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An Ethereum cofounder packs it in, a giant new climate fund, and a whatmosa now?

The news you need to know July 16, 2021 Friday! We mentioned this on Monday, but in case you missed our news bulletin: we're turning this thing off for a couple of weeks beginning this Monday so
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The most active VCs, a public safety bet by a16z, and Apple is jumping onto the buy-now-pay-later train

The news you need to know July 13, 2021 Top News According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new service that will let consumers pay for any Apple Pay purchase in installments over time, rivaling the
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Facebook's complaint, Netflix's new venture, and a look inside Teslatown

The news you need to know July 14, 2021 A game 7! (Woot.) This day has been bonkers, so no column, but more tomorrow. We also had an interesting catch-up with TechCrunch founder-turned-crypto investor
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Intel's big buy (maybe?), more headaches for Didi, and tech workers bound back to the Bay Area

The news you need to know July 15, 2021 Hello! Top News Intel is reportedly exploring a deal to buy GlobalFoundries -- one of the largest specialist chip-production companies -- in a move that would
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Bytedance's scrapped IPO plans, Klarna goes shopping, and another Thiel protege jumps into politics

The news you need to know July 12, 2021 Hello! Welcome back.:) Also, a quick mention that we are pulling the plug for a couple of weeks beginning next week. (Longtime readers know we turn this thing
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China's newest proposal, an executive order aimed at big tech, and a look at 'multiplayer' browsing

The news you need to know July 9, 2021 Wishing you a happy summer weekend, all! If you want to get up to speed on one of the newest emerging funds founded by veteran VCs, check this week's podcast
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China cracks down on overseas listings, that JEDI contract is DOA, and Jeff Bezos reaches peak net worth

The news you need to know July 6, 2021 Hello! Top News China issued a sweeping warning to its biggest companies today, vowing to tighten oversight of data security and overseas listings less than a
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36 states sue Google, Robinhood's collision course with regulators, and you know what's cool? Jewelry for your clothes, apparently

The news you need to know July 7, 2021 Top News Three dozen states and the District of Columbia filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google today, alleging it operates an illegal monopoly with its Google
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Instacart's CEO shocker, a Circle SPAC, and PDA on full display in NYC

The news you need to know July 8, 2021 Thursday! No column today but more tomorrow when we have time to write. Please don't let it be a sweep, don't let it be a sweep! Top News Instacart just
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A new ransomware attack, an insane space balloon, and it gets worse for Lordstown Motors

The news you need to know July 2, 2021 Cheers, all! Wishing you a happy July 4th if you're here in the US and also a terrific weekend if you are not. Note that we will not be publishing StrictlyVC
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Robinhood reveals all, Branson vs. Bezos, and TikTok goes long (form)

The news you need to know July 1, 2021 Top News Robinhood, the stock-trading platform that everyone loves to hate, faces dozens of class-action lawsuits and is under investigation by regulators, state
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Amazon's big ask, TPG evaluates a public listing, and contemplating a "one-minute city"

The news you need to know June 30, 2021 Happy Wednesday! Also, thank you; you are *amazing*. We asked for your help yesterday, and we've now heard about so many great venue possibilities for our
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An AI tool that writes its own code, a new look at how Amazon wields its power, and Larry Ellison throws away $32,000

The news you need to know June 29, 2021 Happy Tuesday, dear readers, and also, a quick favor: As many of you know, a few times a year, StrictlyVC hosts intimate evening events in San Francisco where we
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A setback for regulators, a big deal for Etsy, and Juul coughs up $40 million to settle a lawsuit

The news you need to know June 28, 2021 Top News A federal court today dismissed the Federal Trade Commission's antitrust complaint against Facebook, as well as a parallel case brought by 48 state
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Panasonic unloads Tesla, Virgin Galactic gets good news, and Beeple's chilly art world reception

The news you need to know June 25, 2021 God, we love Fridays so much. (And also Serena Williams.) Hope you have a terrific weekend, all. Before we leave, we have a fresh-baked StrictlyVC Download for
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A fivefold leap for Figma, an acquisition for Amazon, and four venture firms probably celebrating tonight

The news you need to know June 24, 2021 Top News President Biden and a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal on today for $1.2 trillion in investments to rebuild the nation's infrastructure -
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A BuzzFeed SPAC, a Bitcoin heist, and John McAfee has died

The news you need to know June 23, 2021 Top News John McAfee, who made his fortune developing antivirus software, died today by suspected suicide in a jail cell near Barcelona, just hours after
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Microsoft joins the $2T club, Warby Parker preps an IPO, and Netflix revs up Formula 1 fans

The news you need to know June 22, 2021 Top News The European Union today opened a formal antitrust investigation into allegations that Google abuses its leading role in the advertising-technology
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Bitcoin slumps, LegalZoom re-files, and Google execs see cracks despite record profits

The news you need to know June 21, 2021 Top News The price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies slid today after China's central bank ordered the country's largest banks and payment processors
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Credit Suisse breaks with SoftBank, a psychedelics startup soars, and an instant cure for hiccups

The news you need to know June 18, 2021 Hope you have a great weekend, everyone. Happy Juneteenth! Also wishing many of you a most excellent Father's Day.:) Top News High hopes for Johnson &