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🤯 How to Make $2K a Month Part-Time in a Highly Competitive Niche

What Harry does to make $2k per month in the MMO niche from 2 hours of work a day and a free keyword research method, a reliable backlink partner, the anatomy of a rankable blog post, and more...
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary Just Started Cashing In on Affiliate Marketing

After 191 Years of Defining Words, Merriam-Webster Starts Cashing In on Affiliate Marketing with Product Reviews Today's email is sponsored by: ​ Back in 1831, Merriam-Webster started defining
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🚀 How to Launch an App to $100k ARR in Just 12 Months...

Managing multiple startups in the face of endless adversity, a content automation process for menial tasks, and more... Today's email is sponsored by: ​ Can you imagine managing 14 startups, 50
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How Lauren Made $972,370 Last Year From Her Blogging Course

How Lauren makes almost $1000000 a year helping people start profitable blogs, a special link building offer, and more... Today's email is sponsored by: ​ ​ Would you be able to run a business with
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The Only 5 Plugins You Need for SEO Out of 60,000 Options...

Did you know that there are over 60000 WordPress plugins to choose from? Knowing which plugins will truly help your site get more traffic from Google can be hard. This list below of 5 WordPress plugins
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2 Years + Zero Link Building = $20k/Month 🤯

How a 'new' blogger grew a tech site to $20ka month without link building, a helpful content publishing solution, how to find your blog niche, and more... Today's email is sponsored by: ​
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🤠 How to Grow a Travel Blog to $50k a Month! + Link Whisper 2.0

Today, I've got an amazing story of a "solo" traveler that started a blog and is now crushing it in the serps and making great money. However, before I jump into the story, I'm super
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10 AI Articles Published, How Many Indexed? + Niche Sites for Sale

I have a quick update on my "publish 1000000 words of AI content project". (I need to find a better name for my project, btw). Last week I shared that I had ordered 1000000 words of content
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This Blog Went from 7k to 100k Pageviews in 7 months!

Do you wish you could quit your job and work from home? That's how Aisha Preece felt before she finally left her job in law to grow a blog in personal finance. Like many of us she didn't really
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How a Broke Intern Built a $20k Per Month Site in the Finance Niche!

A broke intern with no SEO background builds a successful finance blog, weekly SEO packages, and more... Today's email is sponsored by: ​ How do you grow a blog in the personal finance niche to
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Can I Invest in Your Business?

A few weeks ago I had this crazy idea. I made a little post on social media where I essentially asked if anyone would be interested in having me invest money in their business and we could partner up.
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Shopify's SEO Director On How To Win in Google SERPs: Exclusive Interview!

I cover alot of ground in today's newsletter. Don't miss any of these announcements: SEO strategies from Shopify's Director of SEO My 1000000 word order of "AI" content Announcing
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Is Content Written by AI Any Good? Examples + Update on my AI Content Project!

So, what happens when you publish 1 million words of content created by Artificial Intelligence? Will it rank in Google? Will it quickly get penalized? Is it worth it? These are some of the questions I
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Let's Publish 1 Million Words of AI Content for Google

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I've decided I need to try out this whole artificial intelligence thing. Will content written by AI tools be garbage? Or will it be surprisingly
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Photography Side Hustle Turns Into 7-figure a Year Website!

Have you ever wondered whether you could turn your hobby into a successful side-hustle? How about a million dollar PER YEAR PROFIT business? Well the good news - great news rather - is that it is
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💸 This 6-Figure Blogger Shares his Traffic, Earning Reports, & MORE

Today we have a very special guest joining us to share his inspirational and helpful blogging journey. His name is Anil Agarwal and he started a blog about internet marketing back in 2010. As someone
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She Quit Her Nursing Job to Make $16k a Month Teaching It Online

What is something you've gained expertise in through your work? I think I've spoken about this before but when it comes to making money online, there's few better ways to get started than
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🤔 A New Authority Site Doing A Lot of Things Right

Here's a site I came across a little while back. It's called The Creative Folk and it's a site about 'arts and crafts' in perhaps the broadest possible sense. Some of their
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Former Penny Hoarder Content Manager Scales Own Site Using SEO

Have you ever caught yourself writing in the same boring writing style you were taught in school? Many people do. After all, for most of us, it's how we learned how to write. But as we all know,
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$10,000 a month website in less than 2 years

Have you ever come across a problem that seems common but lacks an adequate solution? If you have you're actually really lucky. This is usually how successful businesses are created. And it's