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8 HTML Tags to Boost Your SEO

Hi Reader, HTML tags can help boost your website's usability and SEO all at once. So why miss this opportunity? To save you tons of time, here's my list of the 8 most important HTML tags + tips
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8-Step Backlink Audit Guide

Hi Reader, If you want to rank higher on Google, a good-looking backlink profile is an absolute must for your site. To make it such, you need to run a backlink audit, spot and remove harmful backlinks,
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Google Search Console: A Complete Guide

Hi Reader, If you want to save on SEO tools and pull insights directly from Google, Search Console is your best option. In today's guide, you'll learn how to leverage Google Search Console to
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Shopify SEO: 8 Steps to Rank #1

Hi Reader, Just as any other website, your Shopify store needs a good SEO strategy to drive traffic and sales. In today's guide, I've put together the top 8 Shopify SEO tactics that will help
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What’s Crawl Budget in SEO (+ 8 Ways to Optimize it)

Hi Reader, Is Google crawling all pages on your site? Chances are it's not if you're neglecting your crawl budget and exceeding the limit. To check what your crawl budget is and how you can
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5 Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords (+ How-to Guide)

Hi Reader, Focus on long-tail keywords – an SEO tip that once helped us double our organic traffic. Today, I'm sharing the secret recipe with you, so that you can also drive tons of highly targeted
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YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos #1

Hi Reader, YouTube is the second most visited site worldwide after Google. So why not use it to drive tons of traffic to your website? In today's guide, I'll explain the basics of YouTube SEO
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Meet the New LinkAssistant (+ Your Free License for Testing)

Hi Reader, Link building is tough. So is building a decent tool for this task:) As you might know, we updated LinkAssistant with a new link prospecting module this December. And with a couple more
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What's Tiered Link Building in SEO

Hi Reader, Ever heard of tiered links? A strategy where you build backlinks to your backlinks, thus indirectly increasing your link profile strength. In today's guide, you'll explore the
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Top 10 SEO Guides

Hi Reader, In 2020, our blog saw 43 posts and almost 670000 reads. Just in case you missed a few updates, here are the top 10 SEO guides that your SEO peers read & liked in 2020 and now use to
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30 Minutes/Day SEO Plan for Your Website

Hi Reader, It's time to stop putting off SEO for another day and join our SEO Marathon 2021 for beginners: ● 30 days ● One SEO task a day ● Less than 30 minutes spent daily Ready to jump in? Follow
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30 Minutes/Day SEO Plan for Your Website

Hi Reader, It's time to stop putting off SEO for another day and join our SEO Marathon 2021 for beginners: ● 30 days ● One SEO task a day ● Less than 30 minutes spent daily Ready to jump in? Follow
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8 SEO Tips for 2021

Hi Reader, Though SEO hasn't changed that much in 2020, certain shifts in the weight of ranking factors did happen. To help you adjust your SEO strategy, I've made up the 8-step guide to higher
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Google Discover: A New Way to Get Tons of Traffic

Hi Reader, Getting featured on Google Discover is like hitting a gold mine – you win tons of traffic and it's free. To save you hours of research, I've made a simple but insightful guide that
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SEO PowerSuite Plans for 2021

Hi Reader, As 2020 finally comes to a close, I and the whole SEO PowerSuite team want to wish you a blessed New Year and say THANK YOU for being our most dedicated fan. Join the merrymaking with SEO
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Do you have a spare 2 minutes?

Hi Reader, I'm Aleh, Co-founder and CMO at SEO PowerSuite. As 2020 finally draws to a close, we desperately need your feedback to build SEO PowerSuite's roadmap for 2021. You can help us decide
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Sale started: 75% off SEO PowerSuite - just for 24 hours!

Hi Reader, 75%-off SEO PowerSuite sale is live! The best offer works for just 1 day. Tomorrow (at 9 AM) the discount drops to 70%, and on Thursday it goes down to 65%. The countdown has just begun, so
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Sale is coming - 75% off SEO PowerSuite

Hi Reader, A huge 75%-off SEO PowerSuite sale starts tomorrow, December 15, and the biggest discount works for just 24 hours. That's a dirt-cheap price for the huge lot of data you get. Everything
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New Link Prospecting Tool – Now in LinkAssistant

Hi Reader, Ever wanted to save tons of time on link building and get only quality backlinks for your site? Meet the new smart link prospecting tool in LinkAssistant – your one-stop place to: ● Find
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12 Backlink Quality Signals

Hi Reader, While a quality backlink can boost your rankings, a bad one can get your site penalized. So how do you tell them apart? The answer is in my today's list of 12 backlink quality signals.