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9 "Secret" Internal Link Building Strategies

The only type of links that you have full control over are internal links. Today, I'll share 9 little-known internal link building strategies that can help you rank higher in Google and get more
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AI Overviews in Search...Here's What Just Changed

Google held it's developer conference this week and made several announcements as it relates to AI and search. Of particular interest to bloggers is the fact that Google announced that the Search
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The Google Backstab: Sites Praised, Now Penalized

Did you know that Google features publisher success stories? ​ Many of these sites that were once praised as official Google publisher success stories, have now been penalized and have seen massive
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$40k/month with Email...

I have a confession to make... I'm a big fan of the reality show Survivor. That's right, each Wednesday night my family and I tune into people voting each other off the island. Well, the
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I've Never Done This Before...

Sometimes I follow a proven path paved by others. Sometimes I just try things because they sound like a good idea. Today, I'm just trying something I've never done before. You see, over the
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Meet the Man Killing Google Search...

Who is responsible for Google's core Google's head of search has recently been in the news as he called an all hands on deck meeting to tell Google employees of a new
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Alternative to Google Traffic?

In case you missed it, I was one of the presenters at the "Alt-G" virtual conference put on yesterday by none other than Jared Bauman (host of the Niche Pursuits Podcast). Here's what
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Rank an AI Content Website in Google...Challenge Complete!

Over the past 6 months I've been holding a challenge with 143 participants to build a NEW site using AI Content. 6 Months ago was right in the middle of the HCU. The challenge is ending in the
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The Verge Trolls Google...Again!

What happens when a major publication like the Verge openly mocks Google? Well, Google ranks their mocking article #1 for "best printers" of course! That's right, the Verge wrote an
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🎉 Winner Announced: AI Website Challenge is Complete!

Just over 6 months ago, I decided to ask my audience what "challenge" they would like to participate in. I wanted to encourage people to take action and build something...anything. I figured
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Goodbye Google, Hello Flipboard!

Ready to meet your new favorite traffic source? Today, I'm excited to re-introduce you to Michael Dinich and his strategies for Flipboard! Michael was able to quickly build his traffic up to 500k
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Google to Charge for AI Search Results?!?

As you likely know, Google has been testing their Search Generative Experience (AI generated search results) for several months now. However, it has recently been reported that Google is now
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An SEO Challenge Ends...Something NEW Begins...

Over the last 6 months, I have been holding a "build an SEO site using AI" challenge. That challenge JUST ended on April 1st and I'll be collecting the final data over the next few days.
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These Goliath SEO Sites are Seeing MASSIVE Growth

Well, I have some good news...and some bad news. ​ First, I discovered a report this week that reveals several SEO sites that are seeing massive growth! ​ The good news is that these sites are crushing
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How to Get TONS of Traffic from Google Discover...

Getting traffic from traditional SEO and Google is one way to get visitors to your website. But with all the algorithm updates, things are currently a bit uncertain. However, there's a lesser known
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5 Months of AI Content, Here's the Results...

5 months ago, I started an AI content challenge with 143 participants. Today I have results to share! How much traffic from Google are the top 10 sites getting after 5 months? How much AI content have
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Google Spam Update FINISHED...Here's the Winners...

The March Google Spam update just finished rolling out on Wednesday. However, the March Core update is still finishing (will take about 2 more weeks). However, the impact has already been big on lots
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Meet the SEO Who Solved Google...

What if you could boil Google down to its core elements as a bot and test it? This is what today's guest on the Niche Pursuits Podcast has been doing for years: running tests and seeing what ranks
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Why is Google MANUALLY Deindexing So Many Sites?

Over the last 10 days, Google has been manually deindexing sites at a higher rate than I've ever seen. This appears to coincide with some policy changes that Google along with the Google core and
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Using SEO to Sell a Business to Google and SEMrush

Today I've got a fascinating story about someone that uses SEO to grow his business...and then turns around and sells the company to Google or SEMrush. And he's done this 3 times. I'd like