser September 29, 2021 Top News Facebook today published two internal research reports about Instagram and downplayed their conclusions, as the company prepared for two congressional
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Amazon's Astro 'disaster,' Netflix's first game studio buy, and the strange backstory of "Slice"

View in browser September 28, 2021 In early August, some of you caught mention of plans we made to host an event on Thursday, November 11, our first in-person get-together in nearly two years. We
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Facebook puts a pin in it, TikTok reaches a new milestone, and a first look at the end of "Ozark"

View in browser September 27, 2021 Top News Facebook is putting a pin in that whole "Instagram for Kids" idea. Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb told CNBC today that he believes up to 90% of US