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Coinbase's big day, China's continuing crackdown, and more sand in the SPAC gears

The news you need to know April 13, 2021 Top News Today, Chinese regulators reportedly summoned 34 of the country's largest companies from Tencent to TikTok owner ByteDance, warning them “the red
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Bitcoin blows up (again), Microsoft's big deal, and Apple's curious new product plans are leaked

The news you need to know April 12, 2021 Hello! We are back online after all of this. Naturally, we now miss being offline. Top News Bitcoin neared an all-time high today as bullish sentiment gathered
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Better's big round, Amazon wins against that union effort, and Tom Brady makes a move

The news you need to know April 9, 2021 Hello! Some of you are wondering where your issue of StrictlyVC was yesterday. It's actually the first issue we've missed through misadventure in the
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Twitter talks with Clubhouse, Tiger wheels and deals, and what to do with that vaccine card

The news you need to know April 7, 2021 Top News Twitter held talks with Clubhouse about a potential acquisition of the live drop-in audio networking platform, with a deal value somewhere around $4
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Flipkart eyes an IPO, Clubhouse contemplates *more* capital, and Jeff Bezos throws his support behind a corporate tax hike

The news you need to know April 6, 2021 Top News As the White House considers raising taxes on corporations for the first time in more than 25 years, the head of one of America's largest companies
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Tech giants hit new highs, China digitizes its currency, and the end of the streaming stockpile?

The news you need to know April 5, 2021 Hello! Welcome back. Quick reminder that we're with the interns this week (spring break) so these missives will be on the shorter side through Friday...
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An insider-trading scheme, another influencer fund, and the companies that paid $0 in federal tax

The news you need to know April 2, 2021 Happy Good Friday (and Happy Easter) to many of you. Don't overdose on chocolate; we need you back here next week. Before we go, we leave you with the newest
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Tiger's humongous new fund, Amazon's back-to-work plan, VW's U.S. CEO kind of apologizes for Voltswagen

The news you need to know April 1, 2021 Top News The CEO of Volkswagen's US subsidiary is taking personal responsibility for an early April Fools' Day prank this week in which the company sent
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Microsoft's rich contract, Grail's held-up merger, and a fund of funds for part-time fund managers

The news you need to know March 31, 2021 Top News The killer use case for AR/VR might just be warfare, notes TechCrunch. Today, Microsoft announced that it has received a contract to outfit the United
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Foxconn sees a slowdown, Dapper Labs gets its megaround, and Spotify saunters into social audio

The news you need to know March 30, 2021 Top News Foxconn, the world's biggest contract electronics manufacturer, says a global chip shortage will reduce its shipments by 10%, potentially impacting
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Ramp ramps up, Andreessen doubles down, and the force behind those snarky Amazon tweets

The news you need to know March 29, 2021 Hi, welcome back.:) Top News Visa said today that it will allow the use of the cryptocurrency USD Coin to settle transactions on its payment network, the latest
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A doomed deal, Amazon's bizarre PR strategy, and WeWork is going public after all

The news you need to know March 26, 2021 Friday! We're wishing you a safe weekend and also a happy Passover. As for us, we're already sipping a Big Gulp-size glass of hooch to end another busy
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A wasted opportunity in Washington, Didi Chuxing eyes New York, and another smartphone maker joins the EV race

The news you need to know March 25, 2021 Thursday! Hello.:) Top News Lawmakers questioned the leaders of Facebook, Google and Twitter today about the connection between online disinformation and the
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An SEC inquiry into SPACs, TuSimple's not-so-simple IPO, and buy your Tesla with Bitcoin (says Musk)

The news you need to know March 24, 2021 Top News Pony Ma, the founder of Tencent, China's biggest social media and video games company, met with antitrust watchdog officials this month to discuss
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Intel's new game plan, Facebook's Clubhouse copycat, and friction in Austin

The news you need to know March 23, 2021 Top News US stocks edged down today as investors digested testimony by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell about the US economy. Intel's new CEO, Pat
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Discord explores a sale, Coinbase pushes out its listing, and Jack Dorsey has sold a digital certificate of that first tweet

The news you need to know March 22, 2021 Hello! Quick mention: On Friday, we didn't grab the full link to our podcast interview with Blackstone Growth's global chief Jon Korngold, which is why
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A Bumble bonanza, Didi Chuxing zooms toward an IPO, and all the VC-backed deals to get SPAC'd this year

The news you need to know March 19, 2021 Hope you have a terrific weekend, all.:) If you're looking for a peek into into one of the biggest investment firms in the world, check out this week's
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Beeple buyers, an Instagram for kids, and uBiome's founders were just charged with fraud

The news you need to know March 18, 2021 Hello.:) Top News Google's plan to block web-tracking cookies is a source of concern for US Justice Department investigators who have been asking
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Snap's new deal, a Substack backlash, and please don't squeeze the NFT(TP)

The news you need to know March 17, 2021 Happy St. Patrick's Day.:) Top News The Biden administration said today that it has served subpoenas on multiple Chinese companies to seek information on
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Uber caves in the U.K., Musk changes his mind, and Dutchie lights it up

The news you need to know March 16, 2021 Top News Google is reducing the commission it charges developers that sell digital goods and services through its Play store, a move that comes amid increased