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The BTC ETF Pump, Free Alpha, & an IPO Nobody Is Talking About

Issue #191 October 20, 2021 | Issue #191 Sponsored By: MUST READS Yay ETF... BUT The first Bitcoin futures ETF launched this week under the symbol BITO, bolstering an incredible recent run in the price
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Coinbase's New Offering, Ted Cruz Talks BTC, & Has Anyone Seen Tether's Billions?

Issue #190 October 13, 2021 | Issue #190 Sponsored By: MUST READS Coinbase announces NFT waitlist, FTX expands to Solana based NFTs Coinbase is breaking into the market for NFTs, announcing Tuesday the
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BTC Pumps, COMP's $150M Bug, & Brazil Enters The Arena?

Issue #189 October 6, 2021 | Issue #189 Sponsored By: MUST READS $1 Trillion Although just a vanity number, we have to admit that it's still nice to see: $1000000000000. Yes, Bitcoin's market
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A delicious investment opportunity.

Editor's Note: Please take a moment to read this special message from our sponsor, Miso Robotics. A delicious investment opportunity is getting attention. Miso Robotics is bringing Silicon Valley
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Twitter Tips, China's Latest Attack, & The Failing Crypto Revolution?

Issue #188 September 29, 2021 | Issue #188 MUST READS You Can Now Get Your Paycheck Deposited Into Coinbase On Monday, Coinbase announced it will enable direct paycheck deposits, allowing users in the
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Elon Musk, Mark Cuban & Richard Branson are ALL into This

Editor's Note: Please take a moment to read this special message from our sponsor, Brownstone Research Dear Reader, TV “Shark Tank” investor Mark Cuban just doubled down on his investment in this
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NFT Scammers, Price Spooks, & Spotify's Blockchain Competitor

Issue #187 September 22, 2021 | Issue #187 Together with: Announcement: Long story short – we're looking for help. If you, or anyone you know, wants to help contribute to one of the fastest-growing
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**Investment Opportunity** Get Your Slice of Piestro before 9/30.

Editor's Note: Please take a moment to read this special message from our sponsor, Piestro. Dear Reader, We're approaching the final days to invest in Piestro – the robotic pizzeria disrupting
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Ethereum Rivals, SEC vs. Coinbase Part II, & This Week's Pump and Dump

Issue #186 September 15, 2021 | Issue #186 Editor's Note: Another Teeka webinar goes live tonight at 8PM EST. For the first time ever, he's giving listeners the name of his #1 “Catch Up Coin”
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SEC To Sue Coinbase, Yesterday's Flash Crash, and a Secretive Meeting in Houston

Issue #185 September 8, 2021 | Issue #185 MUST READS Here We Go Again... After last week's roaring upward price action, yesterday we saw the markets bleed across the board. In roughly 24 hours, BTC
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My #1 Coin... FREE

Do This Before September 15th Editor's Note: Big news coming up – something the entire crypto community should be aware of. Big T is back just in time (as always) to reveal his top coins for the
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📌 Ether Surges ~10%, DeFi Reaches Another Milestone, & Finding Financial Freedom in Afghanistan

Issue #184 September 1, 2021 | Issue #184 Sponsored By: MUST READS Finding Financial Freedom In Afghanistan Roya Mahboob is a cypherpunk that has been using and promoting Bitcoin in Afghanistan since
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📌 BTC $50k, Budweiser Buys An NFT, and Coinbase Invests $500 Million In Crypto

Issue #183 August 25, 2021 | Issue #183 Sponsored By: MUST READS Coinbase Stacks Up... Finally When Coinbase (COIN) went public earlier this year, a common critique emerged... For a company as large
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📌 The Crypto Rebound, Altcoin Season, & Robinhood Earnings

Issue #182 August 18, 2021 | Issue #182 Sponsored By: MUST READS Welcome Back To $2 Trillion Just last month, crypto's total market cap was just below $1.2 trillion. Fast forward to this week, and
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📌 ETH Gets A Major Upgrade, Coinbase Earnings, & The Infra Bill Nightmare

Issue #181 August 11, 2021 | Issue #181 MUST READS Coinbase Earnings Coinbase (COIN) announced Q2 earnings at market close yesterday, posting a profit of slightly over $1.6 billion, nearly double what
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📌 NFT Insanity, Fake Bitcoin News, & The End Of A Bear Market?

Issue #180 August 4, 2021 | Issue #180 Sponsored By: MUST READS A Sideways State Every now and then we like to remind our readers to take a step back and look at the big picture. Today's another
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📌 BTC Pumps, Robinhood's IPO, & One For The ESG Naysayers

Issue #179 July 28, 2021 | Issue #179 MUST READS Money Never Sleeps Billions of dollars of investment capital is flowing into the system... with over $500 million entering the space just in the last 24
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📌 FTX Makes History, Play-To-Earn NFT Games, & Where The Whales Are Buying

Issue #178 July 21, 2021 | Issue #178 Sponsored By: MUST READS The Biggest Private Crypto Deal Ever Just Closed Crypto exchange FTX has closed a Series B funding round, drawing in $900 million from an
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Report: Big Tech firms ready to take on U.S. dollar

Editor's Note: We are always on the lookout for the latest financial research to share with you. Below is a special message from our friends at Brownstone Research. Dear Reader, For decades, every
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📌 Circle (USDC) Going Public, The Largest Airdrop in History, & Space Jam NFTs

Issue #177 July 14, 2021 | Issue #177 Sponsored By: MUST READS Argo Blockchain Eyes NASDAQ Listing Bitcoin mining firm Argo Blockchain is considering a listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange after