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Numlock News: January 21, 2022 • Airline Seats, Icebergs, Snail Noodles

By Walt Hickey Have a great weekend! Bets A new survey found how ready many Americans are for sports betting, with 31 percent of respondents aged 35 to 44 saying they bet on sports at least monthly,
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Numlock News: January 20, 2022 • North Korea, Cognac, Staten Island Ferry

By Walt Hickey Fun news, a comic I edited came out yesterday at Insider. It's all about how Britney Spears got out of her conservatorship, you should check it out. Ferry The John F. Kennedy, which
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Numlock News: January 19, 2022 • Cable, Caravaggio, Mackerel

By Walt Hickey Volcano After a cataclysmic eruption of a nearby underwater volcano, the nation of Tonga has been severed from the internet, likely in a physical sense. Traffic from the country crashed
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Numlock News: January 18, 2022 • Philadelphia, Eagles, Horror

By Walt Hickey Welcome back! Spooky Scream made $34 million last weekend, which beat the $26 million made by Spider-Man: No Way Home in its fifth weekend of release. Scream made a global total of $52
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Numlock News: January 14, 2022 • Sunbirds, Brine Geyser, French Dressing

By Walt Hickey We're off Monday in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Have an excellent weekend and see you Tuesday. French Dressing Fully 72 years ago, French dressing became one of three
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Numlock News: January 12, 2022 • Polysilicon, Portugal, 2.5D idols

By Walt Hickey Vinyl The final numbers are in, and for the first time since tracking began in 1991, annual sales of vinyl records beat annual sales of CDs. From 2020 to 2021, sales for CDs increased
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Numlock News: January 13, 2022 • Folios, Broncos, Crows

By Walt Hickey Broncos A judge has settled a years-long legal dispute where a Canadian holding company claimed they had the right of first refusal on a sale of the Denver Broncos, nullifying their
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Numlock News: January 11, 2022 • Honey, Encanto, Zynga

By Walt Hickey I realized there's a lot of new folks who joined us in the past couple months, so I wanted to roll out a quick free trial promo on paid Numlock subscriptions for the next two weeks.
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Numlock News: January 10, 2022 • Palm Trees, Pharma, Coaches

By Walt Hickey Welcome back! No Way Home With another $64 million internationally and $33 million domestic, Spider-Man: No Way Home has grossed $1.53 billion worldwide. This weekend saw the film jump
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Numlock News: January 7, 2022 • Capacity, Bankruptcy, Jeopardy!

By Walt Hickey Have a great weekend! If you like Numlock, forward one you enjoyed to a friend sometime; word of mouth is a great way to reach new readers. Bears The brown bears of Katmai National Park
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Numlock News: January 6, 2022 • Crawfish, Celebrities, The East Rutherford Giants

By Walt Hickey Finally, Something The Giants Might Win A man has filed a putative class action law suit in federal court against the New York Giants and New York Jets, alleging that the franchises
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Numlock News: January 5, 2022 • Artificial Reef, Incredible Hulk, Chevrolet Impala

By Walt Hickey Trading Cards Fanatics, the largest seller of licensed sports apparel in the world, last year made a daring play to scoop up the long-term exclusive rights to baseball cards out from
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Numlock News: January 4, 2022 • David Bowie, The Postal Service, Dire Straits

By Walt Hickey He's in the best-selling show The estate of David Bowie sold the entire publishing catalog of the late musician to Warner Chappell Music for a reported $250 million. The sale
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Numlock News: January 3, 2022 • Confetti, Converters, Cartoon Network

By Walt Hickey Welcome back and happy New Year! Confetti New Year's Eve in Times Square returned this year, albeit in a mildly diminished capacity. Yes, you still had maniacs willing to brave hours
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Numlock News: December 24, 2021 • Punts, Returns, Options

By Walt Hickey This is the last Numlock News of the year! Thank you all for reading, and welcome to all the folks who joined us in the past year. We're off next week and will resume on Monday,
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Numlock News: December 23, 2021 • Robusta, Osedax, The Final Buick

By Walt Hickey Buick In the 1980s, Buick thought they needed to make a muscle car, and the result was the Grand National. The line came to an end in the 1987 model year, with the last vehicle rolling
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Numlock News: December 22, 2021 • I’m Still Standing, Pet Food, Vietnam

By Walt Hickey Sing 2 The new animated film Sing 2 contains some 40 pop songs in it from the likes of Prince, U2, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift. The first film, Sing, proved that licensing a song to
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Numlock News: December 21, 2021 • Swears, Back Taxes, Mariah Carey

By Walt Hickey It's Back Last week, Mariah Carey's “All I Want For Christmas Is You” logged 37.6 million streams in the US, 26.1 million impressions on radio, and sold 7400 downloads, a festive
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Numlock News: December 20, 2021 • Spider-Man, Megawatt-Hour, Fire-Goat

By Walt Hickey Welcome back! Just a heads up, this is the last week of Numlock before we're off next week. That Parker Luck Spider-Man: No Way Home made $253 million in North America, an amount of
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Numlock News: December 17, 2021 • Minnesota, High Rollers, Millipedes

By Walt Hickey Have a great weekend! If you're looking for last-minute gifts, this year I interviewed a bunch of authors whose books I really loved. I dropped the paywall on those interviews if you