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[New post] Slow recoveries, endogenous growth and macroprudential policy

BankUnderground posted: " Dario Bonciani, David Gauthier and Derrick Kanngiesser Following the global financial crisis in 2008, central banks around the world introduced tighter banking
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[New post] Does corporate leverage amplify economic downturns? A dive into the literature

BankUnderground posted: " Sudipto Karmakar, Alexandra Varadi and Sarah Venables This post reviews the literature on the consequences of debt for corporate and macroeconomic outcomes, drawing both
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[New post] What do two million accounts tell us about the impact of Covid-19 on small businesses?

BankUnderground posted: " James Hurley, Sudipto Karmakar, Elena Markoska, Eryk Walczak and Danny Walker Compass on old map This post is the second of a series of posts about the Covid-19 pandemic
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[New post] On the origin of systemic risk

BankUnderground posted: " Giovanni Covi, Mattia Montagna and Gabriele Torri Systemic risk in the bank sector is often associated with long periods of economic downturn and large social costs. In a
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[New post] Unemployment risk, liquidity traps and monetary policy

BankUnderground posted: " Dario Bonciani and Joonseok Oh The Global Financial Crisis in 2008 caused a significant and persistent increase in unemployment rates across major advanced economies. The
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[New post] What types of businesses have used government support during the Covid-19 pandemic?

BankUnderground posted: " Will Banks, Sudipto Karmakar and Danny Walker This post is the first of a series of posts about the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on business activity. During the
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[New post] Covid-19 briefing: working from home and worker productivity

BankUnderground posted: " John Lewis, Andrea Šiško and Misa Tanaka The Covid pandemic has led to a large enforced shift towards working from home (WFH) as a result of 'stay-at-home'
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[New post] Procyclicality mechanisms in the financial system: what we know and some open questions

BankUnderground posted: " Robert Czech, Simon Jurkatis, Arjun Mahalingam, Laura Silvestri and Nick Vause Financial markets reflect changes in the economy. But sometimes they amplify them too. Both
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[New post] When should policymakers reach for the history books? Some examples from the 20th century

BankUnderground posted: " Catherine R. Schenk In partnership with the Data Analytics for Finance and Macro Research Centre at King's Business School and the Qatar Centre for Global Banking and
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[New post] Where is IFRS 9 taking the cost of funding of banks?

BankUnderground posted: " Mahmoud Fatouh IFRS 9 versus IAS 39 In 2018, IFRS 9 came into effect, replacing IAS 39. IFRS 9 has important implications especially for banks, as they mostly hold
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[New post] The Real Effects of Zombie Lending in Europe

BankUnderground posted: " Belinda Tracey 'Zombie lending' occurs when a lender supports an otherwise insolvent borrower through forbearance measures such as repayment holidays and
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[New post] Revisiting the New Keynesian policy paradoxes under QE

BankUnderground posted: " Dario Bonciani and Joonseok Oh In the wake of the global financial crisis in 2008, nominal interest rates in the US and other advanced economies have approached the
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[New post] The differing effects of globalization on trade versus migration

BankUnderground posted: " Rebecca Freeman and John Lewis Compass on old map Better communications, enhanced transport links, integration agreements between governments, and other factors have all
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[New post] Does deglobalisation make economies more resilient to recessions?

BankUnderground posted: " Marco Garofalo Are less open economies more resilient to downturns? There is general agreement on the benefits of openness, but its adverse link to volatility is
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[New post] Quantifying culture and its implications for bank riskiness

BankUnderground posted: " Joel Suss, David Bholat, Alex Gillespie and Tom Reader 'Bad cultures' at banks are often blamed for scandals and crises, from the global financial crisis to the
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[New post] The consumption response to borrowing constraints in the mortgage market

BankUnderground posted: " Belinda Tracey and Neeltje van Horen How is household consumption affected by borrowing constraints in the mortgage market? In a new paper, we answer this question by
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[New post] Decomposing changes in the functioning of the sterling repo market from 2014 to 2018

BankUnderground posted: " Rupal Patel Repo markets form part of the plumbing of the financial system. They allow participants to borrow cash against collateral and buy back this collateral at a
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[New post] What matters to firms? New insights from survey text comments

BankUnderground posted: " Ivan Yotzov, Nick Bloom, Philip Bunn, Paul Mizen, Pawel Smietanka and Greg Thwaites Text data is often raw and unstructured, and yet it is the key means of human
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[New post] It’s windy when it’s wet why UK insurers may need to reassess their modelling assumptions

BankUnderground posted: " Giorgis Hadzilacos, Ryan Li, Paul Harrington, Shane Latchman, John Hillier, Richard Dixon, Charlie New, Alex Alabaster and Tanya Tsapko The 2015/16 storms caused the most
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[New post] What to expect when they’re expecting

BankUnderground posted: " Maren Froemel, Mike Joyce and Iryna Kaminska Introduction During 2020 the MPC announced a further £450 billion of QE purchases, slightly more than the total amount of